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Edie Eger's Holohoax tale - danced for Mengele, never knew if water or gas would come out of showers, weighed 40 lbs at 17 yrs-old when liberated

Edith is a superstar on the Holyco$t circuit, and a consummate storyteller.

She says she danced for Dr. Mengele, and saw the black smoke from the gas chamber (not the crematorium), which likely contained the ashes of her mother.

Whenever Edie and her sister Magda showered at Auschwitz, "they never knew if they would receive water or gas."

Eventually an emaciated and thought-dead Edie was thrown in a mass grave in the woods behind a camp, but an American GI spotted her hand move and she was pulled from the pile of corpses. A miracle!

She weighed 40 lbs at 17 yrs-old when liberated.

Edie now travels all over telling her story.

Edie's Heroic Story

Edie's story began in Kassa, Hungry where she grew up with her parents and older sisters, Magda and Klara. In May of 1944 at the age of 16 her life changed forever. Edie was sent by the Germans to Auschwitz concentration camp along with her parents and sister Magda. (Her sister Klara was smuggled out of the country by her music teacher and was the only one in her family to escape the concentration camp.)

When Edie and her family arrived in Auschwitz, her father was immediately separated from the rest of them and sent to the men's camp. They never saw him again. While Edie, her mother, and sister Magda stood in line to await their fate, Dr. Josef Mengele, known as the "Angel of Death" approached them. He directed her mother to the left and Edie and her sister to the right. Edie tried to go to the left with her mother, but Dr. Mengele told her she had to go to the right and that she would see her mother later after her mother's shower. Edie waited for her mother, but later learned from another inmate that her mother had been sent to the gas chamber.

Later that same day the guards found out from other inmates that Edie had been a ballerina in Hungry. They told Dr. Mengele, who liked to be entertained by the inmates. He sent for Edie to dance for him. As Edie was onstage dancing for Dr. Mengele, she saw the black smoke from the gas chamber, which likely contained the ashes of her mother, drift upward toward heaven. Edie remembered her mother's words while on the train to Auschwitz, "No one can take from you what you put in your mind."

Edie said as she continued to dance, "Dr. Mengele discussed with the guards who should die next. I prayed. Not for myself, but for Dr. Mengele, so he would not have to kill me. It was then that I began to pity the Nazis; they were more imprisoned than I. Somehow I would survive, but they would always have to live with what they had done."

Edie and her sister Magda were close to death many times. Whenever they showered, they never knew if they would receive water or gas. They had to carry ammunitions for the Nazis on the infamous "death march." They were used as human shields on top of a train full of ammunitions. The Nazis thought that the allies would not drop bombs on a train carrying prisoners, but they were wrong. The bombs killed others around them, but Edie and her sister survived.

From June 1944 to May 1945 Edie and Magda were moved from camp to camp, eventually ending up in Gunskirchen Larger camp. They were becoming exhausted and emaciated with hunger. Edie became so weak that she went in and out of consciousness. Even her sister's vigilance as a caretaker couldn't revive Edie. She was unconscious when guards thought she was dead and they tossed her in a mass grave in the woods behind the camp.

Then in May of 1945 Edie's miracle came. Almost a year to the day from when she arrived in Auschwitz, she was pulled from the pile of corpses in the woods by an American GI who was there with the 71st Infantry to liberate the Gunskirchen Larger camp. He saw her hand move. She weighed 40 pounds and had a broken back, but she was alive!

After her recovery, Edie married a Czech freedom-fighter and eventually moved to the United States where she raised three children. She believes she was saved for a reason. It is her life's work is to spread the message that it is possible to love and forgive, even in the midst of life's greatest adversities. Edie says, "Contrary to popular belief, there are no victims in this world - only willing participants. Each of us have the opportunity to transform our lives. You may not control your circumstances, but you can control how you respond to them. Everyone has the power to change at any time."

Edie is an amazing person beyond her story! Being in the presence of someone with this level of love and compassion is life changing.


Northerntruthseeker said...

What utter nonsense again, Wolf!

These clowns seem to now think they can write anything they want which is total garbage, and make money from the stupified goyim for their garbage!

Again, because the Holocaust is "unresearchable" in my country due to their imposition of draconian "hate" laws, these clowns can make a fortune from their lying here!

Thank goodness the people in the US can still research this material and expose it for the lies it is, for now!

Lone Wolf said...

If I were in Canada Northern, I would just repeat these tales verbatim, and simply add for commentary "believe this or be an evil anti-semite and face prosecution."

The jews expose themselves as liars with their own words.

Anonymous said...

Lone Wolf, you do a great job in finding these incredible holyhoax stories. There seems to be no end to these contrived tales. I wonder if these 'survivors' act unilaterally and write their own scripts, or if there is a team of professional holyhoax scriptwriters who do it for them. Whichever the case may be, the authors of these stories are highly imaginative people.

