Friday, July 30, 2010

The hoax called Masada


Masada – Another Jewish fairy tale

A deserted hilltop 30 miles south of Jerusalem

980 Jews fought Romans for a year from this mountain

They raided Jerusalem for 2 yrs prior to attack

The story of Masada

Great Jewish Rebellion against Rome (66 CE)

In 70 AD the Jews were revolting against the Romans, who occupied Jerusalem. 960 Jews went to a hilltop fortress named Masada – a 1300-foot high rock butte about 30 miles south of Jerusalem . For two years they harassed Romans.

The Romans attacked with 15,000 soldiers – they spent nine months building a dirt assault ramp. When the Romans reached the top the Jews committed suicide.

Yigael Yadin's 1963-1965 Masada excavations

Jewish archeologist

A Jew named Yadin excavates the site in 1967 and claims he found 25 skeletons . The IDF brings down the bones and holds a military funeral for these brave fighters.

IDF funeral

The Israeli army honors their dead warriors by burying 25 caskets. Later it was disclosed the Hebrews buried pig bones.

Whoops !!

Leslie Vanaten of Harvard

" There was no Masada "

Another explorer ,Yoram Tsafrir , checks the jew and finds out only 208 bones were turned in and the human body is 220 bones.

Also there were pig bones with these, which meant the bones were probably Roman . (Yadim admits to another archeologist Joseph Zias )

You have to wonder

How did 960 Jews live on a deserted mountain for over a year with no food and water ?

Why build a ramp - Put 500 soldiers at the foot of the mountain and wait

One partial skeleton and pig bones equal a Jewish Legend ?"


"The Myth That Was Masada" by Jay Gary, PhD

MSNBC- "New research questions some Masada remains: Scene of mass suicide plays important role in Israel's national mythology"


kinswoman said...

Thanks so much for this post! This has been a niggling bother in the back of my head for quite a while ("Just WHAT exactly is the matter with the Masada claims?") that had gotten shoved aside. Makes you want to go through a time line and look up every "jewish" incident you've "heard about" ever. I am so disgusted to go into the youth/children's section of a library and TRY to find something that is not about jews and the holomohoax, MLK, and women's suffrage and how those three groups are responsible for all the progress ever made, despite that bad ol' white man!

Lone Wolf said...

you're welcome kinswoman

was going through some judicial archives and this one was new to me as well

Anonymous said...

thanks a bunch. I never cared a pig's snout for the whole "Masada" thing, even after that mini-series in the (?1980's) tried to make it 'revelant' (misspelling on purpose)

But 'pig's bones' and the Yids BURIED THESE?

Oh, the Lord in heaven is laughing to SCORN those who deny his Son, Jesus Christ.

And so do I.

God bless you.
- Fr. John

Anonymous said...

you are all idiots and know nothing about history.

How did the jews survive with no food or water?

Do some research on your history before you make ridiculous remarks.

Herod had Masada stockpiled with food in storage caverns which he constructed. Built into Masada are water reservoirs that were easily accessible to the garrison army.

Over the last thousand years, you think bodies were just left to rot on a mountain top base that had strategic location? Masada is 30 miles south of Jerusalem. The road leading to Jerusalem is a back door.

After Jerusalem was raided by the Romans, the Jewish rebel army fortified themselves atop Masada and kept raiding anything that came up and down the road. Eventually, an entire Legion was sent to destroy them.

There was only one way up and down the mountain, hence the reason the Romans had a very difficult time attacking. There was one area that needed to be defended. That is until the Romans built constructed an alternate way up the mountain which took them about a year.

Anonymous said...

And to the anonymous moron who says 'we deny the lords son,' YOU WORSHIP A JEW!

Why dont any of Jesus' followers celebrate any of the Jewish holidays that he celebrated? Maybe because a new religion was started 300 years after he was killed. A new religion which abandoned the faith that of which he observed. Regardless of who was responsible for his death, his beliefs and practices were of the Jewish faith.

You are Jewish, you came from the Jews. Its in your genetics. You are simply a confused Jew!