Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yad Vashem ramping up effort to combat relentless exposure of Holocaust™ Hoax - A countervailing boost in HoloHoax propaganda and censorship needed

I searched "Holocaust" in google, and of the first 60-70 results, I didn't see a single "Holocaust denier" website. So is Yad Vashem lying, or has google already implemented censorship when using the search "Holocaust" in just the last few days? I think this censorship has already been in place for quite a while.

Yad Vashem ramping up effort to combat Holocaust denial
Friday, March 12, 2010
by dan pine, staff writer

To demonstrate the creeping impact of Holocaust denial, Ephraim Kaye urges a simple Google search. Type in the word “Holocaust” and see what pops up.

“Of the first 60 hits, a third are of Holocaust deniers,” Kaye says. “It’s out there and we cannot stop it.”

“We” is Yad Vashem, Israel’s venerated Holocaust museum, for which Kaye serves as director of international seminars. That makes him the institution’s top Holocaust educator.

Kaye, 58, was in the Bay Area this week lecturing about Holocaust denial and how to combat it. He spoke at Walnut Creek’s Congregation B’nai Shalom, among other places, on the scope of the problem, from the murderous views of Islamic radicals to the pseudo-academic claims of convicted Holocaust denier David Irving.

Because he is a teacher, Kaye quickly says that he is “an optimist.” He cites the thousands of teachers from around the world, Jewish and non-Jewish, his department has trained in Holocaust education.

He cites the international task force on Holocaust remembrance and education, which has partnered with Yad Vashem. The task force declared that the Holocaust should be taught in schools of the 26 affiliated nations.

And he cites the hundreds of Holocaust centers and museums around the world keeping alive the memory of the Holocaust and its victims.

Of course, the number of eyewitnesses to history’s greatest crime dwindles with each passing day. Kaye and his colleagues at Yad Vashem understand this very well.

“There is not a seminar at Yad Vashem where we do not incorporate Holocaust survivors,” he says. “We are rising to the challenge of what we are going to do” when there are no more survivors.

Part of the plan includes expanding the museum’s repository of testimonies — including partnering with Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation, which has filmed thousands of survivors telling their stories.

Those testimonies are used to combat the relentless drumbeat of Holocaust denial, which has increased dramatically in Europe and throughout the Muslim world. Kaye says the advent of the Internet has spurred the spread of disinformation on the Holocaust.

As anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist and anti-Israel sentiment spreads, a countervailing boost in Holocaust education has helped keep the hate in check, according to Kaye.

“With most historic events, the impact fades over time,” he says. “But there has been an inverse interest [in the Holocaust]. As the years go by, there is more interest.”

Kaye’s interest in the subject dawned years ago as he grew up in Newton, Mass. While still in high school, he spent a summer on a kibbutz near Haifa, where he fell in love with Israel. After high school, he enrolled at Hebrew University to study history. He became religiously observant, made aliyah and joined an elite unit in the Israeli military.

As a paratrooper, he saw action in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. From there he became a high school history teacher specializing in modern Jewish history and the Holocaust. It was a natural leap to go from the high school classroom to the greatest Holocaust education opportunity in the world at Yad Vashem, which he joined in 1988.

In addition to the world-famous museum at Yad Vashem, the campus houses an international school of Holocaust education. That’s been Kaye’s stomping grounds. He not only brings educators to Israel — teaching the teachers — but he travels the world, meeting with educators and shoring up Holocaust curriculum for K-12 and college classrooms.

Because he believes so strongly in the mission of Yad Vashem, Kaye takes personally the phrase “Never Again.” To articulate that, he likes to quote writer and survivor Elie Wiesel, who spoke at the 2005 opening of the new Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem.

Says Kaye: “Weisel said the Holocaust was not man’s inhumanity to man. It was man’s inhumanity to the Jews.”


Anonymous said...

As Kaye's statement ("Man's inhumanity to Jews") is denied by Holy Writ, ("I know those who say they are Jews, but they are not..." - Rev. 2:8,9)

I deny them any more legitimacy IN ANY MEDIA FOR ANY REASON WHATEVER.

Not another penny, not one RED cent more for the 'Hollow Hoax.'

Never again. Never forgive, never forget.

- Fr. John

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Yad Vashem in Hebrew means Never Happened and in Yiddish means Bleed Them Dry.

“We are rising to the challenge of what we are going to do” when there are no more survivors.