In this particular story, we find extraordinary dual-purpose showers via which gas and water freely flow. We find American servicemen with extraordinary vision who can spot the twitch of a hand among a pile of corpses. We find magic ashes that float into the ether en route to heaven, and we find the obligatory emaciated, badly-injured Jew who miraculously cheats death before being restored to full health, and who then goes on to make a living from telling gullible and impressionable people her incredible tall-tales.

There's no business like Shoa business.

The Holocaust Industry: All about money? Part One

The Holocaust Industry: All about money? Part Two

The Holocaust Industry: All about money? Part Three

Lone Wolf said...

"I wonder if these 'survivors' act unilaterally and write their own scripts, or if there is a team of professional holyhoax scriptwriters who do it for them."

I thought about that too. I'm sure many of them are written by pros (eg, Diary of Anne Frank, written by a novelist hired by Anne's father Otto).

Then there are other jews who either can't afford or don't think they don't need the help of pros, and concoct their own fairytales without any help...and hence the most over-the-top outrageous tales.

Greg Bacon said...

I can see a new diet fad, the Holocaust™ Weight Loss System!

Doesn't matter how much weight you lose, since you can lie to your friends about how much you do weigh.

Germany Accepts $5.1 Billion Accord to End Claims of Nazi Slave Workers

December 18, 1999

BERLIN, Dec. 17— The German government and business leaders formalized an accord today to pay $5.1 billion to forced laborers under the Nazi regime. The pact effectively ends all such claims arising from the Hitler era.

The core of the agreement, which was negotiated between the Germans and a group of American class-action lawyers, Jewish groups and the United States government, is a $5.1 billion fund, financed equally by German industry and the government, to compensate slave laborers used by the Germans in World War II.

Beyond that, the pact includes what amounts to a legal guarantee by the United States that German companies will be protected from suits that involve the Nazi era. That includes claims over ''Aryanization'' programs, under which German Jews were forced to sell their properties and their businesses at fire-sale prices, often to the profit of German banks. It also includes unpaid insurance claims owed by German insurers, and it includes virtually all miscellaneous abuses, such as those stemming from medical experiments in concentration camps.

Although it is still possible for people from other countries to file claims, most such recent claims have started in the United States. And because the agreement will be put into effect through similar bilateral pacts in eastern Europe, it is highly likely to be the last phase of German reparations.

"Agreement? What agreement? You must be one of those vile anti-Semites!"

And from an article today:

Essen, Germany - Court Pledges $700 Million for Jewish Ghetto Workers

If you worked one day, do you get a pension?

And how do you prove you did any work? Thru the testimony of other con artists?

Anonymous said...


Click on that bitches picture and get the bigger version.


She looks like a reptilian.


Lone Wolf said...

You're right James. She is one strange looking 'humanoid'.

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

The good old Gas Chambers. You know the ones. Yeah that's right, the same ones that had there fixtures and fittings removed, for propaganda purposes, so that they went from bathrooms with shower facilities to the barbaric Nazi Gas Chambers.

'As Edie was onstage dancing for Dr. Mengele, she saw the black smoke from the gas chamber, which likely contained the ashes of her mother, drift upward toward heaven.'

Oh please my sides cannot take anymore.

Edie, congratultations on becoming a Professor of Eternal Victimology at the University of Talmudic Deceit, Jew York

Northerntruthseeker said...

If she is reptilian, then David Icke has been right all along....

These snakes in the grass always have that same almost soulless look about them! If you look at all the master criminals eyes, they all have that black empty look.... Almost inhuman!

Serpents in disguise, or just plain evil? Take your pick!

Anonymous said...

I feel sick. I have always visited this blog and followed it. But I must say lately it just makes me so sick reading the endless lies and BS from these dirty bloody Jews.

Keep up the good work shine that light on those evil bastards. Please every now and then give us a story of hope. Just for us folks who are already awake.828

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

"While the corpses burned, the stokers stripped the waiting bodies. At the most fifty-four bodies could be cremated in one hour. The continuous overloading and operation of the ovens caused the inner fire bricks to crumble. The staff built a new modern chimney in the summer of 1942. But it soon evidenced crumbling; and the extermination process, never very effective, began to disintegrate. Himmler soon became dissatisfied. The process moved too slowly; the stench contaminated the surrounding countryside at night; and the red sky over Auschwitz could be seen for miles.

Connilyn Feig provides an overview of the operation of the crematoria , and describes the process by which the stoking gangs sorted bodies into combustibility categories as the result of earlier experiments by the SS staff to reduce fuel consumption. In this effort, they had the assistance of the firm of Topf and Sons, who had built the crematoria.

