Sunday, May 30, 2010

Without the Holocaust™ Dogma...


Without the “Holocaust” LIE:

*The elitist Jews could not have demanded that Palestine be given to them so they could have a “place of safety” for Jews, who have supposedly been so terribly persecuted in the supposed “Holocaust.”

*The elitist Jews could not deceive the rank and file Jews into putting their lives constantly in danger by living in Israel to “secure” Israel as a place of “safety” for Jews, in case of another “Holocaust.”

*The elitist Jews could not deceive the rank and file Jews into believing that ALL “Gentiles” – particularly Christians - want to kill them, and if anyone says anything bad about the Jews – even if it is true – it will bring on ANOTHER “Holocaust.”

*The elitist Jews could not keep the rank and file Jews bonded into a cohesive group. If the Jews didn’t believe they have a common enemy – all the REST of the world – that constantly is supposedly plotting to kill them, they would tend to meld into the general population of the country in which they live. Most Jews are not religious, they are atheists. So the thing that holds them together as a group and has become their “identity” – is the “Holocaust.” The “Holocaust” has become their “religion!”

*The Jews could not demand essentially “religious” status for the conventional view of the “Holocaust.” They could not pass laws prohibiting ANYONE from questioning the official view – and the official number of those who supposedly were killed. Thus, the “Holocaust” – since it cannot be questioned – obtains the status of an undeclared Religion for the whole world! It must be accepted by FAITH! NO questioning is allowed.

*The Jews would not have been able to demand massive financial reparations from Germany for the “crime” of supposedly genociding the infamous “6 millions Jews,” a “crime” that NEVER occurred. That money was – and is – used to maintain the government of Israel and support the Jewish organizations who are planning to exterminate ALL “Gentiles” and particularly “Gentile” Christians.

*The Jews would not be able to pass laws from country to country, making any statement against a Jew – EVEN if it is TRUE – a “Hate” crime, because it MIGHT bring about another - - - - - “Holocaust”!

*The Jews would not be able to pass “Hate Crime” legislation to make it a crime, punishable by imprisonment, a huge fine, or even (eventually) a death sentence, to expose the vast conspiracy of the International Jews in taking over the world.

*The Jews would not be able to pass “Hate Crime” legislation to make it a crime, punishable by imprisonment, a huge fine, or even (eventually) a death sentence, to expose the putrid filth of the Talmud, the Jews “holiest book” in regard to the Talmud’s condoning of pedophilia, homosexuality, hatred of Christianity, and every other degenerate act imaginable, plus their plan to kill ALL “Gentiles.”

*The Jews would not be able to pass “Hate Crime” legislation to make it a crime, punishable by imprisonment, a huge fine, or even (eventually) a death sentence, to expose the hatred and bigotry that the Jews hold for every non-Jew – whether it be a Caucasian, a Black, a Hispanic, or an Asian – and their plan to exterminate ALL of us from the face of the earth.

*The Jews would not be able to pass the legislation to cover up ALL their criminal activities related to debauchery, degeneracy, One World Government control of all populations of the world, and their grab for ALL the resources of every country in the world. Without the “Holocaust” LIE and subsequent “Hate Crime” legislation, all the horrifically evil deeds of the Jews and their International Conspiracy could easily be exposed.

*The Jews would be in serious danger of being exposed, tortured, and murdered by the enlightened populations of the various countries they have infiltrated and taken over and their Plan to conquer and rule the world would be finished.

*The Jews would not be able to accuse the Christians of being the source of ALL the persecution of the Jews since the crucifixion of Christ. The New Testament states that the Pharisees and their “Jewish” followers were responsible for the death of Christ.

Therefore, Jews claim that Christians have been the enemies of the Jews since that time, and have wanted to kill them. This provides a presumed “reason” for the Jews to HATE – and attempt to exterminate – Christianity, all Christians, and all knowledge and worship of Jesus Christ, and brand the Bible as Anti-Semitic Hate literature, that must be banished from the world forever.

Otherwise, they say, there will be another - - - - - - - “Holocaust”!


Anonymous said...

Fascism will come to the world disguised as ANTI-FASCISM.

Anonymous said...

...and without the hollowco$t lie Germany would have had no reason to provide Israel by way of "reparation", the three nuclear-capable Dolphin-class submarines that will soon be positioned close to the Iranian coast.

Anonymous said...

The abomination of the desolator will soon be exposed for all to see. Soon they will have to keep the charade by force and not by deception. With Israel (U.S.A.) controlled by the abomination that force will not be difficult to maintain. When will the sleeping giant wake up. If not soon then all there is to look forward to is another holocaust like the one in Russia. Maybe it will take that kind of persecution to wake people up. Let's hope it doesnt come to that, but that is the way things are headed and fast.

Anonymous said...

These people won't stop at outlawing prayer in school. They won't stop at taking down Christmas trees. They won't stop at the hate crime laws directed against Christians. They will stop when you are dead. Such is the hate that the Edomite has against his ancient enemy Jacob.

Crush The Talmudic Serpent said...

The Holocaust religion/dogma allows them to act with impunity because

Criticism of Jewish actions = Anti-Semitism = Another HoloCaust(hoax)

They won't stop until the predictions of The Talmud have been fulfilled. This centres on the Jews being masters of the world and us Goyim as their slaves living in a dystopian nightmare.

Anonymous said...

The church is neither hot nor cold. But lukewarm. Christ will spit it out of His mouth. Perhaps this Cainite takevoer is Christ getting rid of the dross and keeping only those that will be counted worthy for the Kingdom. Weither this means loss of salvation for the dross I have no idea. But it will mean loss of life here.

Anonymous said...

We already know the end of this story. Edom will be for stubble. We will crush Edom (the jews) beneath our feet. So when I see the dire straights in which our people have found themselves, I cannot fear. The end is already known. We, through the strength of YHWH, will win.



Lone Wolf said...

Indeed James. A real holocaust is being prepared for them.