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Suppressed Colossal War Crime & Tragedy - Soviets murder 3.5 million German POWs & half a million ethnic German civilians in Gulags circa WW2

German POW-MIA Memorial in Rübenberge, Lower Saxony, Germany [1]

Operation Barbarossa, the beginning

June 22th 1941 - Zionist minion and jew Adolf Hitler orders operation "Barbarossa", the invasion of the Soviet Union, involving about 4.5 million Axis-power troops. To date, this is the largest military operation in human history in both manpower and casualties. Those influenced by kosher 'historians' are perplexed as to why Hitler would open Germany to a war on the Eastern Front as well, as well as why he did not take Moscow early and instead stalled, turned south, and attempted to take Stalingrad. The reason is because the International Jewish Money Power had pre-determined that Germany was to be crushed.

The invasion of the Soviet Union ends in catastrophe for the German army and nation -- resulting in 95% of all German military casualties from 1941 to 1944, the defeat of Germany in WW2, and the deaths of an additional 3.5 million German POWs and half a million ethnic German civilians in the Soviet gulags.

Stalingrad, February 1943

German field marshal Friedrich von Paulus surrenders to the Soviets, with 95,000 survivors of the battered and frozen Wehrmacht. This is the first sizeable group of German prisoners captured by the Soviets. Of these 95,000 German prisoners of war captured at Stalingrad, ultimately only 5,000 survived to return home to Germany.

End of War - Around 6 million German POWs taken by Allies

On May 8, 1945 the Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany. Some 3.5-4 million German soldiers are taken prisoner by the Soviet Union, and around 2-2.5 million are taken by the United States, Great Britian, and France and placed in POW camps. It is now known and admitted that at least one million German POWs were deliberately starved to death and killed in the POW camps operated by the United States and other Western Allies.

The fate awaiting those taken by the Soviets was even worse. The Soviets did not sign the Prisoner of War Convention in 1929, and used the German POWs for slave labor to "rebuild Russia" and to work the mines of Siberia. They were deliberately starved and worked to death, fed on very minimal rations. Millions died as a result of lack of food and disease, carrying out hard labour, many in the extreme cold of Siberia. Very few survived to ever return to Germany. [2]

German prisoners of war captured by the Soviets

Soviets Transport German POWs to Gulags In Massive Boxcars

Soviet soldier leads German POWs to work at forced labor camp

1953 - 2.8 million German POWs had died in the Soviet Union

A 1953 article in the The Pittsburgh Press admits 2.8 million German POWs taken by the Soviet Union have died, and another 700,000 are still listed as "missing." [3]

Only around 20,000 German POWs held in the Soviet Union would be repatriated to Germany after 1953. [4]

The last surviving 10,000 German POWs were not released by the Soviets until 1955.

Thus, around 3.5 million German POWs perished while in Soviet captivity.

Ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe also shipped to the Gulags

At least 250,000 ethnic Germans from areas in the Soviet sphere during WW2 -- including countries such as Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Romania --were deported to the Soviet Union for use in the Gulag slave labor camps to work in the reconstruction of heavy industry and mines. They were housed in concentration camps under armed guard. Many never returned to their homelands. [5]

1941 - Ethnic Germans living within Russia Deported to Siberian Gulags

World War Two provided Stalin with the excuse to carry out the "final solution" to the "German problem" in Russia. Via formal decree on August 28, 1941, he ordered all ethnic Germans living within Russia deported to Siberia and other points east, citing their potential "threat" as dissidents, spies and collaborators aiding the German enemy. Around half a million ethinc Germans were stripped of their land and homes, rounded up and transported by rail (usually in railroad freight or cattle cars) eastward to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Siberia, and other remote areas for use in forced labor.

No one knows how many died, but scholars estimate that during the 1940s at least 300,000 Russian Germans perished, either in transport to the east or in the forests, mines and fields of Siberia. [6]

Jewish bloodlust - 'The killing out of the Goyim'

At least 4 million ethnic Germans are exterminated in the Soviet Gulag death and slave labor camp system during and after World War Two in one of the largest and most heinous atrocities in the history of humanity. Why is this not taught in schools and universities? Is it a wonder that jewish-controlled Hollywood does not make movies about this real 'holocaust'?

