Monday, December 28, 2009

Susan Cernyak-Spatz's Holo tale- Ate "sawdust salami", jews went to gas chambers "willingly", "whole German nation clothed by clothing from dead jews"

Susan is an Austrian jew who became a university Professor and self-styled expert on the Holyhoax.

As the story goes, Susan was taken to Auschwitz at 18 years old, where she ate "sawdust salami", and had to eat and poop out the same bowl. Sometimes, she ate grass and frogs.

She claims the Nazis had killed 2 million Polish jews by 1941, and that holocausting jews by bullets was too costly because they needed the bullets for the war, so the Germans built the "death camps."

Cernyak-Spatz says the Germans were so determined to kill every last jew that "trains carrying Jews to the death camps were given priority even over troop trains carrying soldiers to battle." Is that a contradiction from her claim about not holocausting by bullets due to the priority of the war effort?...moving on.

The Germans told the Jews to wear lots of clothes for work, and then they gassed them, and stole the Jews' clothes. According to Susan, "for the years during the war, the whole German nation was clothed from the clothing of dead Jews."

Death in the Birkenau gas chambers took only 8 minutes, says Susan, and the Nazis used jew hair to "stuff mattresses, for insulation, and wove it into cloth." Between 1,500 and 2,000 Jews died in the chambers at Birkenau every day. Some jews even volunteered and went to the gas chambers willingly!

Then Susan almost died from typhus. Susan also survived scabies, scarlet fever, and hepatitis. It's a miracle she survived. Because the Nazis gassed everyone who got sick.

When they abandoned the camp with the Soviets advancing, for some reason Susan can not explain, the camp commandant opened up the warehouse, and told the Jews to take the warmest clothes they could find. Even though the Germans were trying to kill all the Jews.

Then they Death Marched Susan to Berlin. But Susan didn't die, so they Death Marched her again. Then the Nazi's turned the Jews over to the Allies.

Susan tells us the sacred 6 million will "die again if they are forgotten."

Article: "Woman captivates students with tales of life in Nazi death camp"

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Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

I'm always amazed at the precise numerical figures these lying odious fleabags come out with.

"Sawdust Salami"? It sounds like a Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention song. This specimen truly is a Mother of Invention!!!

A woman who ate sawdust salami, grass, weeds and live frogs overcame typhus, scabies, hepatitis, scarlet fever and other illnesses!!!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Is this lying Satan believer kidding? What utter lies and nonsense. It is definitely a case here where their adherence to Lucifer's idealism that its ok to lie through their teeth is evident. This fleabag is definitely a child of Lucifer and has absolutely no trouble in lying her ass off.

This douchebag belongs with the other lying satanists... In Jail!

Wheeler MacPherson said...

"A woman who ate sawdust salami, grass, weeds and live frogs overcame typhus, scabies, hepatitis, scarlet fever and other illnesses!"

Careful,'ll give her the idea to produce and air her own infomercial. "Suzy C-Spatz's Total Holocaust Health Pogrom Program!"

Anonymous said...


Cleveland here said...

OOOOOO duh suffer ink duh suffer ink....Dose Arabs in Palestine..ooops I meant duh krakow ghetto rats had..
muh money

Anonymous said...

I've been looking all over for this!


Anonymous said...

You are disgusting!!! I became physically ill as I read your revolting remarks. I am a Christian - remember GOD'S LOVE??? What Bible do you read??? And how did Susan survive? The Almighty preserved her and sustained her, that's how. He is in covenant with the Jewish people and, if you KNEW your bible, you would realize that you, too, as a child of God, are in covenant with Him also- not because of who you are but because of the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Please, examine your heart! It is so full of hatred, bitterness and evil. Allow the Spirit of the Lord to restore you and deliver you from this life-quenching poison that has consumed you. Read the Word of God from the beginning to the end - don't just pull out a scripture here and there to suit your fancy. I am afraid you have been horribly deceived.

Cleveland here said...

Please do tell us exactly where in the Bible it says they have a covenant with the Almighty.

Please tell us Book,Chapter, and Verse that they are God's chosen.

Until you do or can shut the fuck up you dumbass,,,Stupid sheeple annoy me

Anonymous said...

Are you people insane - do you ever read a book or know anything about history? Are you completely making up what ever you want to believe? I feel very sorry for your lack of intellect. You are whitewashing history.

I have met Susan - she's real, lovely, and a survivor of some most horrible moments in human history.

I hope you never have to experience the result of such hatred.