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Hamas is Israeli funded and controlled

Analysis: Hamas history tied to Israel

By Richard Sale
UPI Terrorism Correspondent
Published 6/18/2002 8:13 PM

In the wake of a suicide bomb attack Tuesday on a crowded Jerusalem city bus that killed 19 people and wounded at least 70 more, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, took credit for the blast.

Israeli officials called it the deadliest attack in Jerusalem in six years.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon immediately vowed to fight "Palestinian terror" and summoned his cabinet to decide on a military response to the organization that Sharon had once described as "the deadliest terrorist group that we have ever had to face."

Active in Gaza and the West Bank, Hamas wants to liberate all of Palestine and establish a radical Islamic state in place of Israel. It is has gained notoriety with its assassinations, car bombs and other acts of terrorism.

But Sharon left something out.

Israel and Hamas may currently be locked in deadly combat, but, according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials, beginning in the late 1970s, Tel Aviv gave direct and indirect financial aid to Hamas over a period of years.

Israel "aided Hamas directly -- the Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization)," said Tony Cordesman, Middle East analyst for the Center for Strategic Studies.

Israel's support for Hamas "was a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative," said a former senior CIA official

According to documents United Press International obtained from the Israel-based Institute for Counter Terrorism, Hamas evolved from cells of the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 1928. Islamic movements in Israel and Palestine were "weak and dormant" until after the 1967 Six Day War in which Israel scored a stunning victory over its Arab enemies.

After 1967, a great part of the success of the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood was due to their activities among the refugees of the Gaza Strip. The cornerstone of the Islamic movements success was an impressive social, religious, educational and cultural infrastructure, called Da'wah, that worked to ease the hardship of large numbers of Palestinian refugees, confined to camps, and many who were living on the edge.

"Social influence grew into political influence," first in the Gaza Strip, then on the West Bank, said an administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

According to ICT papers, Hamas was legally registered in Israel in 1978 by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the movement's spiritual leader, as an Islamic Association by the name Al-Mujamma al Islami, which widened its base of supporters and sympathizers by religious propaganda and social work.

According to U.S. administration officials, funds for the movement came from the oil-producing states and directly and indirectly from Israel. The PLO was secular and leftist and promoted Palestinian nationalism. Hamas wanted to set up a transnational state under the rule of Islam, much like Khomeini's Iran.

What took Israeli leaders by surprise was the way the Islamic movements began to surge after the Iranian revolution, after armed resistance to Israel sprang up in southern Lebanon vis-à-vis the Hezbollah, backed by Iran, these sources said.

"Nothing provides the energy for imitation as much as success," commented one administration expert.

A further factor of Hamas' growth was the fact the PLO moved its base of operations to Beirut in the '80s, leaving the Islamic organization to grow in influence in the Occupied Territories "as the court of last resort," he said.

When the intifada began, Israeli leadership was surprised when Islamic groups began to surge in membership and strength. Hamas immediately grew in numbers and violence. The group had always embraced the doctrine of armed struggle, but the doctrine had not been practiced and Islamic groups had not been subjected to suppression the way groups like Fatah had been, according to U.S. government officials.

But with the triumph of the Khomeini revolution in Iran, with the birth of Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorism in Lebanon, Hamas began to gain in strength in Gaza and then in the West Bank, relying on terror to resist the Israeli occupation.

Israel was certainly funding the group at that time. One U.S. intelligence source who asked not to be named said that not only was Hamas being funded as a "counterweight" to the PLO, Israeli aid had another purpose: "To help identify and channel towards Israeli agents Hamas members who were dangerous terrorists."

In addition, by infiltrating Hamas, Israeli informers could only listen to debates on policy and identify Hamas members who "were dangerous hard-liners," the official said.

In the end, as Hamas set up a very comprehensive counterintelligence system, many collaborators with Israel were weeded out and shot. Violent acts of terrorism became the central tenet, and Hamas, unlike the PLO, was unwilling to compromise in any way with Israel, refusing to acquiesce in its very existence.

But even then, some in Israel saw some benefits to be had in trying to continue to give Hamas support: "The thinking on the part of some of the right-wing Israeli establishment was that Hamas and the others, if they gained control, would refuse to have any part of the peace process and would torpedo any agreements put in place," said a U.S. government official who asked not to be named.

"Israel would still be the only democracy in the region for the United States to deal with," he said.

All of which disgusts some former U.S. intelligence officials.

"The thing wrong with so many Israeli operations is that they try to be too sexy," said former CIA official Vincent Cannestraro.