And what of the one million German POWs deliberately murdered by the United States and other Western Allies in open-field concentration camps? Or what about the other 60+ million people systematically slaughtered by the jewish communists in the former Soviet Union?

The real genocides of history are swept under the rug. According to the jewish-controlled 'mainstream' media and academia 'Establishment', it seems there is only one supposed "genocide" that even matters -- the so-called "Holocaust™", which turns out was not a "genocide" at all, but rather a fraudulent mythology with good publicity and marketing.

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New Message Board Forum plug - "Knowledge is Power"

Rufus of News From Atlantis, a friend of mine, just recently contacted me and informed me that he is starting a new forum (link above) dedicated to real freedom of speech, geared towards those of the 'truthseeker' and 'anti-NWO' persuasion.

There are very few internet forums and message boards that truly allow total freedom of speech. I can't think of any that I have ever visited, with the exception of the now defunct "Liberty Forum". Most censor in one way or another, whether is controlled opposition forums such as PrisonPlanet or Above Top Secret censoring those who get too close to the truth in certain areas, or "mainstream" forums that censor speech deemed to be "hateful" or "racist" according to jewish political correctness. Even most smaller forums censor, discourage, and suppress viewpoints that conflict with the ideology of the forum founder.

Like many of those reading this, I am sure, I have been repeatedly suspended, banned, and censored due to posting 'non-kosher' viewpoints on various forums -- including PrisonPlanet, godlike productions, and other college and sports-related message boards. This can be extremely frustrating and discouraging.

Thus, there is the need for more venues where real freedom of speech is not only permitted (imagine that) but encouraged. Only through the free exchange of ideas, asking questions, open debate on "controversial" issues, allowing those with whom you may strongly disagree with to voice their opinion, and challenging "sacred cows" can we ever hope to expose error and lies, and come to a greater understanding of truth.

Obviously, getting a sizeable community of people together may take some time, but this is a start, and one action in the right direction. Hopefully, at the least this forum will serve as a place where those of us in this community can interact, share ideas with one another, and vent freely. Then, eventually, as it gains steam hopefully it can become a destination for a larger audience of like-minded truthseekers searching for a forum that allows real freedom of speech.

If interested, I invite you to join.

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Did Adolf Hitler survive WW2 and live out his last days in South America?

Did Adolf Hitler really die in his bunker in 1945 from suicide?

Is that actually a Hitler 'body double'?

Or did he live out his later years in Patagonia, at the foothills of the Andes?

Why should anyone care?

Is this all just meaningless conjecture or disinformation on the part of 'deluded conspiracy theorists' who enjoy espousing and discussing fantasies?

Or is there actually substantive evidence for Hitler surviving the war, our governments having knowledge of this, and might that fact help shatter the "official history" in regards to who was really behind the Nazi party and World War Two?

The kosher tale

Establishment historians tell us that Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide in the Führer's bunker on April 30, 1945 as the Soviet army was advancing on Berlin. But their bodies were never truly found and positively identified.

The story goes that the Soviets burned the bodies of Hitler and Braun in a bomb crater located in a garden just outside the bunker, buried them in the same bomb crater, exhumed the bodies in 1946, and then took portions of Hitler's remains to Moscow where they were kept in secret for decades. [1]

Ooops...Skull fragment of "Hitler" held by Soviets is not genuine

In 2009, American researchers analyzed the skull fragment held by the Russian State Archive in Moscow claimed to be from Hitler and determined through DNA analysis that it could not possibly be that of Hitler, and was actually that of an undermined woman. [2]

This bombshell gives credence to the claims by many over the years that there is evidence Hitler may have survived the war, escaped capture, and lived out his life in seclusion.

"Operation Paperclip" - Hundreds of top Nazi scientists emigrated to U.S.

The United States not only plundered German technology following the war, but also the talented German scientists and engineers who developed the technology. In August 1945, the U.S. Government authorized "Project Paperclip," a program to bring selected scientists and engineers from Nazi Germany to work on America's behalf during the Cold War, developing highly classified technology including that in rocketry, missiles, and aeronautics.

