Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the Jewish Funding, Control, and Leadership of the Third Reich

Source: Willie Martin Archive

When Adolph Hitler began attracting attention beyond Germany with his anti-Jewishness, the Jew Cahilla in America selected James P. Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb, & Co. to finance him so as to build up a Nationalist Germany, then push Anglo-Saxondom into attacking Germany and thus, break the back of Christianity in Central Europe so as to pave the way for Jewry to seize all of Europe in the name of Russia in the final prelude to the destruction of the White Race and the establishing of Satan’s World Empire.

Major Robert H. Williams reported in his “Williams Intelligence Summary” for February, 1950, about James P. Warburg’s part in the plot against Christendom. He said:

“Last November, the widow of the late General Ludendroff, on trial at Nuremberg, explained why her husband broke with Hitler, confirmed the reports in convincing detail.

She stated that, ‘ early as the summer of 1929, James P, Warburg had undertaken an assignment from financial circles in America, which desired to exercise solitary influence on Germany in the unleashing of a national revolution. Warburg’s task was to find the suitable man in Germany, and he entered into contract with Adolph Hitler who subsequently received sums of money amounting to 27 million dollars up to January 30, 1932, and still another seven million dollars thereafter, enabling him to finance his movement.’”

After the 1919 German Revolution, Jewry took over the country lock, stock, and barrel. Jewry retained power until Hitler came on the scene. Then why was international Jewry so anxious to foment a NATIONALIST revolution in Germany? Because they desired to destroy the Royal Judah tribe of Israel (the Nordic Germans) because Jewry could not absorb them in mongrelization; and to destroy Christianity in Central Europe.

After Adolph Hitler received the financial assistance he disenfranchised the Jews in Germany, then set up a banking system of his own. Nevertheless, Anglo-American Intelligence Services learned that Hitler, Jew Rudolph Hess, and Von Papen secretly called on Jew Baron Kurt von Schroeder in Cologne and obtained his guarantee to further finance Hitler’s schemes.

Schroeder agreed to the proposition after bribing Hitler to place Jews in strategical positions to direct the very heart beat of National Socialism. Hitler made Jew Hjalmar Schachet the Director of the Reich Bank. Rudolph Hess became Deputy Fuhrer. He is the son of an Egyptian Jewess. General von Haushofer was made Geopolitical Minister. He is a Jew. General Milh became head of the Luftwaffe. He is a Jew. Goebbels was with Hitler to the end. He was a Jew. All of which is in accordance with Jewry’s protocol No. 15 which says:

“But, if there should arise in its midst a plot, then at the head of that plot will be no other than one of most trusted servants.”

Baron Kurt von Schroeder was related to Baron von Schroeder of J.H. Schroeder & Co., Ltd., London, England, which, together with Messrs. N.M. Rothschild & Sons’ Rutgers, Ltd., and the Imperial Chemical Industries assisted James P. Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., finance Hitler in accordance with protocol No. 9, which says:

“Nowadays, if any State raises a protest against us, it is only ‘pro forma’ at our direction and at our discretion, for their anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren.”

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Northerntruthseeker said...

Wolf: I am like you... The more I study and research true history, the more I get sickened almost to the point of vomiting.

These soulless Satan worshipers have guided and misguided our pasts to what we see today, a world of sickness and servitude to them!

Can we repair the damage they have done? I sincerely hope so before it is too late!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

A good while back I made mention that it was my conviction that the jewish subversion of all that is white included a large percentage of our own movements. Where I failed to ever get around to it, your several posts of late with documentation has done an excellent job.

I intend on posting some link on my blog pointing back to them.
Truth is supposed to be what we are after, whether it always to our liking or not.

The sooner we face realities the better.

Anonymous said...


-Fr. John

Anonymous said...

Great post, Wolf.

You have explained very well at least one of the reasons why the jews financed Germany. Breaking the back of Christianity in Central Europe also paved the way for the same to be accomplished in North America. In addition, as has always been their plan, Whites were killing Whites with only a minimal loss of life to the jews {and those few were expendable in the view of the jew leaders}.

