Friday, December 4, 2009

Yanina Cywinska's Holy Hoax tale-"Nazis paraded around briefcases and lamps made of human skin while washing their bodies with soap from Jewish bone"

Yanina Cywinska

Yanina has much more to her Holy Hoax fable than covered in the previously posted article on her story. Her fairytale is certainly one of the all time greats.

With a story similar to that of legendary Holohoaxer Rivka Yosselevska, Yanina says she was covered by dead bodies from mass executions in a pit, and somehow crawled out alive.

She claims that she saw jewish mothers and fathers kill their own children to prevent them from dying at the hands of Germans. So, in other words, the jews were holocausting themselves.

Yanina says she "witnessed" the Nazis "parade around briefcases and lamps made of human skin while washing their bodies with soap composed of Jewish bone".

She also claims she was a worker in a ward where the Nazis were conducting a macabre experiment in which they "pulled nails and eyes out of Jewish people."

Poor Yanina wondered, "If God is so almighty power, why didn't he stop the atrocities?"

Yanina Cywinska was 16 when she was liberated

Article: "Holocaust survivor finds irony in her survival"

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Oh, and Yanina also has a book out you can buy, "Sugar Plum Nut: Triumph of the Spirit".

Do you believe Yanina's story?
Yes. It's endorsed by the corporate media and a book publishing company.
No. But I got a good laugh out of the part about the jewish bone soap. free polls


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Cywinska has testified that she witnessed the parents of Jewish children murder their offspring in cold-blood so to prevent the Nazis from murdering the children in cold-blood. If she has told the truth, it would have been impossible for the Nazis to have holocausted six million Jews since that figure must include an undefined number of Jewish children who would have been murdered by Jews themselves rather than Nazis.

These 'Holocaust survivor' stories become more and more bizarre. One must wonder how many young minds have been poisoned by the lies of frauds such as Yanina Cywinska and her ilk.

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Lone Wolf, check out the two comments from Amazon regarding this fictious concotion of lies and deceit:-

'This is a great book!! It is amazing how a person could suffer so much, and still be able to live on,by detaching themselves with the mind. I have always said the mind is all powerful and this book proves it.'

'This is a book everyone should read! It should be mandatory reading in any history class! I new Yanina personally I was one of her students in the late 80's. She changed my life. and to read her story is truly amazing. If she could live through all of what happened to her proves that we can survive anything. I was a young teen when I danced for her, she would tell us some things about her life but, I had no idea about alot of it. but, everyday at class I would see her tattoo of numbers on her arm , always a reminder of what she had been through. This is the most vivid ,graphic book I have ever read on WWII. They should deffinitally make this into a movie! - emphasis mine. Please read this book it will change your life!'

It has changed my life alright. It's made me convinced beyond all doubt that the HoloHoax is nothing more than the most pernicious and maelevolent historical event ever inflicted on mankind.

Sugar Plum Nut? No you are just a Nut love.

'Watching Nazis parade around briefcases and lamps made of human skin while washing their bodies with soap composed of Jewish bone.'

Why would Nazis - who supposedly despised Jews and wanted them all exterminated - want to put soap made out of them on their own flesh?