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NY Times reports in 1906 that Russia's "6,000,00 jews" facing a final "solution" of "systematic and murderous extermination"

Add this to the other fabricated "holocausts of 6,000,000 jews", including:

-the "holocaust" of "6 million" jews that "occurred" in Romania, Poland and Ukraine in 1919 at end of WWI

-the "6 million jews who faced extermination by massacre" in Russia in 1921

-and, of course, THE Holocaust™ of exactly 6,000,000 jews during WWII in Germany and Poland.

And why was Russia "persecuting" the jews in 1906 you might wonder? Well, the article cites the "paranoid", "antisemitic" belief by the Russian authorities of a jewish plot/conspiracy to overthrow the government of the Russian Czar and establish a "jewish empire". Hmmmmm. Well look what happened in 1917. Turns out this belief wasn't so "crazy" after all.

Furthermore, the article notes that the reporter to the Central Jewish Relief League of Germany made "an appeal to the Jewish money powers of the world to arrest Russia's career as a borrower." The "Jewish money powers of the world" have sufficient power to wage war on a nation by preventing it from being able to borrow money? And yet we're told it's just another "anti-semitic canard" that the jews dominate and control the world financial/banking industy. Interesting.


- From the March 25, 1906 edition of The New York Times...archived here. Full article in PDF here.

Relevant portion of article:

Dr. Paul Nathan's View of Russian Massacre

STARTLING reports of the condition and future of Russia's 6,000,000 Jews were made on March 12 in Berlin to the annual meeting of the Central Jewish Relief League of Germany by Dr. Paul Nathan, a well-known Berlin publicist, who has returned from an extensive trip through Russia as the special emissary of Jewish philanthropists in England, America, and Germany, to arrange for distribution of the relief fund of $1,500,000 raised after the massacres last Autumn.

Dr. Nathan paints a horrifying picture of the plight and prospects of his coreligionists, and forecasts at any hour renewed massacres exceeding in extent and terror all that have gone before. He left St. Petersburg with the firm conviction that the Russian Government's studied policy for the "solution" of the Jewish question is systematic and murderous extermination.

Dr. Nathan read to the meeting a circular addressed to the garrison of Odessa, calling upon the soldiers to "rise and crush the traitors who are plotting to upset the holy Government of the Czar and substitute for it a Jewish empire."

He concluded with an appeal to the Jewish money powers of the world to arrest Russia's career as a borrower. The financiers of the world should call a halt to Russia, not only for humanitarian reasons, but for practical reasons. Russia's bankruptcy is an established fact, he added."

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Northerntruthseeker said...

Oh my god!!! 6 Million innocent Jews faced a final solution in 1906!!! And 1919!!! And 1921!!!!

This proves again that their obsession with this phony 6 mIllion number knew no bounds in history, and thanks to their control over the media before and during WWII, they were able to finally get the general public to believe their hogwash and lies....

Thanks again, Wolf, for exposing their insidious lies and criminal deception. True history needs to be seen by everyone.

Greg Bacon said...

-the "holocaust" of "6 million" jews that "occurred" in Romania, Poland and Ukraine in 1919 at end of WWI

-the "6 million jews who faced extermination by massacre" in Russia in 1921

All courtesy of Stalin's Jewish Bolsehvik advisors and psychopaths.

Including the greatest mass murderer of the 20th Century, Stalin's Jew buddy, Gengrikh Yagoda.

Stalin's Jews

An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name "Genrikh Yagoda," the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU's deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin's collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.,7340,L-3342999,00.html

Wonder if the 'Hitler' Channel, oops, excuse me, the History Channel will ever do a story on this psycho?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Here mate this is a an old Aussie site but well worth a look at

Great job by the way.

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Yes, the magic Kabbalah number six first reared its ugly head - in 1906 - at exactly the same time as Zionism was taking off, particuarly in Central and Eastern Europe.

Encyclopaedia Judaica
Zionism 2: The Helsingfors program of 1906
The change from "diplomatic" Herzl Zionism to a Herzl Zionist movement - Arabs are not asked
from: Helsingfors program; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 8
presented by Michael Palomino (2007)

Taken from Wikipedia:-
'Poale Zion parties and organisations were started across the Jewish diaspora in the early 1900s. A branch of Poale Zion came into existence in New York City in 1903. Branches were formed in London and Leeds in 1903/04 and 1905 respectively. In November 1905 the Poale Zion (Workers of Zion) Party was founded in Palestine and a month later the Socialist Jewish Labour Party (Poale Zion) was formed in the United States and Canada. In March 1906 the Jewish Social Democratic Labour Party (Poale Zion) was created in Russia. In 1906 a formal Poale Zion party was formed in Poltava, Ukraine, under the leadership of Ber Borochov, and other groups were soon formed elsewhere in Europe, including in Poland, Austria and the UK.

The key features of the ideology of early Poale Zion were acceptance of the Marxist view of history with the addition of the role of nationalism, which Borochov believed could not be ignored as a factor in historical development. A Jewish proletariat would come into being in the land of Israel, according to Poale Zion, and would then take part in the class struggle. These views were set out in Borochov's Our Platform, published in 1906.'

Zionism, Its Aim And Objects: Address Delivered By Nathaniel Levi At The East Melbourne Hebrew School Room (1906)
Nathaniel Levi

The first meeting between Balfour and Weizmann took place in 1906, three years after the Zionist leadership had turned down the offer of a Jewish homeland in Uganda. Their conversation lasted more than an hour and contained within it the germ of the Balfour Declaration.

In 1906 the UAHC (In 1906 the UAHC worked with B'nai B'rith to establish Jewish organizations at colleges and universities) worked with B'nai B'rith to establish Jewish organizations at colleges and universities.

At the 1906 General Election he had become MP for North-West Manchester, where a third of the electorate was Jewish (and where he first met Chaim Weizmann, who had settled in Manchester in 1904.) Long before the Balfour Declaration in November 1917, Churchill spoke up in favour of Zionism, and he was of course an enthusiastic supporter of that document. When he was made Colonial Secretary in 1921, he became responsible for Mandate Palestine.

Lone Wolf said...

Thanks for the site Whitelaw.

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Some good info. on there.

As we all know The Holocaust is the biggest historical, financial and emotional scam ever committed.

Anonymous said...

Stalin's Jews?

Also, another important character in the WWII history, Josip Broz Tito. Real name:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a link about Tito. I've been trying to find the truth about Tito for some time and now I found it. I live in Croatia and here were cyrculating stories that true Josip Broz was switched in Odessa by a Russian jew,but your link gave me the real answer. Thank you!

Btw I think the creators of communism (Jews) said all about it when they had put a pentagram (allegedly 'red star') as its symbol.