"Officially", this program was to exclude those who had been a Nazi party member or an "active supporter" of Nazism, but this was circumvented by simply creating new identities for the scientists or expunging information from their official dossiers. [3] By 1955, more than 750 German scientists were granted U.S. citizenship and emigrated to the U.S., with around 75% of those being "committted Nazis".

Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, and many other top Nazis "escaped" to South America

Josef Mengele, known as the "Angel of Death" for his alleged ghoulish experiments at Auschwitz, spent most of his postwar life in Argentina before dying in Brazil in 1979.

The crypto-jew Adolf Eichmann was abducted in 1960 outside Buenos Aires by Israeli commandos. Eichmann had been living under the fake name Ricardo Klement. He was allegedly hanged 2 years later in Khazaria/Edom/"Israel", after a kangaroo trial for his alleged involvement in Holohoax crimes.


Declassified FBI documents contain references to Hitler living in South America after WW2

The FBI has declassified numerous documents to and from J. Edgar Hoover and other FBI agents regarding information that Hitler was in Argentina after the war. Specifically, one FBI agent was contacted by an alleged eyewitness who while in Argentina helped Hitler in his journey. He claimed that Hitler arrived in Argentina by submarine two and a half weeks after the fall of Berlin, and was being aided by top Argentine officials in hiding out in the foothills of the Southern Andes.

Read the FBI documents here (over 200 pages of documentation). [5]

Argentine journalist Basti investigates

Based on seven years of meticulous research, Argentinian journalist and researcher Abel Basti has written two books documenting the evidence that Hitler escaped and lived in Argentina after the war, including the 2003 book "Hitler In Argentina" and "Hitler's Exile", published in 2010.

In his books, Basti produces eyewitness accounts of people who claimed to see Hitler in Argentina and reproduces documents, affidavits, photographs and blueprints concerning the presence of Hitler in Argentina as well as the sites that sheltered Hitler, Martin Bormann, Joseph Mengele and Adolf Eichmann. 6

His books have been bestsellers across South America, but suppressed in the United States and elsewhere.

Alleged photo of Hitler in disguise, Buenos Aires meeting, 1952

2011: British authors publish research

British journalist Gerrard Williams and author, film-maker and photographer Simon Dunstan released a book in 2011 titled "Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf Hitler", which they claim produces an 'overwhelming amount of evidence', including de-classified documents and forensic tests, to show that Hitler died an old man in South America. They claim that in all around 30,000 Nazis fled to South America. [7]

While the main thesis of the book appears to be accurate, the authors support the Holyhoax canard (see this interview with author), so their entry into this area should be viewed with some healthy skepticism. [8]

So of what importance is this to us?

From the perspective of "official history" promoted by the jewish-controlled 'mainstream' media and Establishment, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were responsible for the "mass murder of 6 million jews", "started World War Two in an attempt to conquer the world", and were "the most wanted men in all of history." If Hitler had survived the war and escaped to South America, would not the Allied nations -- including the United States, Britain, and other powers -- have done absolutely everything in their power to locate and capture Hitler? Well...yes, IF the "official history" regarding the Nazi party, the "Holocaust", and the true origins and purpose of World War II were accurate. But it is not.

In order to understand why Adolf Hitler, Joseph Mengele, and other top Nazis would be allowed to survive the war and live out their lives in secrecy, with the complicity of the "mainstream" Establishment media and Western Governments, one must understand true history. The reality is that World War Two, like virtually all major wars of the last several centuries, was planned and fomented not by individual nation states, but rather by a cabal of very powerful jews connected to international banking, for the purpose of advancing the jewish "new world order" agenda.

This ruling international cabal of jewish bankers controls, and has controlled going back to at least the 1800s, the governments of virtually all Western and European nations, including the United States. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party were merely puppets of this cabal, as were Franklin D. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin and the Soviet Government. Further, Adolf Hitler and most of the top Nazi party leadership were actually of jewish ancestry (as were Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin). And the notion of the "Holocaust" and "systematic murder of 6 million jews in gas chambers" is a laughable and crumbling mythology. What really happened is that some nominal "persecution" of jews -- and even better the illusion of a massive horrific one -- was wanted and needed by the elite jewish powers-that-be in order to scare jews to leave Europe and establish the nation of "Israel" in Palestine.

