Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Epic Beard Man" Beat Down - 67 yo bearded White Man Whips Ass of Black Thug on Oakland, CA Transit System

Going viral all over...too good to not pass along.

Some typical Afro-American shit-talking pussy thug-wanna-be picks a fight with an old man, now being called "Epic Beard Man", on the Oakland, CA transit system, and gets his ass beat -- leaving him spitting up blood and asking them to "bring da amba-lamps". Some "sista" filmed the whole incident, and female groids egged on the thug saying "say it again pinky...beat his white ass".


and if you literally want to lyao...

This incident is a microsm of life in America. Hood-rat, 70 IQ negroes with unwarranted puffed-up bravado from years of JewMedia propaganda telling them they are "gangsta" and "whitey" is "weak", exhibiting their outright hatred for "whitey" for all the past "injustices."

The female negroids are calling for their "brotha" to "kick whitey's ass"...but then when whitey actually kicks the ass of their "strong brotha", suddenly they want to press charges. And the negro was the one who instigated the confrontation. No hypocrisy there. Then they steal the white man's bag to boot.

I think Epic Beard Man has been arrested for the incident....for what amounts to self defense. Haven't heard if the Negro buck is in jail. If the incident wasn't filmed/documented, they'd probably get away with convicting the old man of a "racist hate crime."

These completely delusional and blatantly hypocritical negroids would probably tell you straight-faced that "they's ain't racists", but "the Old Bearded 'Cracka' probably is racist", and "we's didn't steal his bag." Even when they were stupid enough to upoad the video to the internet with the evidence contained therein for all to see.

It'll be a cold day in hell before Tyrone is charged with a "hate crime" for attacking this man, or the female groids are castigated as "racists" by the JewMedia for yelling out "kick whitey's ass!", or the she-gorilla is charged for stealing the man's bag.

But it looks like "whitey" is going to have the last laugh.


Anonymous said...

The Negro thought he had found an easy target when he decided to verbally abuse an old man, but as the mouthy wannabe tough-guy was to soon discover, the old bloke was fit and more than able to defend himself.

The 'Mortal Kombat' video parody is a scream.

Lone Wolf said...

This story went viral so fast, it's unreal. The power of 4chan I guess.

Epic Beard Man already has a Facebook page and 2,400+ fans. link

Also already has a lengthy page on link

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Good on your fella. Mr Cowardly Jiggerboo picked on the wrong WHITEY that day. Then we have the rest of the cowardly scumbags shrieking like baboons at the poetic justice handed out. It sounded like Tom and Jerry - THOMAS :)

Made my day that.

Lone Wolf said...

"Made my day that."

I haven't stopped laughing over this the last few days, Crush.

May have made my month.

Lone Wolf said...

CBS story on incident here.

Note the expected biased reporting, as article takes word of the she-boon who stole the man's bag, and implies that the old bearded white man is a "racist".

Then especially note the reader comments, that overwhelmingly point out the biased reporting and take the side of the old white man.

Whites are waking up and are fed up -- to the issues of JewMedia bias, the lies of "white guilt", diversity and multiculturalism, non-white thuggery and crime, etc.

Anonymous said...

YouTube interview with Thomas Bruso.

Lone Wolf said...

^thanks bro

Epic Beard Man may be a little nuts, but that's beside the point.

The real story here is the MASSIVE response to this incident by the worldwide white internet community.

Rachel said...

Reminded me of this b/w bus beating incident:

I used to be a very leftist liberal, but I think this is changing now.