According to former State Department counter-terrorism official Larry Johnson, "the Israelis are their own worst enemies when it comes to fighting terrorism."

"The Israelis are like a guy who sets fire to his hair and then tries to put it out by hitting it with a hammer."

"They do more to incite and sustain terrorism than curb it," he said.

Aid to Hamas may have looked clever, "but it was hardly designed to help smooth the waters," he said. "An operation like that gives weight to President George Bush's remark about there being a crisis in education."

Cordesman said that a similar attempt by Egyptian intelligence to fund Egypt's fundamentalists had also come to grief because of "misreading of the complexities."

An Israeli defense official was asked if Israel had given aid to Hamas said, "I am not able to answer that question. I was in Lebanon commanding a unit at the time, besides it is not my field of interest."

Asked to confirm a report by U.S. officials that Brig. Gen. Yithaq Segev, the military governor of Gaza, had told U.S. officials he had helped fund "Islamic movements as a counterweight to the PLO and communists," the official said he could confirm only that he believed Segev had served back in 1986.

The Israeli Embassy press office referred UPI to its Web site when asked to comment.

Copyright © 2001-2004 United Press International (web archive)

Judicial-inc's take:

What Is Hamas?

Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin Co-Founder Of Hamas

Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi Is The Other Co-Founder

Hamas Is An Israeli Front

It's core leadership is directed by Shin Beth. It is financed by 'mysterious foreign entities'. In reality, the money comes from the American taxpayer, financing covert Intel operations through Israeli fronts in Jordan, Syria, and Iran.

Hamas Was Founded In 1987

Sheikh Yassin was the front man. Hamas began as a charitable organization called Da'wah. Hamas. It built an impressive infrastructure catering to the social, educational, religious and cultural needs of the Palestinian people, most of them refugees living in poverty.

In the book “Devil’s Game", Dreyfuss reveals how the U.S. looked the other way when Israel’s secret service supported the creation of Hamas.

An Old Jewish Technique

Zionists live by intrigue, and directing the opposition is one of their favorite tactics. They provide a service that someone want, and that opens the door. In this instance, Hamas funded hospitals, and medical services.

Palestinians quickly accepted Hamas, and never questioned where they got the money.

Hamas Provides The Stage For The 'Play Of Terror'

Israel couldn't slaughter these Arabs without a pretense of terror. Hamas bombs that go off in Israeli restaurants mainly kill immigrants, foreign workers, and Israeli Arabs, but the Israelis scream to the world - "Hamas is killing Jews".

Maxim Restaurant Is Typical

An Arab restaurant, in Tel Aviv, is hit by a sophisticated bomb. Even though 90% of the injuries are non Jewish, the world is flooded with images of poor Jews being slaughtered by crazed Muslims.

Where Does Hamas Get It's Foot Soldiers?

IDF snipers often target a potential member's siblings. The IDF often kills an entire family over time, leaving the eldest. Hamas will approach the lone survivor with promises of revenge.

What Is The Point To It

The un-official CIA stand is that Israel's support for Hamas is a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative.

The Absurdity of It All

In July of 2006, the Hamas militants that kidnapped the Israeli soldier, hold a press conference in the middle of Gaza. If they were real, the Shin Beth, or Yamas (IDF undercover teams) would shoot them in a heartbeat.

Israel's Yamas

These are counter intelligence operatives that live among the Palestinians.

"Make War By Way Of Deception"

Israel doesn't fight it's enemies, it gets it's enemies to fight each other. It had two oil rich neighbors, Iran and Iraq, who had enough money to buy fifty Russian nukes, and turn Israel into a parking lot, so Israel instigated the Iran- Iraq war. Afterwards Israel used Bush Sr with Desert Storm, and Bush Jr with Iraq 2003, to finish Iraq off.

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Daniel Blatman's Holy Hoax tale: German civilians murdered jews on death marches, burning them alive in barns

Daniel Blatman

Old Israeli jew Daniel Blatman has lifted the veil on yet more horrors of the Holocaust™.

Sometimes history is hard to believe, but these are cold hard facts from a professor at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

He has written a new book called 'The Death Marches: The Final Phase of Nazi Genocide'.

In it, Blatman informs us that the German people finished the job that the Nazis couldn't do in the camps, killing jews in savage acts of murder in the closing days of the war as jews were on "death marches" going into Germany.

His book is the first book to research this area of "history."

Blatman claims 250,000 camp prisoners were murdered in this way.

