Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Germanic Origin of the Anglo-Saxon-Scandinavian languages

The history of the English language begins with the arrival of three Germanic tribes who invaded Britain during the 5th century AD - the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes, who crossed the North Sea from what today is Denmark and northern Germany.

At that time the inhabitants of Britain spoke a Celtic language. Most of the Celtic speakers were pushed west and north by the invaders - mainly into what is now Wales, Scotland and Ireland. There is now very little Celtic influence left in the English language.

The Angles came from Englaland and their language was called Englisc - from which the words England and English are derived. Their name lives on in the district of England named East Anglia, and also in the Anglican Church. In present-day Germany there is still a region known as Angeln (also known as Anglia), which is likely the same area from which the original Angles came. Angeln lies in Schleswig-Holstein on the eastern side of the Jutland peninsula near the cities of Flensburg and Schleswig.

The following are several English words, followed by the accompanying German word, and then the Swedish word:

hair, Haar, hår
nose, Nase, näsa
shoes, Schuhe, skor
foot, Fuß, fot
hand, Hand, hand
knee, Knie, knä
elbow, Ellenbogen, armbåge
lips, Lippen, läppar
house, Haus, hus
earth, Erde, jord
sun, Sonne, sol
moon, Mond, måne
star, Stern, stjärna
grass, Gras, gräs
water, Wasser, vatten
fire, Feuer, eld
ice, Eis, is
snow, Schnee, snö
hot, Heiß, varm
cold, Kalt, kall
ship, Schiff, fartyg
sword, Schwert, svärd
axe, Axt, yxa
blood, Blut, blod
family, Familie, familj
brother, Bruder, bror
sister, Schwester, syster
mother, Mutter, moder
father, Vater, far
daughter, Tochter, dotter
baby, Baby, bebis
love, Liebe, karlek
hate, Hassen, hata
drink, Trinken, dricka
sleep, Schlafen, sova
grave, Grab, grav
awake, Wach, vaken
spit, Spucken, spotta
wine, Wein, vin
apple, Apfel, äpple
bread, Brot, bröd
bake, backen, baka
lamb, Lamm, lamm
bear (the animal), Bär, björn
friend, Freund, vän
enemy, Feind, fiende
red, Rot, röd
blue, Blau, blå
brown, Braun, brun
gray, Grau, grå
white, Weiß, vit
green, Grün, grön
gold, Gold, guld
silver, Silber, silver
copper, Kupfer, koppar


bushranger said...

I think you'll find Frisian is even closer to English than German or Swedish.

Lone Wolf said...

I wasn't aware of the Frisian language. Thanks bushranger.

Anonymous said...

The more I learn about our proud and noble people, the more pride I have in my race. This pride is not a false pride. I am aware of both the good and the bad, but when all is said and done, we truly are the Israelite people, YHWH's battle axe and mighty weapon of war. The art, the beauty, our system of justice, our migrations. I love it all. Thank you for adding to that knowledge.

I was talking with a Celt, who had grievance against his Saxon kin. He related to me that the Celts had come to Europe much earlier than the Saxons and that the Saxons came from Eastern Europe. He went on and on about how Saxons were the invaders and the Celts were the true Europeans.

I related to him the archeological findings of our people and how the Celts were of Judah Zarah and Dan, and that we Saxons were their kin by blood. I showed him genetic evidences. Only one race cannot be separated by the area of the world from which they originated and that is the European (White/Israelite) race. All other races can be separated and dissected; but not us. We are all kin and we are all one.

When it was all said and done, I showed him how his history; as related by his people, matched perfectly with the biblical accounts, as well as archeology and other disciplines.

He seemed very receptive and although I cannot know now what he will do with the new found knowledge, I can hope and pray that YHWH will make this seed grow.

The Edomite jews hate us of the White race because we are what they can NEVER be - a pure race, with a long and glorious history, unmatched by anyone else in the world.

I love my kinsmen and our Kinsman Redeemer and I thank YHWH everyday that I and my fellow Whites were preordained to this great adventure.

I guess I will NEVER understand why there are White people who buy into the multicultural crap. I will NEVER understand how any White person cannot see the uniqueness and yes, the superiority of our race.

YAH Bless Lone Wolf and all my Kinsmen,


Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

James, as far as I know the Celts came from Hungary, which is in Eastern Europe as well.

If you look at Celtic and Anglo-Saxon art and jewellery etc. they are beautiful and very similar.

The Synagogue of Satan always utilise divide and conquer to achieve their objectives. A Jew will always say he is a Jew even if he is an atheist, he will refer to himself as an atheistic Jew!!!

How many White Christians will state as their religion follower of Jesus and/or Christian? In nearly all cases they will say that they are a Roman Catholic or Protestant or Baptist etc. This is a clear indication of how they have managed to splinter Christianity into hundreds of pieces.

Going back to England the only place that can describe itself as being Celtic is the county of Cornwall. The Cornish have their own language, flag and patron Saint - St. Piran. Its also a beautiful place with very friendly people to boot.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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