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German blogger: Hitler was a Zionist-British agent

Using google translate, it's mostly understandable.

source: BRD-GMBH

Hitler was a Zionist-British agent

How to get to such a claim?

Not only is claimed in literature on this subject, Hitler was largely financed by Jewish sources, such as the banking houses Kuehn, Praise & Co, Baron von Schroder, Warburg's, etc., he also showed consistently one-British attitude which looked almost unparalleled. Despite his professed hatred of the Jewish financiers, he had never made in his speeches on the internationally active banking house of Rothschild Jewish banking family even though at that time had the reputation of various international criminal machinations have financed. This is connected with the fact that he himself, as has been claimed since the seventies, from different sides, a descendant of a Rothschild from Vienna was? One of Hitler's great-grandfathers was a farmer Alois Schicklgruber (1764-1821). His daughter, Hitler's grandmother, Maria Anna (1795-1847). She called her first and only child, Alois (1837-1903). At that time, she worked as a cook. Alois Hitler was the father (1889 -) are?.

The question now is whose child this was Alois. Maria Anna was unmarried at his birth, and married a Johann Georg Heidler only when the child is already five years old. Alois later took the name Hitler. Claims he was a descendant of the Jewish employer of Maria Anna was, until now not want to fall silent. While I could personally see no clear evidence yet, but think it was possible. But even if there is no clear evidence of Hitler's descent from a Rothschild or any other Jews, there is ample evidence that this is the case. Hitler employed all sorts of Jews, such as his favorite director, Leni Riefenstahl, Hans Frank, head of the Legal Department of NSDAPReichsleitung, Karl Adolf Eichmann, SS reach Lieutenant Colonel and head of the Jewish Department in the Reich Security Main Office and a few others about its objectives.

Above all, the outcome of World War II demonstrated the achievement of objectives is the Jewish-Zionist circles: The State of Israel was founded because many Jews before the specter of anti-Semitism largely orchestrated fled to Israel.

Zionism for the Jews of Europe had to invent a reason why they should leave the prosperous Europe to emigrate to the barren, little Palestine developed. So a great wave of anti-Semitism had to be directed at the Jews in their supposed home to scare away. Anyone who reads this Wolfgang Eggert, "Israel Geheimvatikan or Hennecke Kardel" Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel. "Other objectives, such as the division of Europe, the Cold War, etc. were also realized with the active support of Hitler.

But we come to the most obvious relief, which Hitler carried out for the Allies. These reveal his true face: When the British Expeditionary Force in 1940 was forced to withdraw on his flight from the German army during the French campaign on a narrow coastal strip at Dunkirk, it was Adolf Hitler, who ordered the German panzer divisions advancing on Dunkirk, their rapid advance by one stop couple of days. Thus Hitler's English friends enough time, about 300 000 of its soldiers were just in time to sell to England. These 300 000 troops could have been captured without too much difficulty. Any commanding officer would have done so for obvious reasons - not that Hitler. 300 000 soldiers would be replaced once. If you look at the beginning of a war there, of whom every reader could calculate international newspapers that he is not in the near future, would be terminated by mutual loving statesmen who fall into each other's arms, it would be imperative for greater enemy quotas to capture every opportunity that offered, and certainly at a as in Dunkirk. But Adolf (Yehuda) Hitler did not win a war for Germany. For the jüdischstämmige Churchill, Roosevelt and jüdischstämmige the jüdischstämmige Stalin had something else agreed with him.

Hitler's so successful 'Battle of France, who was actually a plan by General von Manstein, was not to last to the reputation of the' leader 'as a brilliant military commanders to justify. Supported by the call he could make it easier from now on, no matter how well-intentioned advice about his experienced generals and put across his own ideas - to enforce the defeat of Germany -.

For example, in the summer of 1942, as the fiasco at Stalingrad offing. Hitler had ordered German troops to stop about 50 km from Moscow and not be an attack on Moscow to make. It was after all only the world capital of the Jewish Bolshevism, he pretended to fight. Instead, he ordered the German troops to advance into the Caucasus where they were to occupy the rich oil fields, which should cover the fuel consumption of the armed forces. A totally foolish undertaking, because each had previously been able to figure out that the Soviets would destroy the petroleum handling during their retreat from this area to tell them not to fall into German hands. This is what happened.