Adolf Hitler and the other jewish top Nazi party leadership served their masters well in dragging Germany into the war and nearly destroying the German nation. As a reward, they were allowed to escape Germany after the war and live out their lives in peace and comfort.

What really happened to Adolf Hitler?
He committed suicide and died in his bunker as kosher 'historians' tell us.
As a minion of the ruling jewish banking cabal, Hitler probably lived out his life in South America. free polls 

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The Genocide of Russia's "Volga Germans" - One Million Murdered, 1915-1945

Painting titled "Gott lasse nicht zu" by Andreas Prediger

Another 'Forgotten' Communist Genocide

"The genocide committed against the ethnic Germans of Russia comprised a series of mass murders and genocidal actions that unfolded in the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. In all, from 1915 to 1945, probably over one million Russian Germans perished from unnatural causes under three successive Russian governments—those of Tsar Nicholas II, Lenin, and Stalin—chiefly by means of mass executions, forced labor, deliberate starvation, and brutal deportations." [1]

1760s - Crown wants colonists to farm Russian land

Empress of Russia Catherine the Great, herself of German descent, published manifestos in 1762 and 1763 inviting Europeans (except Jews) to immigrate and farm Russian lands while maintaining their language and culture. [2]

German immigrants settle along Volga River

In the 1760s, approximately 27,000 German immigrants settled the steppes of the Russian Volga area, establishing 104 colonies on both sides of the Volga River Bank.

These German settlers came mainly from southern Germany -- including the areas of Bavaria and the Rhineland.

By 1869, the German population in the Volga region would exceed 250,000.

Prior to the onset of mass persecution, their population reaches a peak of 1,621,000 (in 1918). [3]

World War One Deportations

The war created an extreme anti-German sentiment in Russia. Approximately 190,000 to 200,000 ethnic Germans were deported from Russia from 1915-1916. The number of losses is unknown, but a mortality rate of one-third to one-half (63,000-100,000) is estimated. [4]

In 1916, an order was issued to deport around 650,000 Volga Germans to the east (Siberia) as well, but the 1917 "Russian Revolution" prevented the deportation from being carried out.

Bolshevik Red Terror, 1917-1925

The jewish Bolsheviks attacked the Volga Germans with an organized campaign of terror and mass genocide following the 1917 Revolution -- including small and large scale killing operations, mass rape of women and children, torture sessions, mutilations, mass shootings of hundreds, and massacres of entire villages including the burning of all inhabitants and building structures.

On the orders of Lenin, the Bolsheviks engineered genocide by mass starvation with the requisition of grain reserves from 1920-1925.

From 1918-1925, an estimated 360,000 to 365,000 Russian Germans were exterminated through organized starvation and massacres, approximately 300,000 starvation deaths + 60,000-65,000 shootings. The number killed is approximately one-third of the entire group's 1926 population level. [5]

Stalin's Engineered Famine

"Collectivization" was the Bolshevik policy of forcibly seizing private farms and handing them over to the State. Millions of farmers, including the Volga Germans, resisted. Those who did were rounded up and shot by the Cheka or deported to the gulags in Siberia. Stalin also responded by seizing food supplies, resulting in an engineered famine that resulted in the genocide of millions of people.

From 1930-1937, around 300,000 to 350,000 Russian Germans lost their lives as a result of the deliberate starvation, deportation, or massacres of resisters to "collectivization." [6] Around 7 million Ukrainians died from the same policies.

1941 - All Volga Germans Deported to Siberia

World War Two provided Stalin with the excuse to carry out the "final solution" to the "German problem" in Russia. Via formal decree on August 28, 1941, he ordered all Russian Germans deported to Siberia and other points east, citing their potential "threat" as dissidents, spies and collaborators aiding the German enemy. Approximately 440,000 Volga Germans (treated as "prisoners") were stripped of their land and houses, rounded up and transported by rail (usually in railroad freight or cattle cars) eastward to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Siberia, and other remote areas.

