Monday, May 3, 2010

The Jewish Jesuits

source: Terror of Zion

Many people love to point the finger at the Jesuits as the cause of the world's troubles.

The Jesuit order is a Roman Catholic order of priests and scholars. Their leadership live in the Vatican.

The great secret however is that the society of Jesus was
organized by crypto-Jews.

The Jesuit society was created in 1534 by a group of Marrano Jews: Ignatius Loyola,
Alfonso Salmeron and Diego Lainez.

In 1492 the entire Jewish community of Spain, some 200 000 of them,
were expelled. Amidst these expulsions the tactic of crypto-Judaism is taken up by many in the Jewish community in order to hide and evade exile and persecution. But the conversion is always a dishonest one and they continue their Jewish practices in secret.

The founder of the Jesuit order Ignatius Loyola himself was a crypto-Jew of the occult cabala. In 1491 Loyola began his subversive activities in the Jewish Illuminati order of Spain under the guise of Roman Catholicism.

John Torell explains:
"In 1491 San Ignacio de Loyola was born in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa, Spain. His parents were Marranos and at the time of his birth the family was very wealthy. As a young man he became a member of the Jewish Illuminati order in Spain. As a cover for his crypto Jewish activities, he became very active as a Roman Catholic. On May 20, 1521 Ignatius (as he was now called) was wounded in a battle, and became a semi‑cripple. Unable to succeed in the military and political arena, he started a quest for holiness and eventually ended up in Paris where he studied for the priesthood. In 1534 he had moved to Rome where he founded the "JESUIT ORDER," which was to become the most vile, bloody and persecuting order in the Roman Catholic Church."

Still, many of the Jews who were expelled from Spain headed over to Africa and began selling slaves to south American colonies of the Portuguese and Spanish empires. This later flourished into the full out trans-Atlantic slave trade where some 99 million Africans perished.

On top of their Jewish roots, the Jesuits have always behaved similarly to the perfidious Jewish elite. Like the Jews, the Jesuits have been
expelled from many nations. By the 18th century the society had acquired a reputation in Europe for political maneuvering and economic exploitation. The common conception was that the Jesuits were greedy plotters who would constantly meddle in state affairs through their ties with influential members of the Royal Court in order to further their own interests. Who does this remind you of?

Take into consideration the Jesuit order's Jewish origins and how the general historical behavior of Jesuits is completely mimetic to that of Jews. Could it be that they are one in the same? You decide.

Here are a few quotes that echo these facts:

"You never observe a great intellectual movement in Europe in which the Jews do not greatly participate. The first Jesuits were Jews that mysterious Russian diplomacy which so alarms Western Europe, is organised & principally carried on by Jews; that mighty revolution which is at this moment preparing in Germany & which will be in fact a 2nd & greater Reformation & of which so little is as yet known in England." -Englands Jewish PM, Benjamin Disraeli Ch 24 Lord George Bentinck: Political Biography, 1852

"The Illuminati Order was preceded in the 1500's in Spain by the "Alumbrados," a Christian heresy started by crypto Jews called "Marranos." The founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola, was a Marrano/Alumbrado. Thus when people today argue whether it is the Jesuits or Zionists who are responsible for our troubles, they are really talking about the same beast." -David Livingstone, author of "Terrorism and the Illuminati"


"Eric Jon Phelps" exposed - Israeli diamond merchant, Jewish/Zionist shill and disinformationalist

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hexzane said...

Yes. I had also heard about that. And it doesn't surprise me at all.

In fact before knowing that, Jesuits always seemed shady to me. Their behavior all in contortions and half-truths, not frank and straight at all, has always seemed very Jewish to me. Something in them disgusted me.

Anonymous said...

Shady and contorted in half-truths? That is a 100 percent accurate statement. All encyclopedias say that "rabbinical scholars and the Jesuits" were the inventors of "casuistry", which is nothing better than sophistry, and worse, for it is the sanctioning of immorality - a license to commit immoral acts. The Catholic Blaise Pascal exposed the Jesuits in 1640 in his Provincial Letters. They never recovered from the blow he dealt them. The fact that they were Jewish was something always kept hidden until recently. But even the author who recently exposed it, claims ignorance of the fact that while the Order may have later published a ban on admitting Jewish converts into the Order, the ban was NEVER enforced.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost Jesus of Nazareth is a Jewish man, a Hebrew. The Jesuits main goal and mission in life is to imitate the life and public ministry of the Lord Jesus. There is nothing shady about the Society of Jesus, an order of men dedicated to serving Christ and all people. They are college professors, doctors and theologians at universities like Ateneo de Manila, Loyola Marymount University, Fordham University. Please do your research carefully before you criticize Jesuits and the Catholic Church which the order is a part of!

anastasia said...