To get back into the damaged conveyor operation that was needed were a year or two. The troops, which Hitler had ordered into the Caucasus, but was also missing in the area around Stalingrad. The generals in command of the Wehrmacht, Hitler had become urgent to make an advance into the Caucasus only after the area around Stalingrad would have been completely occupied. Hitler had paid no attention, which resulted in the fact that no German troops were strong enough to hold Stalingrad.

The Commanding General Paulus, who had decided, therefore, break out of Stalingrad to the west, was ordered by Hitler meaningless to hold the position.

Ultimately, fell by 146 000 German and Romanian soldiers, about 90 000 were taken prisoner. Even if the attempt to break the German army in Stalingrad had not succeeded, it must be sought to blame Hitler, who had sent the required forces in the Caucasus.

In general, Hitler committed the mistake all too willing to withdraw from once a conquered territory to want no more, which he mostly stood in contrast to some of his generals.

Those generals who wanted to act strategically sensible, were ignored by him or dismissed from the High Command.

Hitler refrained from the Strait of Gibraltar, that is the strait between Spain and North Africa, to block what would be with relatively little effort have been possible. A Seeminenteppich, a destroyer and a couple of German U-boats would have sufficed. This would take the Anglo-American forces in North Africa fell considerably heavier foot. Sun, however, had to Rommel's Afrika Korps to see strong British and American units compared. Their landing at Casablanca would have a blockage of the Strait of Gibraltar but can not be stopped, but at Oran and Algiers in November 1942. Rommel went against the orders of Hitler, who achieved positions at all costs keep to the withdrawal and demanded by Hitler in March 1943, the eviction can not be the bridgehead for the soldiers fall into captivity. Hitler refused - as it could be different from -. Thus, the Africa Corps had on 13 May 1943 surrender. 250 000 German and Italian soldiers were forced to go into captivity.

In order to resist the German people against Hitler did not even have to come up, proclaimed Churchill and Roosevelt in January 1943 in Casablanca, the unconditional surrender of Germany as a war aim of the Allies. Completely covered by this requirement, the Allies deliberately strengthened the will to fight the Germans and their identification with the German leadership, as was clear by now that the Allies had expected nothing good. Similarly, German resistance groups could no longer feed the larger population, or the circle of hope for senior officers of the Wehrmacht. Even at the informal way the German resistance groups, no more good for the case of the fall of Hitler was promised.

During the retreat drew German troops from the east, Hitler once again the fact that he stubbornly clung to the front line of defense lines - despite contrary claims of several generals.

In addition, must be asked why Hitler had indeed seen very early in the war that the British possessed a large fleet of bombers to German cities lay in rubble and ashes, - which alone cost about a million German life - but he did not in a dream thought to increase according to the German bomber force for deterrence - or retaliatory purposes. According to England had recorded only about 34 000 casualties from bombing raids by German bombers. Not that I would like to see it, if more innocent civilians were killed on one side, it is confined to the question why Hitler, he wanted to win the war, as almost all modern historians' claims that so many wrong decisions met.

It is also now known that the Germans had towards the end of the war through a tested and deployable nuclear weapon. Why this has never been used by Hitler?

Allegedly, Hitler killed himself at the end of hostilities. The Western Allies, however, his deposition should have met privately. The Argentine author Abel Basti in his book about Hitler's post-war years. Hitler is said to have sold to Argentina in the southwest, in the small town of San Carlos de Bariloche, about 1350 km of the capital Buenos Aires. Basti documented this in his set put up a tourist guide book "Bariloche Nazi Tour Guide." The author relies on old documents, photographs and witness statements.

Detail of the subject, Hitler is also expressed by the New Zealand writer Greg Hallett with his' working under a pseudonym, co-author of "Spymaster." Her 2005 published book titled "Hitler was a British Agent" is based heavily on information from the intelligence environment . In it is described, among other things, like Hitler 1912/13 was educated in England. From circles of former KGB is further alleged that Martin Bormann, Eva Braun, have been KGB agents, and Hitler is said to have flown to discuss 1944 to Moscow.