Boy are they rising to the challenge. They're building shrines, temples and monuments etc. all over the place to the HoloHoax and have turned into a religion. Countless numbers of children are being indoctrinated via their lies and deceit. Laws are being implemented in numerous countries to jail people if they dare question their Fairy Tale propaganda. Talmudwood spews films out year after year concerning and reinforcing this gargantuan historical scam amongst the world's Goyim. Books and survivors stories have infested the Internet and Germany is still being bled dry by the Talmudic vampires.

'...the advent of the Internet has spurred the spread of disinformation on the Holocaust.'

What they meant to say was oh shit more and more people are waking up to the fact this sordid saga is the most diabolical emotional and historical scam ever and we need to find and more harsher ways to curb this flow of truth.

Says Kaye: “Weisel said the Holocaust was not man’s inhumanity to man. It was man’s inhumanity to the Jews.”

There we go again. Their arrogance and sociopathic tendencies rise again above the Talmudic parapet. No one else matters. Only the lives of Jews.

Greg Bacon said...

660 gazillion incidents of anti-Semitism during the past 24 hours

Telling lies about the Holocaust™... A Chosen Ones Broken Record

Yad Vashem ramping up effort to combat Holocaust denial

To demonstrate the creeping impact of Holocaust denial, Ephraim Kaye urges a simple Google search. Type in the word “Holocaust” and see what pops up.

“Of the first 60 hits, a third are of Holocaust deniers,” Kaye says. “It’s out there and we cannot stop it.”

I typed in the word Holocaust into Google and didn't find ANY holocaust denial links in the first 60 hits. I did find the web page for "Holocaust Records," but no deniers

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Check out all currently available Hardcore Holocaust Records releases below: ... Up next on Hardcore Holocaust Records: DSB - Kill The Phantom City LP ... - Cached - Similar

Then I searched on BING and found NO links to those who would ask questions about the Holocaust™ in the first 60 hits.

These searches were done on March 14.

And in a related story, one of those Qassam rockets was fired into Israel, killing some poor Thai worker.

Amazing that those rockets rarely hit the Jews and even more amazing that whenever some high ranking dignitary from another country visits Apartheid Israel, those danged Qassam rocket launchers always seem to know that person's itinerary and launch a bottle rocket in their direction.

Didn't know that HAMAS had penterated the highest level of Israeli security.

And this:

Germany approves 91m. euro for Holocaust survivors

BERLIN – The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany – known as the Claims Conference – met in Berlin on Wednesday and managed to obtain a total of 91 million euro during its annual negotiating session with the German Finance Ministry....

Those twin goals of additional home care and pension payments were reached late Wednesday evening as the negotiators nailed 55m. euro to cover home services, a 25m. euro increase when compared to the 30m. euros in 2009.

In addition, a newly won pension entitlement of 36m. euro applies to roughly 1,300 Western European Shoah survivors.

Schneider, who has worked for the Claims Conference for 15 years, took over the reins as its new Executive Director six months ago. He has a master degree in public policy from Harvard’s Kennedy school of government and a second master’s in Jewish communal service from Brandeis University...

Much still remains to be done, including a multi-year agreement and continuing to enhance other benefits for survivors.” According to Schneider, the Claims Conference funds for home care services are shrinking because the sale of Jewish-owned property in East Germany has rapidly declined.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Unflipping believable, Wolf.... These criminals will try to bleed all of humanity for eternity unless we stop them now!

Right here in Canada they have built a multitude of Holohoax temples and are building a grandiose building in Winnipeg Manitoba called (falsely) a "Museum of Human Rights" but it WILL be just another of their holy temples for the Holohoax!

Lone Wolf said...

How wonderful Northern.

And it's only going to cost Canadian taxpayers C$160 million up-front and C$22 million annually [1] to operate the propaganda facility...errr "museum."

Now even more Canadian children can be forced to be traumatized and brainwashed by Holyhoax propaganda. All at taxpayer expense again.

Greg Bacon said...

Local Holocaust Museums Grow Amid Worries About Future

The numbers speak for themselves: There are now 16 Holocaust museums in the United States, from Albuquerque, N.M., to Houston, to Richmond, Va. And these are just the biggest of nearly 150 Holocaust centers all over the country.

Anyone want to guess who's footing the bill? US taxpayers support the DC Disneyland one to the tune of over 45 million a year. 400 employees for a museum?

Sounds like a Yid welfare project.

Anonymous said...

"Kaye says. It’s out there and we cannot stop it."

Kaye is bang on the money. There is absolutely nothing that the Jews can do to prevent their holyhoax fraud from being exposed right, left and centre.