In essence, well-nourished corpses were burned with emaciated ones in order to determine the most efficient combination. Three to four bodies were burned at a time, and different kinds of coke were used, then the results were recorded:

Afterwards, all corpses were divided into the above-mentioned categories, the criterion being the amount of coke required to reduce them to ashes. Thus it was decreed that the most economical and fuel-saving procedure would be to burn the bodies of a well-nourished man and an emaciated woman, or vice versa, together with that of a child, because, as the experiments had established, in this combination, once they had caught fire, the dead would continue to burn without any further coke being required.

The need for large-scale efficiency, to cope with the astounding number of corpses produced by the gas chambers, eventually led to the design and construction of new crematoria, and daily capacity rose from as low as six hundred forty eight per day to a high of over ten thousand but, as Feig tells us, the SS eventually had to employ large pyres and pits to dispose of the mounting pile of corpses:

As early as June 13, 1943, all was not well with the new installation. ... Eventually the ovens seemed to fall apart. Crematorium Four failed completely after a short time and Crematoria Five had to be shut down repeatedly. (Between 1945 and 1962 Polish officials found five manuscripts written by Sonderkommando members before their deaths. The published manuscripts and documents relate to the specific process of extermination at Birkenau, and provide detailed descriptions of the crematoria and gas chambers.)

The scientifically planned crematoria should have been able to handle the total project, but they could not. The whole complex had forty-six retorts, each with the capacity for three to five persons. The burning in a retort lasted about half an hour. It took an hour a day to clean them out. Thus it was theoretically possible to cremate about 12,000 corpses in twenty four hours or 4,380,000 a year. But the well-constructed crematoria fell far behind at a number of camps, and especially at Auschwitz in 1944. In August the total cremation reached a peak one day of 24,000, but still a bottleneck occurred. Camp authorities needed an economic and fast method of corpse disposal, so they again dug six huge pits beside Crematorium Five and reopened old pits in the wood. Thus, late in 1944, pit burning became the chief method of corpse disposal. The pits had indentations at one end from which human fat drained off. To keep the pits burning, the stokers poured oil, alcohol, and large quantities of boiling human fat over the bodies."

From the testimony of Filip Muller, an Auschwitz survivor, Connilyn Feig reports the following account in "Hitler's Death Camps"

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

"Bialowitz was the second Sobibor survivor to testify this week. Though neither he nor the other witness remember Demjanjuk from the camp, their testimony aims to give the court a general idea about how the camp operated.

Bialowitz, who was in Sobibor for six months before escaping amid a prisoner revolt in October 1943, told the court that one train arrived with most aboard dead or deranged with hunger.

He testified that German officers and Ukrainian guards shot some of those prisoners who were barely alive after they came off the train, while he and other Jewish prisoners had to unload partially decomposed corpses.

"I tried to pull a dead woman from the train but her skin came away in my hands," Bialowitz testified. He then saw another dead woman on the train, clutching a dead child, and testified that he collapsed to the ground, unable to take any more.

Immediately an SS man started whipping him and told him to get back up and work, then saw the dead woman and child himself.
"He said 'what beautiful scenery,' and snapped a photo before walking away," Bialowitz testified.


Lone Wolf said...

Thanks for the "testimony" of Muller, Crush.

Lone Wolf said...

"He said 'what beautiful scenery,' and snapped a photo before walking away," Bialowitz testified.

bah hahahaha!!

Great find Crush.

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Wolf, people are being jailed for denying this nonesense.

When you read Revilo P Oliver's The Jewish Strategy you begin to understand how diabolicaly clever, ingenious and innovative these Moloch and Mammon worshipping pondlife are. Only they could come up with an industry that makes countless billions each year from pensions, reparations, books, films, T.V. and documentaries etc. from a historical event that never happened!!!!!

Oy Vey, there's no business like Shoah business. Those Goyim schmucks will fall for anything that comes from out Talmudic mouths and pay top dollar at the same.

Anonymous said...

"Showers that clense you of your life." What could those who planned WWII done to deserve this punishment from the Gods? Blitzkreig?

Anonymous said...

How is it you guys can say that this tale is not true when you have not even researched any of it? If you are scrutinizing these tales either way (trying to prove them true OR false), you cannot just sit there and call it all lies when you have not lifted a finger to research any of them.

I guess this is like talking to a wall, though...there is a plethora of documentation stating that the Holocaust took place and you refuse to accept any of it so why would you accept documentation proving that a Holocaust tale is true, right?

If you want to say it's a lie, fine, but back it up with specific documentation that blatantly disproves any of these peoples' tales. I am believing that there is no way this comment will make it through (and I do not want to come back to this site, which is merely moronic finger-pointing and denying something which has been proven and admitted to by the perpetrators themselves), so please...just internalize this message, yourself. If you are going to be a total dumbass bigot, that's fine...just back up your commentary.