He tells us, for instance, that Germans locked jews in barns, lit gasoline-soaked straw on the ground and tossed in hand grenades.

You see, it wasn't just the Nazis. Thanks to jews like Mr. Blatman, we know it was the German people who were the personification of "evil."

Article: "Revealed: How even German civilians took part in killing concentration camp survivors"

via Freedom Portal

"If you can't trust Jews to make up your history for you, Who can you trust?"

Daneiel Blatman's book 'The Death Marches: The Final Phase of Nazi Genocide'

Note: use to find article if original link no longer works

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Flashback: Germany's top neo-Nazis are government agents

Something tells me it's probably more than just one in seven of the leadership that the government has admitted to...and almost certainly "top heavy", with the very top echelon being on the government payroll, making the entire movement controlled-op.

Germany's top neo-Nazis spy for ministry

16 Jul 2002
By Hannah Cleaver in Berlin
The Telegraph

One in seven of Germany's top neo-Nazis is a secret service agent, the government has admitted in an attempt to sustain faltering efforts to ban a far-Right political party.

Government lawyers have offered the information in the hope that it will save agents from being identified in court.

The government is trying to ban the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) for its alleged unconstitutional, anti-democratic and racist views.

But the constitutional court, the only body with the power to ban a political party, unwittingly embarrassed the government when it called several senior party members to give evidence.

It turned out that many had been working for the intelligence services, some of them for decades. Five were identified and the court stopped its examination of the potential ban among fears that the evidence presented could have been influenced by the government's desire to ban the party.

Now the authorities have admitted that they have been paying 30 of the 210 top NPD functionaries for information. The figure, published in the German press this weekend, applies only to the ruling ranks of the party, leaving open how many of the average members might also be feeding information to the government.

Some has suggested that the party could not have survived without government money. The German states' interior ministries, which run their own intelligence services parallel with federal bodies, last week confirmed their opposition to identifying their recruits.

The Interior Ministry refused to discuss the disclosures, citing respect for the constitutional court as its reason. The court said the government must present its arguments on Oct 8.

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Flashback: 2006 Orlando Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant

FBI informant David Gletty and Bill Weiss

Note in article that Fuhrer Bill Weiss...err "White", supposed leader of the American National Socialist movement, says he was "surprised" to hear of this. But he says that even if true, "American National Socialism has a lot to thank the FBI for." ROFL

Neo-nazi Rally Was Organized By Fbi Informant

February 15, 2007
By Henry Pierson Curtis
Orlando Sentinel

A paid FBI informant was the man behind a neo-Nazi march through the streets of Parramore that stirred up anxiety in Orlando's black community and fears of racial unrest that triggered a major police mobilization.

That revelation came Wednesday in an unrelated federal court hearing and has prompted outrage from black leaders, some of whom demanded an investigation into whether the February 2006 march was, itself, an event staged by law-enforcement agencies.

The FBI would not comment on what it knew about the involvement of its informant, 39-year-old David Gletty of Orlando, in the neo-Nazi event. In court Wednesday, an FBI agent said the bureau has paid its informant at least $20,000 during the past two years.

"Wow," Gletty said when reached by phone late Wednesday. "It is what it is. You were there in court. I can't really go into any detail now."

Orlando City Councilwoman Daisy Lynum, whose district includes the march route west of Interstate 4, said she wants to know who was behind the march, the neo-Nazis or the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies.

"If it was staged, I would feel very uncomfortable and would ask for a full-scale investigation," Lynum said. "To come into a predominantly black community which could have resulted in great harm to the black community? I would hate to be part of a game. It's a mockery to the community for someone else to be playing a game with the community."

Others applauded the FBI's infiltration of the neo-Nazis.

"It's one of the largest extremist groups in the country, and Gletty was one of the most visible individuals in the National Socialist Movement," said Andy Rosenkranz, state regional director for the Anti-Defamation League. "Generally, the FBI and the JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) in Florida does an excellent job."

Rally puts city in spotlight

Orlando drew national attention when the city granted a permit to Gletty so a minimum of 100 white supremacists and National Socialist Movement members could march Feb. 25 through the historically black Parramore neighborhood.

Wearing swastikas and holding signs declaring "White Pride," the 22 neo-Nazis who turned out were protected from 500 counterprotesters by about 300 police officers.

Gletty's secret life became public Wednesday in a federal court hearing resulting from the arrest last week of two suspected white supremacists on charges of conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine.