Can all this be described here is really true? When you consider how politicians are currently creating over years and decades to deceive the public, it must be the answer "yes". Even Hitler was a demagogue, who arranged his thanks from Illuminatenkreisen, training was able to deceive the German people over years.

Through testimony from his environment, which are also illustrated by photographs, it is known that he rehearsed before a mirror gesturing for his speeches. Sure to be practiced by honest politicians rhetorical devices in the case of Hitler, these were, however, so unnatural, and placed that they draw conclusions about a lack of sincerity permit.

Forget the drivel from alleged eternal evil and guilty Germans. Any reparations claims should be sent to those human criminals, who have staged the First and Second World War and German not to the people. It is not my intention to represent all the Jews of the world as malevolent beasts, but unfortunately there are in Judaism, a significant number of Zionist fanatics shrink in front of her morbid Auserwähltheitswahn little about their useless goals. These guys need to stop immediately.

Hallett, Greg and Spymaster: "Hitler was a British Agent," 2005
Eggert, Wolfgang: "Israel Geheimvatikan," Chronos Media Sales GmbH: Munich 20,043, 3 vols The author is a historian and journalist
Burg, JG: "Zionnazi-censorship in Germany," Ederer-Verlag: Munich 1980 - Jewish Authors
Kardel, Hennecke: "Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel," Marva Publisher: Geneva 1974 - Jewish Authors
Basti, Abel: "Bariloche Nazi Tour Guide," 2004. The author is an Argentine journalist.

The model, Hitler 'in Russia

A Vladimir Zhirinovsky founded in 1990 in Russia, the LDPR, an alleged extreme right-wing party. Zhirinovsky was and is still chairman of the party, which was in the first Duma elections immediately and is still the second strongest political group represented in the Russian parliament. Although he lost since his early successes on the consent of the voters, he was elected in January 2000 after all, even as Vice President of the Duma.

Outwardly, he behaves as a tough anti-Semite and enemy of Israel. The whole thing does have one small catch: the allegation made by some for years he himself was a Jew, Zhirinovsky had to admit in an interview with the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz in 2001 that his father was a Polish Jew, after he used it had always denied. His real name was Eidelstein to him at the age of eighteen years changed.

Zhirinovsky and his backers would have been able to conceal his Jewish ancestry, he would have been able to build, in fact, as a sort of new Hitler. He should also probably lead Russia into a new war that would have been contested by Israel and its Anglo-American friends.


Adolf Hitler's DNA shows North African and Ashkenazi Jew ancestry

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Northerntruthseeker said...

Wolf: Interesting synopsis by this writer...

It does make sense though, if you assume the dastardly work of the Zionists to start wars to kill the goyim and get their dream world empire going.

BTW... I have received your comments and do not worry about the comment in the wrong article in my site. I have incorporated it into the comments by my reply if you notice!

Fine work, my friend... Keep it up!

Greg Bacon said...

It is also now known that the Germans had towards the end of the war through a tested and deployable nuclear weapon.

Germany had been working on an atomic bomb, but I've never read that they had actually tested one.

But the writer's general thesis is plausible:

Hitler seemed to do everything he could to make Germany lose the war, why?

Roosevelt had been scheming for years to get the USA into European theater. Several days after Pearl Harbor, Hitler handed it to Roosey on a silver platter by declaring war on the USA???

Hitler had some fine generals who, if they had been left to organize and prosecute the war, maybe Germany might of won, but Adolph kept interferring, changing plans and orders, which devasted the Wehrmacht, why?

The world's first assault rifle was developed by
Germany during WWII and might of changed the tide, due to it's overwhelming firepower, but again, Hitler stepped in and said NEIN, why?

Was he that much of an egomanaic or did he have another purpose?

Lone Wolf said...

Good points Greg.

Greg Bacon said...

Did you see this article by Makow?

I was going to blog on it, but it's a little too depraved for me--the article, not Makow.