Fifty or 60 people were packed into each freight car. They were given water only when the train stopped every three or four days. The trip to Siberia could take up to 2 months. Most came unprepared for the up to -40C temps. Tens of thousands died. Some estimates indicate that close to 40 percent of the affected population perished during the journey. Corpses were left in the overcrowded cattle wagons for weeks on end, or thrown out beside the tracks.

Most of the German population that survived the journey were conscripted to the Labor Army and settled in labor camps. No one knows how many died, but scholars estimate that during the 1940s at least 300,000 Russian Germans perished, either in transport to the east or in the forests, mines and fields of Siberia. [7]

Recent years

The Russian Germans have not been given back their land, nor received financial compensation for the loss of their property or for the trauma caused by the murder of their relatives.

Very few Volga Germans have returned to the Volga region. They were not allowed to settle in the area for decades. Following WW2, many remained in the Ural Mountains, Siberia, and Kazakhstan. Many others have emigrated to Germany, Canada, South America, and elsewhere.

Today, there are only approximately 600,000 ethnic Germans in Russia (2002 Russian Census), a number that increases to 1.5 million when including people of partial German ancestry. [8]

- The German-Russian Genocide: Remembrance in the 21st Century by Samuel D. Sinner
- The Open Wound: The Genocide of German Ethnic Minorities in Russia and the Soviet Union, 1915-1949 and Beyond by Samuel D. Sinner
- Moscow's Final Solution: The Genocide of the German-Russian Volga Colonies by Darrel P. Kaiser

-The Center For Volga German Studies at Concordia University
- Institute for Research of Expelled Germans
- The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia

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Chairman of World Zionist organization, 1922: World Government is "a Jewish Idea", Jerusalem to be "world capital"

Nahum Sokolow, then Chairman of the Zionist Executive Committee, declared at a 1922 Zionist conference in Calsbad, California:

"The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become the capital of the world's peace"

(click to enlarge)

Source: Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

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9/11 'Conspiracy Theory' Primer - Mossad False Flag - 10 yr Anniversary Special

19 cave-dwelling muslim terrorists with boxcutters?

Or could those 'conspiracy theorists' actually be right?

'Official' story crumbling

The wildest 'conspiracy theory' about 9/11 is the one peddled by our glorious and trusted government and controlled 'news' media -- that 9/11 was perpetrated by a nebulous muslim terrorist group called "al-Qaeda", masterminded by evil genius Osama bin Laden from a cave, with no apparent motivation other than that "they hate our freedoms."

Thankfully, most of the world and even now over half of the American public does not buy this cock and bull story.

How could cave dwellers who could barely fly a plane pull off such a sophisticated attack? How did the twin towers collapse at free fall speed, as in a controlled demolition? Did bin Laden cause the the U.S. Air Defense to stand down on that morning? Given that they lied about the pretext for the war in Iraq, could 9/11 be a staged event used as the justification to kick-start all these wars?

After looking deeper than the spoon-fed fairytale from the government and media, and seriously examining the evidence surrounding 9/11, the overwhelming conclusion is that the 9/11 attacks were a 'false flag operation' perpetrated by the Israeli Mossad, carried out via the complicity of the jewish-controlled U.S. Government and the jewish-controlled Western media.

So what really happened and why? First off, a look back at history is necessary.

Zionist 'Israel' & Mossad's History of 'False Flag' Operations

What is a "false flag" operation?

A 'false flag' operation is a covert operation designed to deceive the public where the group carrying out the operation frames another person or group for responsibility. [1]

One particular group of people has a notorious history of perpetrating false flag operations, especially false flag terrorist attacks.

1946 - The King David Hotel Bombing

The King David Hotel bombing was an attack carried out by the militant right-wing Zionist underground organisation, the Irgun, on the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on 22 July 1946.

Irgunists, disguised as Arabs, planted a bomb in the basement of the main building of the hotel, under the wing which housed the Mandate Secretariat and part of the British military headquarters. The ensuing explosion caused the collapse of the western half of the southern wing of the hotel. As a result of this, 91 people are killed, most of them civilians: 41 Arabs; 28 British; 17 Jews; and 5 others.

The jewish goal was to drive the British out of Palestine, and to pit the British against the Palestinian Arabs if Arabs are successfully framed for the bombing.

