Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alex Jones in damage control mode for Jewry, deflects 'Jewish Question', says Israel "could not have carried out the 9/11 attacks"

Note that the clip below has audio from at least two separate segments spliced together (falsely giving the idea that they are sequential). The first segment ends at 0:42.

I called into the Alex Jones radio show on April 4, 2006 to get Alex's thoughts on the recently released report by Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, two of the preeminent political scholars in the United States, titled The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, which documented the Jewish-Zionist "stranglehold" on the U.S. Government and media.

At that time, even though very much "jew wise", I still listened to almost every broadcast of Jones' show (I stopped regularly listening probably two years ago).

Since the release of Walt & Mearsheimer's report, I had not heard any mention of the report by Alex on his show, so I called in to get his response. As expected, he completely dodged the issue, quickly changing the subject and shifting the blame to other groups -- eg, how China and Spain and other countries were "buying up the U.S."

I never got to my comment. He went to another caller.

The second part (starting at 0:43) is Alex answering a caller who had apparantly asked about the Mossad/Israeli connections to 9/11. Alex says that "Israel could not have carried out the 9/11 attacks", and says that Dick Cheney is the one who carried out 9/11.

Then after a commercial break is an example of Jones in classic "defend the jews mode."

First he describes the NWO conspiracy as one of "Luciferian controllers", specifically mentioning Confederate General Albert Pike, the Klan (KKK), Adolf Hitler, and the Nazis. Hmmmm. Interesting choices.

Then he goes into his favorite story about how the state of Israel allegedly radiated 110,000 Sephardic jewish children.

The guest on the show in this segment is Robert Gaylon Ross, a respectable anti-NWO researcher who isn't afraid to name the jew. Near the end of the audio Ross admits that powerful jews are "behind all this cabal to dominate the entire world." How does Jones respond? Back to the story about the radiated Sephardi children, and Jones then insinuates that the NWO is out to get jews, stating "every time we look they're killing jews."

JONES: "Let's talk to Matthew calling us from North Carolina. Matthew you're on the air."

CALLER: "Yeah, hey Alex."

JONES: "Hi."

CALLER: "I have a quick question before I get to a comment. Have you discussed this report that came out by the two scholars from Harvard on the power of the Israeli the United States?"

JONES: "Yes, uh...that's a big AIPAC report. Very scholarly admitting that...uh..uh...sir listen, the communist Chinese have most our major ports and run security. Customs isn't allowed to investigate. The UAE...uh you know 21 ports. Uh, our highways are being taken over by the King of Spain who owns the company Sentra, tax us the equivalent of $3/gallon. I's just...we're totally being sold out to these international crime syndicates."


JONES: "Folks, I've done the research. Israel could not carry out these attacks. And, and...I...again, I'm just saying that on the record. I'm trying to go after who's guilty. I'll say who I believe did it, and all the evidence shows it....and it's, it's Dick Cheney, it's people above him. And of course Bob Bowman has said that, former head of Star Wars program. Many others have fingered him as the main suspect. And so it is a scapegoat to say...and, again Michael, you don't even get into this stuff...I just brought it up because I'm sick of it."


JONES: "Really from my research, it''s...these Luciferian controllers. Doesn't matter if it's Albert Pike, the founder of the Klan, Confederate General allied with these people...or Adolf Hitler. It's an evil crew of individuals. And the caller who must have tuned in this hour and missed the last hour. Yeah, they told them we're going to have a dentist appointment, we're going to test you for ringworm, it's just a fungus. They took 110 thousand Sephardi little children, ages 5 to 10. And as the caller said the most watched documentary over there in Israel. I can't even believe it was on tv over there. And they killed them. Most of them died within a week, and a few hundred are alive today...and they don't have any hair...even their women they're totally brain-damaged. And the U.S. Government paid to do this. Of course our government brought the Nazis over here, and that was the ratline project Paperclip. And I guess I'm...I'm bad...I mean I'm evil...for even trying to say it's wrong to kill jewish children. Why? Why are they always wanting to kill jews?"

ROSS: "First, I think we really need to establish the fact that we're not talking about religion here. I'm not an anti-semite. But there are lots of...some very powerful people in this world that are jews, but they're not real jews, and they're behind all this cabal to dominate the entire world. And so it's...this not a religious subject. We're talking about a power subject."

JONES: "Well, I mean, this group openly went and killed 100 plus thousand and...radiated these...these...these Sephardi. They...every time we look they're killing jews."

Obviously, this is a completely scripted, pre-planned tactic. His jewish handlers trained him that whenever someone brings up an issue getting too close to the jewish control of the NWO conspiracy, touching on jewish power, etc....he is to change the subject, and go to "defense of the jews modus operandi", emplying many tactics, including talking a lot about Nazis and the KKK, the story of the radiated Sephardic jewish children, etc. You see, the NWO conspiracy isn't being orchestrated by Big Jewry, but "run by Nazi white supremacists who are always killing poor jews."


Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes Alex has sent his version of his own Sayanim army out to all parts of the world. Its just one big shell game. Great post.

Anonymous said...

I think quite a lot of people were initially taken-in by Jones before eventually getting wise to him. I myself was an Alex Jones supporter between 2004-2006, but ditched him after I heard him say that Israel couldn't have carried-out 9-11, and after I discovered that the fraud had stolen Bill Cooper's prediction and passed it off as his own.

Alex Jones has become even more exposed in the ensuing four years. His "Arabs own Hollywood" was a spectacular blunder and is proof-positive of the fact that Jones is a Jew-controlled gatekeeper.

Anonymous said...

I think alex knows most sheep are more open to discussion of bankers and money changing instead of extremist judiasm. If he were to condem the cabal his life would be in real danger. The attacks he receives now would pale in comparison to what they would be. I look at him as more of a gatekeeper. He wakes up more people than anyone. But I wanted to know who those people really are. The information is readily available. He can reach more people without the truth as to who's behind the new world order. In some ways it doesn't matter. We can only fight the Fed. I would wager that if you were to speak privately with Jones, he would concur with us.

Anonymous said...

It did not take me long to realize that Jones is nothing more than an Edomite shill. Since I know that the joos want to murder everyone of the White Adamic race, I consider them my mortal and eternal enemies and will do all I can to make their lives a living hell. That includes the pervert Jones and all who support those DAMNED joos.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a big defender of alex- nor do i believe he is completely true, or completely false.

But i do know you "its the jews" people make me want to punch a baby.
preferably one of yours.

You people give me a fucking headache and i hope you all get killed in some horrid failure of your own extremely weak logic and mental capacity.

thanks for reading -Josh Land

Anonymous said...

and censored comments! oh i just love this freedom of speech dont you?
hypocritical moronic self-indulging... *mumbles on"
-Josh land

Anonymous said...

Jones is nothing more than a Pimp soliciting for Israel