I'm almost angry with the Protestants for failing to expose it. Their anti-Catholicism blinded them to the truth about the Jesuits.

Ben said...

Speaking of marrano Jews ..... the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati was also a marrano Jew by the name of Adam Weisaupt. The whole damn thing is a Zionist conspiracy through and through.

Lone Wolf said...

Agree Ben, but I would say it's a Jewish conspiracy through and through. Zionism only appeared around 1900, and is just another movement sprung from Jews/Judaism.

Ben said...

It's nice to hear you say "Jewish" conspiracy. That's really what it is. It's become so politically "incorrect" to speak ill of these imposter Hebrews.

Anonymous said...

Where is your Swastika? Heil Hitler.

pr0metheu5 said...

It is most important to distinguish jews from Khazarians, who infiltrated the jews 1000 years ago. they are the Zionists, the illuminists and have propagated the Chosen People meme.

Anonymous said...

So . . . I take it Hitler was right?

Anonymous said...

Other Anonymous: Research Loyola... and research the Cryptic Jews (no I'm not making it up, wish I was). If you know anything about the Bible... there were always Jews who turned from God, became pagans and contorted God's laws and sinned... like crazy. Of course not ALL were horrible or conspiratory or members of an occult, but at times throughout history, many were. There were very shady, evil Jews who formed secret societies and hid themselves from public scrutiny... this is the truth and the phenomenon still exists today. It's not anti-Semitism, or Hitlerian, it's just the truth. These are not the gospel-loving Messianic Jews you're thinking of, as they exist as well, and in more numbers, but usually NOT in positions of power. Jews are descendants of Noah's Shem (as are many other peoples). They are distinct, but they are our brothers and sisters. Don't hate, educate...haha, that was cheesy, but I'm serious!

Anonymous said...

I have some questions:

Are the Jesuit leader ship in Vatican all / most Jewish?

What about "normal" Jesuits, low-ranking ones, also Jews or just trained gentiles?

The Jesuit order was created by Alumbrados (first Illuminati), and a Jesuit (Adam Weishaupt) reformed the Bavarian Illuminati. But what I also want to know if the Vatican was created by Jews, or at least infiltrated by Jews over 1000 years ago. Because the Vatican wanted to free the "holy land" (Israel) and sent Crusaders there. I believe that Crusaders were only used in order to clean Palestine from Muslims and in order to create Israel there, but Crusaders failed this mission.

BTW, an interesting quote from Adolf Hitler:

"I can see Himmler as our Ignatius of Loyola"

Lone Wolf said...

^Very interesting questions/points. I believe the Jesuit Order is still controlled by Jews to this day, with the controlling and higher-ranking Jesuits being mostly jewish. But many, perhaps most, of the lower-ranking Jesuits may be non-jews.

Anonymous said...

And what about the Vatican? It´s very difficult to find informations about Vatican except the "Vatican and the Jesuits control the world and are Anti-Semites" conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

this article is misleading. the Illuminati order was founded on May 1, 1776, in Ingolstadt (Upper Bavaria) as the Order of the Illuminati, with an initial membership of five,[1] by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt

Lone Wolf said...

^And Adam Weishaupt was racially jewish as well.

The Bavarian Illuminati and the Jesuits were/are JEWISH-created and JEWISH-lead organizations, and ultimately implement the JEWISH (ie, Satanic) plan for the world (ie, called the "New World Order" conspiracy).

Anonymous said...

by martin luther translating the catholic bible to german for common peoples ,,this action would have served to block some of the power of the jesuit jewish arm of pseudo catholocism ,no?

Klink said...

Loyola was a Spanish military knights. That's who founded the Jesuits, the Templar Knights. The Templars were/are the Illuminati, not any Jewish conspiracy. The Vatican's Military Knights, including Freemasonry, are the NWO.

The Jesuits had a ban on Jewish candidates becoming members. So there were no Jewish Jesuits. Likewise Weishaupt was not Jewish. As his wikipedia bio shows he was a Jesuits professor of canon law, a position also held by his father/dad.

No matter who you believe these guys were it is still the Vatican's empire of military knights, not any Jewish conspiracy. The Jews did not run Rome's inquisition, lol. There is no Jewish empire.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Question: How can Loyola take part in the activities of the Illuminati in 1491 when he was born the same year??