Friday, March 19, 2010

Group of American Jewish leaders to adopt measure to support policy of allowing homosexuals to openly serve in U.S. military

Jewish groups to adopt measure backing gays in military

17/02/2010 10:04

Leaders likely to ask for repeal of US military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

NEW YORK - A group of national and local Jewish leaders will likely adopt a resolution next week calling for the repeal of the US military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy on gay and lesbian soldiers.

The resolution, to be brought up Feb. 23 in Dallas at the annual plenum of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, calls the policy an "anomaly" and notes that most Western countries, Israel included, allow gays and lesbians to openly serve in the armed forces.

"The JCPA believes that gay, lesbian, and bisexual personnel should be allowed to openly serve in all branches of the military service subject to the same rules of military conduct that apply to all those who serve openly," the resolution says.

The text goes on to encourage constituents of JCPA -- an umbrella organization bringing together the synagogue movements, national Jewish organizations and local Jewish communities across North America -- to advocate for the policy's repeal and to foster dialogue with those of opposing views.

Rabbi Steve Gutow, the JCPA's executive director, told JTA that he had not encountered any significant opposition to the measure, which he expects to pass.

"I think there became a recognition that this was going to be an issue this year and we wanted to have a stand on it," Gutow said.

Indeed, after a year in which President Obama drew fire for his lack of movement on the issue, the president announced in his State of the Union address in January that he would be seeking a repeal of the law, which was adopted as a compromise measure in 1993. A week later, the country's top two defense officials also called for the law's repeal at a hearing on Capitol Hill.

The leader of the Conservative movement's synagogue arm already has publicly come out against the policy, as has the Reform movement's Religious Action Center.

"We know that sexual orientation is innate, and it cannot be God's will to give gay men and lesbians less dignity than God has given the rest of us," wrote Rabbi Steven Wernick, the executive vice president and CEO of the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism, in the blog On Faith. "We believe strongly, therefore, that every American citizen, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, should have the right to serve our country. And no American citizen should have to lie about the person he or she most loves."

Though the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" resolution may be the most publicly controversial issue on the JCPA agenda, Gutow said that most of the council's attention this year will be focused on the efforts to delegitimize Israel and the need to foster civil discourse in the Jewish community. Resolutions will be considered on both subjects.

The JCPA plenum, which runs Feb. 20-23, is expected to draw about 300 participants from 35 communities across the country, in addition to representatives of several national Jewish groups.

Among the scheduled speakers are Israel's ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, and the State Department envoy on anti-Semitism, Hannah Rosenthal. Oren is slated to address Israeli security, while Rosenthal will join Anti-Defamation League chief Abraham Foxman in a panel discussion on anti-Semitism.

Also on the speakers list is the former Clinton administration housing and urban development secretary, Henry Cisneros, and Kenneth Stein, an Emory University professor who resigned his position at the Carter Center in a protest over the former president's book on the Middle East.


Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Wolf, how did we all know that it would be these diabolical fiends behind this.

Another insidious and evil ploy to corrupt and ultimately destroy from within a highly important American insitution.

Why not go the whole hog and demand Star of David badges on every ship, tank and plane.

Lone Wolf said...

Why not go the whole hog and demand Star of David badges on every ship, tank and plane.

And I find it interesting that most police departments (at least here in the United States) use a hexagram design for their insignia and badges.

Fredrick Schwartz said...

It took you Nazi fucktards a whole month to find this on the Internet? Do electrons move slower when you are stupid???

We won you lost get over it.

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Over in Britain the Police have always used the black and white Freemasonic check.

Talking of British Police the latest authoritarian Liberal and Culturally Marxist rule to hit them centres on the fact that they can't ask for someone's Christian name because it might be offensive to people of other faiths.

Lone Wolf said...

"It took you Nazi fucktards a whole month to find this on the Internet? Do electrons move slower when you are stupid???"

I apologize Fred. I don't live on sites like Jweekly, JTA, and JPost.

Oh, and the (ashke)Nazi fucktards, including the originals, were/are movements created and lead by members of your tribe.

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

In response Fred I'll dedicate Curtis Mayfield's 'Freddie's Dead' to you because you'll probably croak from AIDS soon you sexually deviant sodomiser.

As Wolf said lots of the Nazis were butthole surfers and your tribe of Mammon and Lucifer worshiping beasts set them up.

Cracker Americanus said...

The homosexual/Jewish agenda is alive and well. Hell is the world without the light of Rome and Christ. We are the descendants of the Romans,all whites who want to build and create in a world of honor,justice,morality, are the descendants of Rome. Jesus would not have been able to lead the world into light in pre Roman Israel. The Romans stopped child sacrifice and forced the Jews to act civilized.
They implemented order.

Anonymous said...

This is just how the damnable Edomite jews work. I knew when the "don't ask; don't tell" policy was first pushed by those loathsome serpents that this is where it would lead.


PS: Fredrick Schwartz the jew faggot called us Nazis! How jewish. How predictable. YAWN!

Lone Wolf said...

James, I only edited your comment slightly because I didn't want to give blogger a reason to try to shut me down. Hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

The only people who offend me more than Jews and faggots are Jew faggots.