Friday, April 23, 2010

Curt Maynard (allegedly) kills ex-wife, then himself




According to Curt's
obituary, he had a new wife, Jolee and an unborn child on the way.

Why would a man commit a murder/suicide with a new wife and child on the way?


Anonymous said...

I belief that just like I belief my name is Santa Claus.

He was murdered, the anti-fascist, fascists have started to silence those who stand in opposition to them.

Be vigilant. Be careful with personal information.

Lone Wolf said...

One thing that makes me suspicious is how the media has Maynard's complete background/history with his ex-wife in the initial article on the alleged murder/suicide. Usually, with stories like this, the initial articles cover the incident and what happened, and then later articles cover the history/motivation of the perp.

It's as if they had the whole "story" on Maynard prepared before the murder/suicide occured. Or perhaps that's just the media utilizing or being fed the ADL/SPLC's files when the story broke.

Another thing that makes me suspicious is the claim that Maynard shot himself with a rifle while driving...

"When Lake Jackson police caught up to Maynard's car heading northward on Texas 288 slightly above the 65 mph speed limit, Maynard shot himself in the head with another gun, a semi-automatic rifle, while he was driving, police said."

kinswoman said...

"When Lake Jackson police caught up to Maynard's car heading northward on Texas 288 slightly above the 65 mph speed limit, Maynard shot himself in the head with another gun, a semi-automatic rifle, while he was driving, police said."

Sometimes I wonder if they give "impossible" details to intimidate those who know the "story" isn't true...

Lone Wolf said...

Sometimes I wonder if they give "impossible" details to intimidate those who know the "story" isn't true...

Good thought.

I was thinking more along the lines of throwing it in our face, as well as a form of "disclosure."

Greg Bacon said...

That's one helluva trick, to drive a car at 65 MPH and still be able to shoot yourself in the head with a rifle.

A pistol or revolver is believable, but a rifle?

What was the rifle's caliber and is it the same caliber as the local police use?

Maybe the rifle was one of those ADL 700's.

Lone Wolf said...

"That's one helluva trick, to drive a car at 65 MPH and still be able to shoot yourself in the head with a rifle."

Greg, I guess it's possible. But I would say highly improbable in my judgement.

Dan said...

Look we know that the Khazars had plenty of motive and we know that they have committed murder for less.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Wolf, old buddy... I was sent the same report through an email, and I put up a Curt Maynard article the other day.... I came to much the same conclusions that you have... That this murder/suicide does not make sense!

Yes, Curt Maynard should rot in hell for killing another innocent person. But I am sure that the so called MSM, and the Hasbarat/Sayanim agents of Isra-Hell are all over this murder/suicide gloating that one of their thorns in the side is now dead. It can also be used by these parasites as a method of labelling all of us as nutcases!

I agree with your assumptions, but we will have to wait for any further news. Driving a car at 65MPH and pulling the trigger on a RIFLE while driving at that speed does seem quite strange and very hard to do, definitely.

Lone Wolf said...

"next up?
kevin macdonald?
michael hoffman?
bishop williamson was killed today by a disgruntled youth he had been abusing for several years. the youth then killed himself with a .50 caliber rifle while riding a harley davidson and eating a triple cheeseburger with a side of large fries."

-posted by jewbacca, source

Whitelaw Towers said...

I feel sick. I read the article yesterday and just thought once again nothing adds up.

This is incredible.

Greg Bacon said...

This is an interesting read, especially the author the story talks about, Paul Rassiner, who spent some time during WWII in Buchenwald. For being bold enough to talk out about what he saw were lies being perpetuated by agents of Zionism to further their ends, Rassiner got labeled as the "Father of Holocaust Denial."

Zionist Fraud

THE DRAMA OF THE EUROPEAN JEWS, by Paul Rassinier. Les SeptCouleurs, Paris, 1964. (In French.)

This is an important book by the French scholar, professor and writer who was deported by the Germans and actually lived through grim months in concentration camps of the Third Reich. To this experience he has consecrated a work of worldwide interest: The Lie of Ulysses. Rassinier is, indeed, a unique historian. For him, only facts, figures, and documents carefully verified, are relevants. But as author, he does not live in an ivory tower. He is a close observer of the changing international scene. And what are his main findings about the situation in Europe from 1950 onward? Precisely that a political program is gaining ground: West Germany must be reintegrated with Western Europe and fully restored to the concert of democratic nations.

In a revision of his statistics in 1966, Rassinier states that the properly corrected figures given by the "World Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation," claim that some 1,593.292 European Jews perished from all causes between 1939 and 1945. Revised analysis of the figures given by Hilberg indicates that the data reveal the death of 1,003,392 Jews from all causes during this period.

And more at Wikipedia, the internet 'encyclopedia' that is filled with Israeli lies an Zionist treacheries.

As for Bishop Williamson, all the Vatican has to do to get those priest pedophile stories off the MSM is to excommunicate/defrock Williamson then offer up a large sum of money to Israel for some non-existent Holocaust™ frauds.

Anonymous said...

I accidently came across this blog, while searching for Melissa's obituary,as her family is having her services in Corpus. I am appalled at you for the innuendo's that you've made in regard's to the murder/suicide. Melissa was a co-worker of mine and went through HELL with this man. Death threats, stolen property, the insults, I can't even go into detail of the horrific way he treated her, on here. For you to suggest that he DIDN'T commit suicide after MURDERING his ex-wife and TRYING to murder his 16yr old ex-step daughter IN FRONT OF HIS 2YR AND 12YR OLD DAUGHTERS, is absolutly absurd. You have NO IDEA how OBSSESSED this man was, NO IDEA. He told her many times, if I can't have you No one will. People like you really make me sick! And for someone to suggest HE was murdered...BULL SHIT!

Anonymous said...

This is your version of events and it is not surprising considering that you probably are on the same team as the people that murdered Maynard and his wife.

Do you seriously think that we would belief your version of events without any proof?

The fact that you know his wife's name etc. only seems to implicate that you are familiar with the Maynard file.

The fact that you troll this site shows that you are on the team.

Anonymous said...

It is standard practice for the Elites to discredit those that they have taken out. We have your version of events and we don't belief them.

Anonymous said...

The shrill says: "I accidently came across this blog, while searching for Melissa's obituary,"

Now I would love for him to tell m what he typed into the Google search engine in relation to Melissa's obituary to get to the "Weapon of war" site.

I have tried and tried and I could not do it. This proves that not only are you a moron for giving the game away, but you are also a liar.

Maynard was silenced.
The rest is pure cover up and as per the usual mo the standard methods of incriminating applies.

Cracker Americanus said...

Use a false name. The murder of innocents does not bother the destroyers. Why would the death of someone who points out their crimes?

Citizenfitz said...

Can't find his ex's obit anywhere. Her family lived in Corpus Christi. Nothing in the papers there. Nothing in the Lake Jackson newspaper about her either.

Lone Wolf said...


I found something here:

Melissa Meza

Melissa Meza died April 21, 2010. She was 34.

Mass will be celebrated at 1 p.m. April 28 at Holy Family Catholic Church. Burial will be in Memory Gardens Cemetery.

Bill Schultz said...

For those not using there brains, living in denial: the news report spoke of a teen aged daughter as well as two other children in the house at the time of the shooting.
Although they state that the the teenager was shot, she did not die.

The teenaged daughter can surely counter the story if, it is all lies and instead, someone else killed the Ex-wife, shot her, then killed Maynard.

I know it's hard to believe someone of his intellect could snap and kill someone because we can't imagine ourselves doing such a thing, but we are all capable.

As the Jews tighten the screws we will be hearing a lot more of this type of story.