Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grimm: There’s No Business Like Shoah Business

By Patrick Grimm
(With apologies to Irving Berlin)

There’s no business like Shoah business, like no business I know
Everything you do we call it stealing, anything to make the Goyim pay
In Poland, in Switzerland they’re reeling, as you cart their money all away

There’s no people like Shoah people, they smirk at all the dough
Even when all the numbers are way too high, you just keep spreading the Auschwitz lie
Still you wouldn’t trade it for a matzah pie, you’ll keep pushing that Shoah

Abe Foxman, Wiesenthal, Dave Horowitz, and Dersh
Are Zionist confidence men, it’s true
Abe Foxman, Wiesenthal, Dave Horowitz, and Dersh
They’ll rob anyone blind including you
They’d gladly sell their mother for a price, though Zyklon B was just for killing lice

There’s no business like Shoah business, better than porn, I know
Viewing Schindler’s List is so refreshing, watching all those Gentiles shed a tear
Your overbearing mother is kvetching, cause she will be flying coach this year

There’s no shysters like Shoah shysters, they roll in all that dough
You can bleed that German government bone dry, while shooting all the Arabs you spy
Where else could you keep cashin’ in one Big Lie, Jews keep milkin’ that Shoah

There’s no business like Shoah business, it sure beats sellin’ blow
You call all those researchers ‘deniers’, lock ‘em up and throw away the key
But the media and your paid liars, want Libby and Pollard walking free

There’s no lawyers like Shoah lawyers, they sue for all that dough
Even when the victims are nonexistent, those Swiss bankers are so resistant
The ADL’s chutzpah is quite persistent, ka-ching! It’s cash for the Shoah!


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Whitelaw Towers said...

Funny stuff, sadly its all true.