1954 - The "Lavon Affair"

The Lavon Affair refers to a failed Israeli covert operation, code named Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the Summer of 1954. As part of the false flag operation, a group of Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli military intelligence for plans to plant bombs inside Egyptian, American and British-owned targets. The attacks were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists, "unspecified malcontents" or "local nationalists" with the aim of creating a climate of sufficient violence and instability to induce the British government to retain its occupying troops in Egypt's Suez Canal zone. [2]

The 1967 Attack on the USS Liberty

In the midst of the "Six-Day War" of 1967 between 'Israel' and her Arab neighbors, the Israeli navy and air force deliberately attacked the unarmed USS Liberty, an intelligence-gathering ship, in the waters of the Mediterranean. Prominently flying an American flag at mast, the Liberty was attacked for over two hours, leaving 34 U.S. sailors dead, with 173 wounded.

U.S. jets are launched to "retaliate" against Egypt with a nuclear strike, but quickly recalled. The problem was that the Liberty was not sunk, to ensure the success of the false flag.

The state of 'Israel' later claims they made a "mistake", thinking the U.S. ship was an Egyptian vessel. The American government does 'damage control', covering up the event.

The plan to attack the Liberty was hatched by Israeli intelligence, carried out with the foreknowledge of high-level people in the U.S. Government, and part of "Operation Cyanide", a plan for the U.S. invasion of Soviet-backed Egypt and potentially World War III.

This absolutely astounding event in American history clearly demonstrates not only the brazen use of treachery by the Israelis, but the absolute Jewish-Zionist control over the U.S. Government. The jewish plans for world conflagration and WW3 would have to wait, being kicked off by the false flag of 9/11.

The September 11th, 2001 Attack

Motive - War in the Middle East planned years in advance by Jewish 'Neo-Cons'

For various reasons, the jewish elites that control our governments and shape our society (controlling the 'mainstream media' and powerful international banks, etc) desire and benefit from war -- e.g., making trillions of dollars in profits, mass genocide and subjugation of nations/peoples opposed to the jewish vision for the world).

The "neo-conservative" think tank Project for a New American Century (PNAC), founded and consisting predominantly of Zionist Jews including many dual Israeli-US citizens, planned a war against Iraq as early as 2000, citing the need for US Military control of the Gulf region. They also argued for U.S. military control of the region to the east of Iraq surrounding and south of the Caspian Sea (including modern-day Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan), citing the "strategic importance" of this area.

The PNAC reports were based upon earlier Israeli defense strategy papers authored by future PNAC members Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser. [3] [4]

They acknowledged that a necessary “crisis” was needed in order to provide the pretext for the wars they wanted. The PNAC document titled Rebuilding America’s Defences: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century (published in September 2000) stated that a “catastrophic and catalyzing event–like a new Pearl Harbor” was needed. [5] (see page 51)

Western Media and U.S. Government completely controlled by Jewish Zionists

Anyone with eyes and ears can clearly discern that Western 'mainstream' media and Hollywood are completely controlled by jewish interests. With this colossal power, they easily (initially) deluded the masses into believing their 'version' of the 9/11 attacks.

Jewish interests gained ownership and control of the 'mainstream' press, media, and film industry because of the immense wealth and power of the jewish international banking cabal, lead by the Rothschild dynasty. With virtually unlimited money/capital, you can buy up and control virtually anything and everything. Thus, this jewish cabal has also achieved domination and control over whole industries and spheres of power, including everything from the oil/gas industry to our governments.

In 2006, two of the preeminent political scholars in America, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, issued a scholarly report from Harvard entitled "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy", which documented that The jewish Israeli lobby has a "stranglehold on Congress" and "vast influence over Republican and Democratic administrations", that pro-Israel jewish neo-conservatives were the "driving force" behind the Iraq War, and that through the jewish control of the media critics of this jewish influence are silenced and smeared with charges of "anti-Semitism."

U.S. was making preparations to invade Afghanistan in the weeks and months prior to the 9/11 attack

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that four months before the September 11th attacks a battle plan for Afghanistan was already being reviewed by the US Command. The BBC reported that a former Pakistani diplomat said that the US was planning military action against Osama Bin Laden and the Taleban even before the 9/11 attacks.

Mossad agents caught filming and celebrating the WTC attack, had explosives

Five Israelis were seen filming and celebrating as planes crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. At least two of them were Israeli intelligence agents, working for Mossad. They were riding in a white van, and were later detained by police. The men had maps and other evidence liking them to a bombing plot, $4,700 stuffed in a sock, and bomb-sniffing dogs reacted as if they had detected explosives in their van.

When later interviewed on Israeli television, they claimed they were merely there "to document the event."

Three other Israelis were detained in New York City on 9/11 riding in a van full of explosives.

These suspects were quietly deported.

WTC Building 7 - A clear case of controlled demolition

WTC Building #7 was a 47 story building in the WTC Complex. It collapsed around 5:30pm on the day of 9/11, in what is probably the biggest smoking gun in the entire 9/11 event showing that the "official" story is a monstrous lie, and that the government and media are actively involved in a monumental cover-up.

The building was a block away from the twin towers, and not severely damaged by falling debris from the twin tower collapses. Yet it collapsed at free fall speed in a symmetrical fashion in an obvious controlled demolition. Comments from WTC leaseholder, Larry Silverstein, and NYC firefighter and emergency personnel tapes confirm that the building was deliberately brought down with explosives.

If you watch the collapse footage the center of the building collapses just before the entire building collapses. This is when the central columns were blown, so that the building falls inward onto itself. Demolition charges (or "squibs") can even be seen in the collapse footage.

Twin towers also demolished with explosives

Based on the testimony of NYC emergency personnel, and corroborated by video footage, there is evidence of massive ground shaking immediately prior to the collapses of the Twin Towers. Powerful explosives were used to destroy the structural supports of the towers.

Eyewitnesses, including NYC emergency personnel, also reported explosives going off in the buildings just before and during the twin tower collapses -- describing "popping sounds" associated with "red and orange flashings going around the building" and "explosions and material shooting out of the building". The witnesses state they believed it was a “controlled demolition.”

For example, see video here (must see) where New York firefighters discuss the bombs that went off in the collapse of the WTC towers.

"Arab hijackers" were framed by Israelis using stolen IDs

Many of the named "hijackers" turned up alive after 9/11 protesting their innocence.

Even FBI director Robert Mueller acknowledged that the true perpetrators of 9/11 used skillfully made fake IDs with identities stolen from Arab men.

FBI director Muller also publicly admitted that there is absolutely no evidence linking the named 9-11 hijackers to 9/11, stating:

"The hijackers also apparently left no paper trail. In our investigation, we have not yet uncovered a single piece of paper –– either here in the U.S. or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere –– that mentioned any aspect of the September 11th plot." [6]

So, who would want to frame Arab men for the 9/11 attacks? Other Arabs? No, that doesn't make sense. How about the Israelis/Mossad, who have a long history of, and are noted for their ability to impersonate and frame Arabs in "false flag" attacks?

Mohammed Atta framed by a jewish impersonator

The real Mohammed Atta, as reported by his own father, was alive and well after the 9/11 attacks.

The "Mohammed Atta" that turned up at a Venice, Florida flight school prior to the 9/11 attacks was an Israeli/Mossad agent impersonating Atta. This jewish Atta impersonator was noted as a big partier, heavy drinker, user of cocaine, and a stylish dresser who wore expensive jewelry (sound like a "devout fanatical Muslim" to you?)

The Atta impersonator was also observed to love pork chops, was fluent in Hebrew, was a huge Beastie Boys fan (jewish rappers from NYC), and associated with people known in the Mafia and drug trade (both the Mafia and illegal drug trade are dominated by jewish interests).

Osama bin Laden framed using phony tapes

Many of the alleged bin Laden video and audio tapes allegedly showing bin Laden "taking credit for the 9/11 attacks" are outright fakes or seriously misrepresented (ie, depicting bin Laden speaking but mistranslating his words).

The December 2001 video tape that supposedly shows bin Laden "taking credit for the 9/11 attacks" is a huge smoking gun, as it clearly uses a man impersonating bin Laden -- a man with darker skin, a 'fatter' face, and a notably different shaped nose.