Even today, it is the Whites who are dying in the wars to benefit the jew leaders, while the "chosen race" provides token support while Whites continue to die for goals which are not in White or American interests, but are for the interests of jewish plans and profits.

Closing all of the media controlled by these monsters and allowing access to truth is the antidote to this Kabbalistic scheme. People will awaken and will overcome their blinding inertia once they have sufficient exposure to facts and truth.

I look forward to viewing your linked articles and seeing more on your site.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing what one can decipher with just the Bible and the Jewish Protocols.

There is no way that Germany could have instigated and conducted a war, let alone on multiple fronts from the position they were in after WWI, for example France, England, America, Russia all had control of huge Middle Eastern oil reserves, Germany had none, had no access to Middle Eastern oil, Germany was completely reliant if not on western fuels and oil than on the fuel and oil technology.

WWI & WWII were a mass sacrifice, a sacrificial victim needs a ceremonial outfit - a uniform, innocence as to the reason why he/she is to be sacrificed and location to be sacrificed at, its interesting because its not easy to have large sacrificial armies ecounter each other on a chosen battle field, the co-ordination of such a sacrifice is difficult, it often takes several if not dozens of attempts, groups of uniformed sacrificial victims, can wander round getting lost or just getting tired and giving up before they encounter their appointed executioner or mutural victim, and then it may not be the right geographical position, so the entire proceedure has to be repeated over. Such is the nature of modern warfare, if it becomes to difficult to kill ceremonial outfitted victims than victims without a ceremonial oufit can be killed instead.

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Hitler, on behalf of German Army Intelligence - headed by Paul Warburg - was asked to infiltrate the small German Workers Party. This is what the Talmudic Jews do all the time. They set-up and/or infiltrate pre-existing groups and twist it towards their aims and objectives. They set up and control supposed opposing groups all the time in order to pre-determine the outcome.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it." - Lenin

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .

I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . .

The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews.

The anti-Semites shall be our best friends”
Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897

It is from us that the all engulfing terror proceeds. We have in our service persons of all opinions, of all doctrines, monarchists, demagogues, socialists, communists and utopian dreamers of every kind...striving to overthrow all established forms of order. All states are in torture... but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Super government..."
Protocol 9

From the start Hitler and the Nazi party was set up and maintained by Jewish international finance. He was also surrounded by a Jewish cabal. A Jew from Central Europe is called a AshkeNAZI. A Nasi was head of The Sanhedrin and was called by the Romans 'Patriarch of the Jews.'

Just look at the Nazi-Zionist co-operation!!!

Zionism and the Third Reich -

Nazis were Zionists -

Very good section of articles and information here:-

Learn how the Jewish bankers used Jew Hitler for their agenda of world conquest -

Anonymous said...

Sorry if my memory's mixed up, but didn't you have a site that had nothing but the Holohoax stories?

Was it this Wolf's Press blogspot that has been shut down?

Dr. Capt. Stownwhal Jaxson said...
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Lone Wolf said...

Sorry if my memory's mixed up, but didn't you have a site that had nothing but the Holohoax stories?

Was it this Wolf's Press blogspot that has been shut down?

Brian, thewolfpress was not mine.

And, yes, I do have a site just for the Holohoax, archiving the tales and other information.

Exposing the Holocaust™ Hoax Archive

Anonymous said...

hey your blog design is very nice, clean and fresh and with updated content, make people feel peace and I always like browsing your site.

- Thomas

Anonymous said...

Nazi's in disguise as Jew's killing themselves. You know, it's fuckers like you that deserve to be crucified, and have their dicks cut off.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt that some 30+ million dollars even back then would have made much difference with Germany's economy. The key to Germany's incredible financial recovery was the banking system Hitler set up. It's clear that even the Jewish worldwide boycott could not hurt the German economy. Despite some common interests, Hitler exposed the banksters worst secret. Poverty need not exist.