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Majdanek: Initially "officially" claimed to be a "death camp" where 1.5 million murdered; Now only 79,000 alleged dead

View of the Majdanek "death camp" (1944) [1]

Wikipedia's take:

"Majdanek was a German Nazi concentration camp on the outskirts of Lublin, Poland, established during German Nazi occupation of Poland. The camp operated from October 1, 1941 until July 22, 1944, when it was captured nearly intact by the advancing Soviet Red Army. Although conceived as a forced labor camp and not as an extermination camp, over 79,000 people died there (59,000 of them Polish Jews) during the 34 months of its operation." [2]

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum claims that "tens of thousands of jews" were murdered at Majdanek, many with Zyklon B in gas chambers:

"In the winter of 1941-1942, camp authorities began to use Zyklon B gas to murder prisoners too weak to work in a makeshift gas chamber. Mass murder operations using poison gas began at Majdanek in October 1942 and continued until the end of 1943. There appear to have been three gas chambers at Majdanek; at least two were shower rooms reconfigured for use of Zyklon B gas. At least one of these two was used to kill human beings. Some sources refer to a third gas chamber, which reportedly used carbon monoxide gas as a means of murder."

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

So what of that original alleged 1.5 million number?

source: Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

It's now claimed around 79,000 people were murdered by the Nazis in Majdanek extermination camp. The figure was once much, much higher:

"About 1,500,000 persons were exterminated in Maidanek"

- Nuremberg Trial Proceedings - Indictment : Count Three
(see approximately 20% down page for quote)

Unlike the 4,000,000 original figure for Auschwitz details the Majdanek 1,500,000 figure can't be dismissed as a Soviet exaggeration, because it was a Canadian journalist in the pay of Canadian Jews who claimed it.

On the 29th August 1944 a telegram was received by Saul Hayes, the executive director of the Canadian Jewish Congress, it reads:

"[An] unexampled destruction opened before my eyes as I walked about Majdanek at Lublin [the] day before yesterday ... There is no doubt that Majdanek will go down into history as one [of the] most horrible experiences in mankind ... I do wish [to] stress that Majdanek where one million Jews and half a million others [were] killed calls for justice [and] for revenge and [the] world can't be satisfied until it is revenge obtained ... I saw partly burned bodies their arms and legs chopped off to make [it] easier pushing into ovens and I saw great mountain grey urns Germans used to collect ashes ... You can tell America that at least three million [Polish] Jews [were] killed of whom at least a third were killed in Majdanek"

- "Delayed Impact: The Holocaust & the Canadian Jewish Community" by Franklin Bialystok

A Majdanek "Bath and Disinfection" complex (aka "Gas Chamber I") [3]

The Majdanek delousing chamber. Note the unbarred window in the upper left corner [4].

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Crush The Talmudic Serpent said...

'Lies, lies and damned statistics.'

From the dawn of time the Kosher Nostra have been running and manipulating the numbers rackets. Unfortunately, The HoloHoax isn't any different.

Remember that the number never deviates from 6 million due to the Kabbalistic uber significance of the number 6. Also, that out of The Ten Commandments number 6 is 'Thou Shall Not Kill' and they used to murder their children as a fiery sacrifice (Holocaust) to Moloch.

Wolf, I just googled Majdanek concentration camp and the first page was a Wikipedia link. It states that 79,000 died there and 59,000 were Polish Jews. So there's another 20,000 to come off the 6 million!!! The number keep falling and falling.

However, Wolf here is the icing on the bullshit HoloHoax cake (taken from the same page):-

'From February 1943 onwards the Germans allowed Polish Red Cross and Central Welfare Council to bring in food for the prisoners to the camp'

Let me get this straight, at the same time they are supposedly gassing the inmates they are allowing the Polish Red Cross to give them food!!!

Lone Wolf said...

^Yeah Crush, where in the Red Cross records is there any reference to "homicidal gassings" or "extermination" going on at the camps? Ooops. Reminds you of how Churchill and Eisenhower did not mention any "genocide of jews" or "homicidal gassing of jews" in their massive books on WW2, "The Second World War", and "Crusade in Europe", respecitively.

As for the numbers game...initially at Auschwitz they alleged "4 million" killed, with "3 million" of those being jews. Now the number at Auschwitz is claimed to be "1.5 million", with approximately 1 million of those being jews. Then at Majdanek, it was initially claimed "1 million" jews were killed, and now it is alleged "59,000" jews killed.

From just those two camps alone, you have an approximate 3 million drop in the numbers of jews alleged "exterminated." So does 6 million minus 3 million still equal 6 million?

Then you have Treblinka, where they claim "850,000" jews were "exterminated"...but Australian scientists in 1999 conducted a detailed forensic examination of the soil at the site, including the use of ground penetrating radar, and found absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any mass graves ever existing there.

There are now only 6 total alleged "extermination camps" (all in Poland). The other 3 are Chelmno, Sobibor, and Belzec.

The Holy Hoax proponents claim ~500,000 jews were killed at Belzec, ~100,000 jews at Chelmno, and ~250,000 jews at Sobibor. Upon closer examination of these 3, there is as scant evidence for any "mass genocide" as at Treblinka...just the allegations of a few jewish "eyewitnesses."

To sum up these 6 camps...

Auschwitz: 3 million jews killed
Majdanek: 1 million jews killed
Treblinka: 0.85 million jews killed
Belzec: 0.50 million jews killed
Sobibor: 0.25 million jews killed
Chelmno: 0.10 million jews killed
TOTAL= 5.7 million

REALITY: No extermination, ~ten thousand dead on average at each camp from disease

Anonymous said...

The evolution of my jewish education:

6 million poor dead jews. That's horrible!

6 million jews dead?

I only WISH 6 million jews had been killed!


ravach' said...

The math I can read here are insane.
You guys will come to say that jews killed hundreds (not to say thousands) of poor nazy's.
By the way you just forgot to mention the 1.000.000 people killed by the Einsatzgruppen.
But killing 1.000.000 people was certainly not an extermination... You could claim it was an accident, they all crossed the road at the wrong time.
No need to be jew to smell the sht out of your calculation.

Edith Ann said...

While that gets you close to 6 million, remember it was 13 million people killed by death squads, traveling trucks that killed with carbon monoxide for mentally ill, deficient, abnormal babies and children..even club footed.

Edith Ann said...

I have no reason to doubtHoess, who totaled the deaths of Jews at Aushwitz, and the last ones in 1944 from chec/hungary as 4 million , not including the polish, Russians, Et al. Why would he sit in prison at Nuremberg admiring he was the greatest mass murder(with shame) knowing he would be hung? They hung him in front of one of the first crematoriums. The rest had been destroyed in an attempt to hide the extent of killing. The river was blocked for decades by the ashes of the dead. And sim people don't even believe in Sobibir. The Jewish death camps were located as far away from Germany, ie Poland to hide them from the Germans.statistically, other than Denmark where the king knew the anticipated arrest dates and shipped almost 4000 citizens to Sweden by fishing boats, more Jews survived in Germany than almost all the other occupied land. By Germans. Besides, it was 13 million people killed by squads, trucks, camps. 7 million non Jews. The discovery that arsenic, used to delouse the clothes, was a more efficient killing agent was discovered by commandant Hoess' assistant when he was out at a meeting. Read the book by the surviving Sondercomando.there is too much evidence to denie the holocaust. Some of the most intelligent people in the world were killed in Russia and eastern Poland. Orthodox Jews. We must remember and teach.