Last Thursday, the FBI arrested Tom Martin, 23, and John Rock, 35, after Gletty wore a wire to a meeting and agreed to help them rob a drug dealer in Casselberry, according to testimony.

Rock told Gletty in a tape-recorded conversation that he and Martin had robbed seven drug dealers by posing as law-enforcement officers, according to testimony. Martin and Rock remain held without bail in the Seminole County Jail.

Slip-up lets name out of bag

Throughout most of the hearing, Gletty was referred to as "Mr. X" or "CW" (cooperating witness). His identity was revealed when Assistant Federal Public Defender Peter W. Kenny repeatedly slipped up and mentioned Gletty's full name.

FBI agent Kevin Farrington and a federal prosecutor were clearly uncomfortable with the disclosure of the informant's name in open court.

Questioned about Gletty's role in the march, Farrington testified that "he participated in it. He did not organize it. . . . [That's] pretty good firsthand information, sir."

The city parade permit, however, lists Gletty as the "on scene event manager."

And pictures of Gletty addressing marchers sporting swastika armbands for the Orlando rally appear on a neo-Nazi Web site. Captions from other photos on the site mock the counterdemonstrators and the police presence.

On another Web site, Gletty details his role in organizing the Orlando event and hosting a victory party afterward.

"On 1/17/06 I got the permits and started the ball rolling," he writes. "On 2/25/06 at 3 pm on saturday [sic] in downtown Orlando My crew and I got it done."

In another part of the posting, he writes: "Since I was the permit holder I was the person to deal with the police and had over-all authority of the event."

No word from FBI

FBI officials did not return calls asking for specifics about the agency's relationship with Gletty. A tree-trimmer in Orlando, he withdrew from the National Socialist Movement last fall to pursue other projects, Farrington testified.

Orlando police Deputy Chief Pete Gauntlett, who supervised the march preparations, would not say what the FBI told police about Gletty and other marchers.

"We let them express their free speech and let them do what they're allowed to do, but we wanted to have control," Gauntlett said.

Bill White, a former spokesman for the National Socialist Movement who participated in the rally and now runs another neo-Nazi group, said he was surprised to hear of Gletty's involvement with the FBI. He said Gletty did a lot for the cause.

A neo-Nazi offers his take

"If he was being sponsored by the FBI, then American National Socialism has a lot to thank the FBI for," White said in an e-mail.

Lynum said that if the FBI was behind the march, she would like the agency to reimburse the city for the tens of thousands it spent to send officers -- including SWAT-team and mounted-unit members -- to police the march.

Adora Obi Nweze, president of the State Conference NAACP in Miami, said she was disturbed an informant set up the march and was working for the FBI.

"That's very troubling that somebody like that would be an informant for the FBI," she said. "You never know what they are capable of. No question, it bothers me."

But Alzo Reddick, a former state legislator who grew up in segregated Orlando, lived through KKK marches and later taught black history, said he was proud of the way the police and the community responded. He was a member of the "Be Cool" movement organized to calm the community before the march.

"I think law enforcement has to walk in some murky places to be where the bad guys are," Reddick said. "Was the FBI informant an activist or a participant? Was he the agent provocateur from the get-go? Sure, that would be part of what I'd like to know."

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The myth of Adolf Hitler the 'brave WWI hero' - Hitler actually ridiculed and despised as a "rear area pig" by his regiment

'Rear-area pig' Hitler

Article linked below reveals that Hitler was not 'radicalized' into an 'intense far-right nationalist' by the war per the later Nazi propaganda. The reality is that he in effect "sat out" the war (or at least combat) with a safe cushy job several miles behind the front lines, and later worked for a leftist/communist government after the war.

Daily Mail Article: "A loner, an object of ridicule and a 'rear-area pig': Adolf Hitler according to his WWI regiment"

Review of Thomas Weber's book "Hitler's First War" at Oxford University Press.

Other Articles of Interest:

- Adolf Hitler's DNA shows North African and Ashkenazi Jew ancestry
- Hitler's personal doctor was jewish
- Adolf Hitler - A puppet of International Jewry tasked with the destruction of Germany
- Did Adolf Hitler survive WW2 and live out his last days in South America?
- Occultist Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party tools of the Ruling Jewish Establishment; "persecuted" lesser jews as pretext for creation of the Jewish state of "Israel"
- Nazi Party Was Controlled Opposition - Top Leadership Jews and Crypto-Jews
- Leading Greek priest speaks out on national TV against "international Zionist conspiracy", says Hitler "an instrument of world Zionism"
- MUST SEE Documentary - The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler