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A look at who was really behind Kristallnacht

source: http://judicial-inc/91krystallnacht_arrests.htm

The Kristallnacht Arrests

Communist/Bolshevik plotters were behind Kristallnacht.

Bolshevik Revolutionaries Were Arrested In Small German Towns

The World's Greatest Hate Hoax

The Zionist/Bolshevik goal with Kristallnacht, was to portray the German people as villains, as well as to make a vast sum in insurance policies, and collapse the German insurance industry.

Kristallnacht Was Not The Anti-Semitic Storm It Was Portrayed As

The ravaging mobs were a few hundred paid Communists from around all of Germany.

Berlin Bolsheviks Were Arrested

Bolshevik groups were charged with arson, property damage, and trying to sabotage the German economy. They were sent to Buchenwald.

Most Buildings Were Old And Condemned Already

This is one of the few synagogues which sustained any major damage. The Jewish Council of Germany claimed that 1,000 synagogues were destroyed, but today we only see a few pictures of damage.

The Next Day, They Tried Filing Claims

This image shows a long line of Jewish people queuing up at a Police Station, in the hope of getting their insurance claims processed. Crowds like this occurred all over the Reich on the morning of the day after "The Night of the Jewish Stock Take" and even included claims for businesses that had never even existed.

Most Of The Damage

This little shack is typical of what was really burned. [1]

Germans Were Livid

The German people demanded arrests for these crimes.

Enemy Agents Were Arrested

Nazi officials proclaimed the Jews responsible for the riots, and imposed a collective fine of one billion Reich marks (about $400 million at 1938 rates) on the German-Jewish community. [2]


Crush The Talmudic Serpent said...

Smashing their own property up, painting Swastikas on synagogues and schools etc, faking attacks and who knows what else.

They truly are the seed of Satan.

Anonymous said...

I do not know history well enough, to assess if the Kristallnacht was caused by anti-jewish Germans or bolshevik/jewish "agent-provocateurs"... but the 1st picture in this article seems to be depicting typical British Police officers.. a fact which is considerably lowering the credibility of the story..

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to teach my children about the Holocaust. Assholes spreading false information does not help. You need psychologists.

P.S. I happen not to be Jewish; I am just educated and lack your level of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

<I try to find the truth and as far as WW2 is concerned, I now am sure that
- Hitler was a crypto-zionist, the grandson of Solomon Mayer Rothschild, who set up Germany for destruction ;
- the holocaust was a hoax, with - Red Cross data - 273.000 victims including gypsies, homos etc. and NOT 6 Million ;
- there were NO extermination camps, NO gas chambers and NO ovens.

Things were orchestrated to advance the agenda of the zionist bankers, who wanted to have their own state (Israel) etc.
Therefore it doesn't surprise me at all that the Kristallnacht would be another of their false flag terror operations, like 9.11, the bombings in Bali, London, Madrid and even the Mumbai terror attack. Talmudists want to control the world and plenty of jewish and non-jewish morons still believe their lies.

Anonymous said...

rothschilds have funded every war both sides, war is big big money for the baners , they even get paid your life insurances too , theres bigger money made from the zionist genocides,
the bigger the lie the more money these evil corrupt scum make from death & starvation & suffering .
history always repeats itself (ONLY IF WE ALLOW THEM TO REPEAT IT) wont get fooled again !

Anonymous said...

You are a bunch of putrid nazi people. Damn you, bastards!

Anonymous said...

Truth needs no defence..These sepent seed of Satan have been in existance before the bible was ever written..thanks to the internet which will soon be censored..the Great Prime benevolent Creator has given all of us a small window of opportunity to understand the vile revision of history as we have known it to be..from a small group of inbred..vile..soul-less..violent..usurpers of justice..the Holo-hoax is just the tip of the iceberg..all roads lead to Rome..follow the money..follow the names behind the jesus said "When your knowledge reveals the truth, much stress you will encounter..but the more you pursue the knowledge of truth..there you will become free of all the illusions, that were written by the corrupt few who have strangled this planet of divine conscienceness" I commend this valuable site..and now I can quietly die knowing that the truth finally has been revealed...many blessings-hope-strength and peace to all of you here!! My deepest humble thanks to you:)

Lone Wolf said...

^thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

Your all fucking idiots.

Anonymous said...

Shit for brains.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Jew and I just wanted to let you know that I laughed and laughed reading your site.

NOBODY believes you.

Now excuse me while I tape and sodomize my dumb goy girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

The greatest of all jewish hoaxes is turning the history book of the White race into a book about religion. I am talking about the Bible. White people that dont hate jews with a perfect hatred and claim to have a relationship with their are a liar or you might not be as white as you thought. Truth will seek Truth. It is not a choice. Goats can not be sheep.

SoldierofYah said...

^ Excellent point. I hate these sons of Satan with all of my being. A perfect hatred, as you say.

Flanders said...

B’nai B’rith, the demented Masonic mother of the deranged ADL, knew the number of jews who were in Germany in 1933, and it was revealed in their magazine issue of May, 1937.

“B’nai B’rith Dissolved as Subversive

Some understanding of what made the anti-Semitic
Nazis in Germany “that way” may be gleaned from the
statement of B’nai B’rith that, before its German lodges
were dissolved as subversive organizations, in 1933 in
Germany, B’nai B’rith, to quote, “constituted, with their
families and relatives, it is safe to say, not fewer than
100,000 of the less than 600,000 Jewish people in Ger-
many.” (June ’37 issue, p. 321.) Of course, Cordell Hull,
representing the pro-Communist Roosevelt regime and
Samuel McCrea Cavert, General Secretary of the radical
clique controlling the Federal Council of Churches which
cooperates closely with B’nai B’rith and receives finan-
cial support from it (see Federal Council Report for
1936, p. 212), protested the banning of B’nai B’rith in
Germany (B’nai B’rith Magazine, May ’37 issue, p. 252).”
[Page 6]

B’nai B’rith – An International Anti-Christian, Pro-Communist Jewish Power, John Merrick Church, 1938, 16pp

viking lover said...

Thanks for spreading The truth about the synagogue of Satan brother.