What's With Jewish Comics & Girl's Genitals?

Larry David has a rash. He tells the doctor he has been "seeing" a nine-year-old girl who has a "rash on her [genitals]."

"You know, we hugged..."

The doctor excuses himself and tells his receptionist to call the police.

The episode ends. I don't know what happens in the next episode.

And no, I didn't watch the video, the article was bad enough.

Lone Wolf said...

Yeah Greg, I saw that too. Like you, I didn't watch the video...just scanned the article.

hexzane said...

Here is some other discrepancies about Hitler the jew working for jewish leaders in order to create Israel :


Hitler is sleeping during de D-day. And his underlings don't dare to make him wake up to bring him this news.

An absolutely capital event for the future of Germany and the world is happening. The speed of reaction is also absolutely crucial. And his generals don't dare to interrupt his sleep. Bullshit. They would have inevitably waked him up, because there were obviously aware that otherwise, Hitler would have been on the verge of making them appear in a martial court.

In fact, jewish leaders have invented this canard to justify the success of D-day. Without this lack of reaction, the D-day had probably no chance of success. Or, at least, it introduced a great part of hazard. Et jewish leaders don't like hazard.


Someone has written this:

"When the planned invasion of Britain had been initiated, the military advisers said that the massive attack can only be carried out once the RAF is destroyed by the Luftwaffe and only then their military barges can be protected by the German Navy. Hitler's Luftwaffe almost destroyed the RAF for many exhausting battles, but suddenly decided to direct his Luftwaffe bombers to attack major cities instead of finishing RAF completely. A serious mistake that could possibly win the battle of Britain. So there was no massive attack that happen and the Luftwaffe suffers many losses from hitting cities protected by anti-aircrafts."

So, Hitler was about to destroy the RAF completely. And he didn't do it. And this isn't the attack on the USSR which has saved it, this is the fact has changed his strategy. Suddenly, without any reason, he has begun to attack towns instead of keeping concentrated on the destruction of the RAF. And, in addition, the attack of towns has lead to tons of losses because of the English anti-aircraft. Without this change in his strategy, Hitler could have entirely obliterated the RAF. And with the complete control of the air, it would have been very easy to invade England. But it wasn't in the plan of jewish leaders.

hexzane said...


"When Hitler invade Ukrain the people were very joyful and favored the German occupation than the Russians. They thought for the Germans as the Liberators and would help them bring back their lands. But Hitler hated the slavs, ordered his troops to sieze the crops and send it all to Germany, and controlled the slavs lands and let them die from hunger and prison camps. So the Ukranians joined the russian armies to fight against the Germans, with their population Germans were outnumbered. If only Hitler used their hatred to Russia and used them to fight for him against the Russians, his army could have not faced defeat in the east."

Very relevant. People under the soviet regime were certainly very joyful to join the German forces. But this would have been a reinforcement of German troops which could have lead to the victory against the soviet. And jewish leaders didn't want that. That wanted Hitler to win only during enough time to deport enough everyday jews, and to lose after that.

Lone Wolf said...

Good points hexzane. Thanks for adding.

Wodens will.... said...

The Strasserites are still working hard then.
Hermann Rauschning,Douglas Reed,Otto Strasser,Antony c.Sutton,Ernest Rohm etc...etc...all told similar stories about Hitler.They were all paid huge amounts of money by jews.Otto Wolff(Jew)was a the main money behind Strasser.

Hitler was probably(i live in hope) the last chance the white people had to take control of themselves and their countries.

"It is not true that I wished for war in 1939, neither I nor anyone else in Germany! War was provoked exclusively by those international statesmen who were of Jewish race or who worked in the interests of international Jewry...
"I nourish the conviction that the hour will come when millions of men who now curse us will take a stand behind us to welcome the New Europe, our common creation born of a painful and laborious struggle and an arduos triumph- a Europe which is the symbol of greatness, honour, strength, honesty and justice."
"At the time of supreme peril I must die a martyr's death for the people. But after my death will come something really great, an overwhelming revelation to the world of my mission."
"My spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will see I was right."