Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Assassination of Russia" - False flag Govenment sponsored terrorism Russian style

In response to the recent Moscow train bombings, which were immediately blamed on Chechen rebels, a history of recent "terrorist" acts in Russia is in order:

Russian FSB are caught planting bombs in buildings to blame on the Chechens. Most Russians are unlikely to see The Attempt on Russia, a French documentary shot with the help of tycoon Boris Berezovsky, now self-exiled to London. The film alleges involvement of Russian secret services in the Moscow and the Volgodonsk apartment bombings in the fall of 1999. The terrorist attacks claimed 247 lives and paved the way for a new Chechen war that helped install Vladimir Putin as Russian President. While denying the claim, the Kremlin made sure that Russian TV would not show the footage, screened by human rights groups to limited audiences. Still, such allegations have been the talk of the country ever since the tragedy.

2 Moscow Metro Blasts Kill 34: Another FSB ‘False Flag’ Inside Job

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Greg Bacon said...

It was a little to conveneint that this story and the arrest of those Christian 'milita' types hit the air together.

Almost makes one think they were timed.