Friday, December 4, 2009

Flashback - Alex Jones' infamous ballistic outburst against Mike Delaney of Prothink

For those that may not know, Mike Delaney of "Prothink" is well-known in the "Patriot" community for his anti-jewish/anti-zionist website and as the producer of the documentary "9/11: Missing Links", which lays out the evidence for the Jewish-Zionist-Israeli-Mossad orchestration of the 9/11 attacks.

About the time this exchange occurred (April 7, 2008 Alex Jones Radio Show), Mike was just rising to prominence, had already posted material on his website critical of Alex Jones' obfuscation of the jewish/zionist issue, and obviously Alex was very aware of who Mike was.

(audio clip between Delaney and Jones is at end)

starting at 1:50...

CALLER(DELANEY): "What I was going to say though is that, uh, I think two people in history have illustrated very well who these elite are, and two of them being Benjamin Freedman and Jack Bernstein."

JONES: "Benjamin Freedman and Jack Bernstein?..."

CALLER(DELANEY): "...which I have transcripts of them on my website at"

JONES: "'re're that stupid twit."

CALLER(DELANEY): "Yep, I'm that twit."

JONES: " look like such a weak little punk, man."

CALLER(DELANEY): "Thank you. I appreciate it Alex."

JONES: "Hey, take care weakling."

CALLER(DELANEY): "Thank you."

JONES: "Why don't you come up to New York next time I'm up there. I'll be up there this year."

CALLER(DELANEY): "I'll see ya."

JONES: "I'll be there. You here me? I'm gonna be there."

CALLER(DELANEY): "I'll be there the third time this year."

JONES: "Good. You come up and talk to me."

CALLER(DELANEY): "Alright, we'll have a little discussion."

JONES: "Good punk!"

CALLER(DELANEY): "Alright..."

JONES: "You little piece of crap!"

CALLER(DELANEY): "Hahahahaha!"

JONES: "Hey coward...I'm gonna be in New York. You here me punk?"

CALLER(DELANEY): "Hey...hey Alex...Alex, it's alright man. You can calm down, dude."

JONES: "No, fuck you!! Fuck you!! This is the real radio show punk! You can go ahead and come up here you little cowardly soft twit! I dare you to come up to me in New York, you little punk!! You little weak punk!! You're a coward, and you're not going to be there, you little punk!...let him go."

CALLER(DELANEY): "Betcha I will."

JONES: "Ok punk, I'll see you there."


Northerntruthseeker said...

For the longest time, I never trusted Mike Delaney for his constant siding with a fool named Eric Hufschmid. Only now has Mike gone independent of that guy!

Alex Jones is a bought and paid for shill for the Zionist criminals. He has been exposed already for the idiot he really is, and few of us are falling for him again.

This short radio piece is indeed priceless!

Lone Wolf said...

This short radio piece is indeed priceless

I was actually listening to Alex's show live the day this exchange occured. I started listening less and less over the following months, and now have pretty much stopped listening all together. I think I may have listened to 1 or 2 broadcasts in the last 6 months, and only for 30-45 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Mike Delaney absolutely ROCKS! I cant think of any other person who went from square 'one' to how advanced his knowledge is now in such a short period of time. Good post, this should never be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Here's another short radio piece that is also priceless.

Have a listen to Alex Jones interviewing Bergen County Police chief John Schmidig in May 2005 regarding the arrest of the five dancing Israelis on 9-11.

Softball or what?

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

The obese mentally disturbed cretin completely loses the plot bigtime and gets well and truly shown to be the transparent charlatan and stooge of the Tamudic Zionist Syangogue of Satan that he really is.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people who caught on early to to Alex Jonestein, but then my parents raised me to be "Jew-aware".

I have a simple rule; if someone can talk more than 30 minutes about the problems this nation faces without mentioning the jews, they are

A: Too stupid to give the time of day

B: A crypto jew

C: A traitor in bed with the jews.

Mike Delaney is an anointed brother so he automatically has my vote. Alex Jonestein has admitted that he is a mamzer. Screw Jonestein.


Anonymous said...

Reading these comments of "Jones" -with the f-word being repeatedly uttered, shows me that he is a low-class, no-talent punk, NOT Mr. Delaney.

Besides, the Irish whip any other ethnicity -LOL.

But seriously, this printed outburst of verbal dung reminded me of Michael [Weiner] Savage, one day, when the subject of 'hollow hoax' denial was brought up- classic Yid foaming at the mouth, just like here.

They clearly are psychopathic, just as John de Nugent has noted- they are also megalomaniacal, in wanting to 'keep under' the truth of such an important historical period in our nation's history.
Amazing. For them, it's all about 'control.' Why can't they control their own sinfulness, instead?

Oh yeah. "His blood be on US, and ON OUR CHILDREN."


- Fr. John

Anonymous said...

Im from Malaysia,
Mike Delaney is the real truth seeker. I bet you, he's gonna slam every hyprocrite jew who dare to meet him. For you, Mike, take safety precautions(security). U r so important and priceless American to be lost in this world(u r vulnerable to get murdered by jews). Sometimes, im worried about your security.

benyaminproth said...

I believe that alex jones who is the jew-evil-proxy will re-act like other jews. When mentioned about, they feel hot and burnt like Draculas run their ass from a Cross. I was amazed by the excellent findings made by Mike. His existance is too good to be true..The sign of hope for peace is on the rise!!!!!

Anonymous said...

FUCK EVERYONE IN THIS PAGE! that is my final word!