In an authentic interview conducted weeks after the 9/11 attacks, bin Laden denied any involvement in the 9/11 attacks, and suspected Zionist Jews controlling the U.S. Govternment and Western Media were responsible.

Massive Israeli spy ring uncovered - At least 200 Israelis arrested in connection to terrorism inside U.S. after 9/11

Around 200 Israelis were arrested after 9/11 on suspected connection to the 9/11 attacks or other terrorist activity inside the United States, but they were ordered to be quietly released shortly thereafter on the orders of high-level officials in the federal government (noticing any similarities to the 1967 USS Liberty attack cover-up?).

Other Israeli nationals in white vans or vehicles and with ties to front "moving companies" were spotted or arrested in other parts of the country on suspicion of conducting other terrorist attacks.

It came out that many Israeli spies posed as "art students", and were suspected to be gathering intelligence to carry out terrorist attacks, mainly on federal government buildings. Some of these Israeli "art student" agents lived in the same cities and in very close proximity to the alleged "muslim hijackers." Of course, we now know that the Israeli agents were the "muslim hijackers", as Israeli agents were posing as "arab pilots" in order to frame Arabs for the 9/11 attacks.

Shortly after 9/11, Carl Cameron of Fox News conducted a 4 part series investigating Israeli spying in America. Subsequently, Fox News pulled the transcriptions of the reports off its web site, saying that “this story no longer exists.” You can watch the report and read the transcripts here.

Other thwarted potential Israeli/Mossad terrorist attacks

Three examples:

In October 2001 police in the Midwest detained six suspicious men with Israeli passports, box-cutters, and oil pipeline and nuclear power plant plans.

In May of 2002 in Washington state, two Israeli nationals posing as "movers" were arrested in a truck with explosive traces near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.

In October 2001, police in Pennsylvania detained three Israelis who were acting suspicious and also posing as "movers." The Israelis had falsified travel logs and phony paperwork on them, and had footage of Chicago with zoomed in shots of the Sears Tower.

The real reason for the war in Afghanistan

Two of the main reasons for the war in Afghanistan are heroin and oil -- ie, control of these resources by the jewish "powers-that-be" that control the U.S. Government and use the American people and military as pawns to futher their agenda.

93% of world opium production comes from Afghanistan, and in 2000 the Taliban banned opium production. In less than a year, the opium crop in Afghanistan was virtually wiped out. Following the U.S. and NATO invasion of Afghanistan in October of 2001, opium production has soared to and surpassed pre-2000 levels. U.S. and NATO soldiers are told to "tolerate" the opium production, and even guard the opium fields so the Taliban cannot destroy them.

In order to access the vast oil and gas reserves in Central Asia north of Afghanistan, a pipeline was needed to transport the oil southward through Afghanistan to the Pakistan coast. The Taliban stood in the way, both in regards to construction and the share of the profits.

The jewish plan and desire for World War 3

Since 9/11, in addition to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. military and NATO have been openly involved in military actions in Yemen, Pakistan, and now Libya -- and almost certainly covertly involved in the "revolutions" in Jordan and Egypt. Jewish interests were behind the war in Iraq, and are pushing hard for war against Iran. Pratically the entire muslim world is currently engulfed in war, "revolution", and upheaval. Is it all just a coincidence?

The reality is that our jewish would-be overlords have been relishing and planning world conflagration. They want to set the world on fire, having the Christian West and Mulim East destroy each other, while the Jews emerge as the victors and rulers in a post-WW3 world.

All part of the "New World Order" plan

The "jews" are not who they would have us believe. They are imposters masquerading as the descendants of the Israelites, while in truth they are the literal seed of Satan, as the Messiah himself said in John 8:44. As soldiers of Satan, they are diligently working to achieve their plan for a "New World Order" -- which is nothing more than the age old Satanic conspiracy, with the aim being the enslavement of humanity, mass genocide, destruction of the true Israelites, abolition of religion and national sovereignty, and the establishment of a totalitarian world government ruled by Satan via the Jews.

The 9/11 attacks were yet another scheme in the larger design, paving the way for draconian government power-grabs and erosion of civil liberties, worldwide wars, massive national debt, mass genocide, and in general the subjugation and destruction of nations and peoples.

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