Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adolf Eichmann a crypto jew? - Facial analysis

Curiously -- or not, depending on your level of knowledge of the Nazis -- many of the top Nazis including Adolf Eichmann, Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Josef Goebbels, and others were, to say the least, not exactly ideal specimens of the Nordic European racial type.

In fact, they do not look Nordic/Germanic at all, with black hair, swarthy complexions, and facial structures demonstrating jewish or other non-white ancestry.

Eichmann's face and head structure display some strong Jewish characteristics.

1) Characteristic Jewish pattern of baldness, which forms a strong "ruff" around the back of the head.
2) Curly dark hair. Even though he doesn't have much hair, what he does have is kinky and refuses to lay down.
3) Brachycephalic. This is a broad forehead that recedes quickly from the browline back. This occurs in Whites as well, but is much less common.
4) Long nose. The trademark Jewish feature is a nose that is very long in proportion to the face.
5) Thickness at midsection of nose. Jewish noses quite often are thin at the bridge, then flare out in the midsection.
6) Nose tip has exaggerated "V" shape.
7) Large projecting ears with large lobes.
8) Very strong lines around the mouth. This, combined with large lips and underlying muscles lends a beaky aspect to the face that is especially common in Jews.
9) Protruding lower lip. Eichmann doesn't have large lips, but it's clear that his lower lip protrudes slightly.
10) Mouth often looks loose and irregular. Clearly Eichmann has a loose irregular mouth.
11) White line along edge of top lip, and often a crease along edge of lower lip.
12) Puffy, soulful eyes, often slanted down on the corners. Eichmann definitely has the soulful eyes.

Eichmann was of small stature, a feature common to Jews.

Reportedly, Eichmann spoke Yiddish and showed interest in Zionism, visiting Zionists in Palestine many times, and even collaborated with Mussolini and the Jews in Palestine to set up Irgun training camps. [2]

According to Hennecke Kardel, in his book Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel, Eichmann was a full-blooded Jew. [3]

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Seeker said...


Eichman might have been a jew.

Jews are human, and humans are scum sucking pigs, if they think it gets them status.

You are that way.

Everyone is that way.

Like Defoe said -

"All men would be tyrants -- if they could."

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Do you have to even ask? The Nazi leaders were all some kind of Jew mamzer. That's why they were such retards. Not a blond haired, blue eyed Aryan among them.

Crush The Talmudic Serpent said...

The Nordic features just oose out of Adolf 'ICH BIN EIN RED SEA PEDESTRIAN' Eichmann's face.

Anonymous said...

We already know that Churchill, Eisenhower, Roosevelt and Stalin were all jews. Is it too much of a stretch to believe that all the leading characters in the WWII drama were jews? I don't think so.


Lone Wolf said...

Yes, James...die Juden seem to like to control all sides, don't they?

Art said...

Amazing new 2 hour Holohoax documentary debunk's Spielberg's Oscar winning fraud "The Last Days"

Lone Wolf said...


Anonymous said...

Hate Crimes Today against the Gypsies...

What is strange about all these hate crimes is that all the leadership involved inciting hate against the Gypsies are from Jewish background. For instance, Petra Edelmannova, who come up with the "final solution" of the Gypsies is a Jewish woman. Nick Griffin from England who helped Petra Edelmannova in her quest to kill Gypsies also Jewish. Geert Wilders the other brain behind this final solution, Romanian Jewish. But this is not all. Berlusdoni from Italy, who imprisoned and encouraged racism, hatred against Gypsies Jewish as well. Sarkozy from France, Jewish. I could list all the countries who are creating hatred against Gypsies, such as Germany, Greece, Romani, Finland, Sweden, all have Jewish prime ministers. Whilst the Jobbik Party in Hungary only made up of Jewish leadership. For instance Kristina Morvai from the Jobbik Party who is the most vocal against the Gypsies is a Jewish woman. People who claim they were holocaust survivals are now on the other end and they are the ones who are creating holocaust conditions for the Gypsies.

Lone Wolf said...

^Was not aware of this. Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

Aaron Goldstein said...

Notice Germany is not a free country, it is still under Allied occupation law. ALL German law that is valid today, was either written by the Allies or can be broken easily by GG § 139 (a simple sentence in the Grundgesetz that says that Allied law still breaks any German law).

Also notice, under Allied occupation law some hundreds of books are forbidden in Germany. So how come that the nations who claimed to bring "free speech" ban so many books? What is it the Allies do not want the Germans to know?

What should surprise you now the most, is that some of these books were written by JEWS. Notice that Germany today is the last place in the world where you can say anything about jews. If a Turkish immigrant calls a German girl "you fucking german whore", nothing happens". But if a German said the same thing to a Turk or Jew, he would be jailed.

So how come, if Germany is the last place in the world to say anything against Jews, and where theys seem a "protected species", books by some of them are BANNED and not available in book stores?

One of them claims: Eichmann was Jewish. Could he be right?

I recommend Benjamin Freedman (anti-zionist Jew), Joseph Ginzburg (anti-zionist Jew aka Ginzburg or aka J.G. Burg), and Eustace Mullins (not jewish, but brilliant author and anti-bankster). These authors are forbidden in Germany. To me best proof, that they speak the truth. lol

greetings from Berlin

Lone Wolf said...

^Thanks for your insight on the conditions in Germany.

It is a travesty what the jewish-controlled US and Soviet governments did to Germany during the war and after the conclusion of World War 2 (the genocidal bombing of German cities, the mass rape of German women by the occupying armies, the mass starvation of hundreds of thousands of German POWs in open field camps, and the genocidal mass starvation of German civilians under the "Morgenthau Plan").

So the truth is that Germans were the REAL VICTIMS of WW2, not the jews with their phony Holocaust fairytale.

And the elite/ruling jewish powers-that-be obviously still control Germany to this day.

They ban books/speech that TELL THE TRUTH about the Holohoax, the kosher Nazis, World War 2 and similar subjects....obviously, because they want Germans to be enslaved by jewish lies -- which enable the jewish goal of genocide of the German people via mass non-white immigration (which is enabled by the false "guilt" heaped on the German people from the Holyhoax fable).

In all of this (in Germany, the United States, Europe, and all white nations), the overarching end goal of the ruling jewish powers-that-be is the racial and cultural genocide of the white Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, Nordic and kindred peoples.

Anonymous said...

Eichmann certainly looks like a jew.

Here's a blog post on him being a "Crypto-Jewish Zionist Nazi"

Fred Tunney said...

Eichmann is an ethnic Swiss, as the alpine Huns are also brachcephalic; watch videos "Swiss have brachycephalic craniometry" and "Auschwitz Made in Switzerland" on youtube.

Anonymous said...

The neck is a key feature. They usually have short necks and heads that sticks out in front of their bodies. The back of the head tend to be flattened. Large low set ears, often without earlobes. Sloped back forehead. You'll see a lot of "non jews" that have those traits and yes, they're crypto jews, especially if they have political power. There are a lot of them out there. I'm from Mexico and I have exactly zero jewish features. Eichmann and Goebbels are crypto jews.