Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bishop Richard Williamson - 'Official' 9/11 story is a fraud - Twin Towers brought down with explosives


BISHOP WILLIAMSON: "Ruling us today it's not a party as brutal, as openly brutal as the Stalinists of Russia was. It's not yet a police state imposing upon us to say that two and two are five. But the police state, of course, every single one of you know, is certainly closing in, both here and in the United States for sure and certain. The police state took a great leap forward with 9-11. That's for certain.

And I hope that none of you believe that 9-11 is what it was presented to be. It was, of course, the two towers came down. But it was absolutely, for certain, not two airplanes which brought down those two towers. They were professionally demolished by a series of demolition charges from the top to the bottom of the towers. If you doubt that, look up on the internet ""

I mention may find I do mention this in sermon. Why do I keep mentioning this in sermons? Because truth is at stake. Because if the towers fell down by two airplanes, then the Party is virtually in control. The party governs the people's minds. The party can push over all kinds of propaganda and lies, in it's media. And if the people swallow the lies, they will be enslaved.

Our Lord said the truth will make you free. The corollary it that lies will enslave you. At the moment, the whole world is being told the media, by the government, by the politicians, by the universities, by the teachers -- and the worst of all, by the highest authorities in the Church.

We are being enslaved by lies. And the most outstanding global lie of recent times to enslave the minds of all of us -- or to deceive the minds, and thereby enslave us by making us all believe that the police state is a good thing, and a necessary thing, which is why the police state has advanced by leaps and bounds, as it has -- is 9/11. And that's a classic example of an enslaving lie. Two and two are five. Those towers were brought down by two airplanes, and it was an airplane which struck the Pentagon. That's totally impossible....that an airplane struck the Pentagon. A commercial airplane has a very soft nose. You don't have a nose of titanium or steel. That's not what an airplane could fly with. If you tried taking off with that, it would nose-dive immediately after it lifted off the airport, if it had such a heavy nose. The nose of a commercial aircraft is very soft. It's just a little aluminum covering...the radar of the plane is usually under the nose. The nose is very soft.

Whatever hit the Pentagon went through six, punched it's way through six of the ten 18" stone walls between outside the Pentagon and its inner courtyard. There are five rings of buildings, each of them with an outer and inner wall, and whatever hit the Pentagon went through six of those ten walls before it came to a stop. The photographic evidence was clear as it could be. The newspapers, of course, did not publish those photographs, but they do exist.

Then, it can only have been a guided missile which struck the Pentagon, and only guided missiles have a tough nose, titanium and steel, with an explosive charge, of two charges -- one charge to penetrate the wall...and then the second charge to explode inside. And that's exactly what the photographs show, with a fire running up and down inside the outer wall of the Pentagon.

So, we were all of us told, and I hope none of us still believe, that it was the work of three commercial airliners piloted by 19 Mohammedans, who as you may well know, seven of, at least, are notably alive and walking around. Lies. Lies. Lies.

And that's where it's at. Lies or truth. And you will have today some decent non-Catholics, like George Orwell, decent and intelligent men. Some decent men who realize that what's at stake here -- even before, in a certain a certain sense even before religion is brought up, even before God is in question -- that is truth. Does there exist truth? Is there truth?"


Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson Denies 'Holocaust' Fraud -No Gas Chambers, '6 million' figure a gross exaggeration


Anonymous said...

Bishop takes knight.

Anonymous said...

If anyone should be Pope, it is this man.

Not that I am agitating for the Pope, or Rome, you understand. As one Orthodox writer noted, 'The Pope was the first Protestant.' (that, BTW, is an insult)

But at LEAST His Eminence has a HEAD on his shoulders, and is willing to be a martyr for Christ in his own realm. That, alone, makes him rank with the great ones.

- Fr. John

Lone Wolf said...

^^nice job on the video Fugazi

"If anyone should be Pope, it is this man."

How fast do you figure a Pope would conveniently "die of a heart attack" if he were to come out with the truth on 9/11 and the Holyhoax?

Greg Bacon said...

The Zionist persecution of the Bishop cranked up to silence Williamson not for his alleged anti-Semite comments, but for his ballsiness in exposing the lies surrounding the official 9/11 story.

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Bishop Williamson possessed the gall and temerity to question the Synagogue of Satan's viewpoint with regard to certain historical events. For that heinous crime the world's Jewish mass media machine has gone into overdrive and want him silenced and imprisoned.

On the present Pope I'll let Michael Hoffman do the talking:-

More on the Pope's betrayal of the Gospel at the Rome synagogue

Under 'conservative' Pope Benedict, Revolution is now "irreversible"

Chris said...

The Truther movement is making a comback. Ventura is pushing another one of his conspiracy theories.

vlad said...

There is a God, and his name is Richard Williamson!! I salute you Sir!

foofritz said...

Bishop Williamson is a courageous Christian, who says the truth.

Greg Bacon said...

How fast do you figure a Pope would conveniently "die of a heart attack" if he were to come out with the truth on 9/11 and the Holyhoax?

Don't know, but the last time there was this much buzz about the Vatican pedohile ring was in late 2002, early 2003, until us short attention spanned Americans were 'Shocked and Awed" into Baghdad.