Friday, December 11, 2009

Elie Wiesel urges Hungary to ban Ho£ocau$t™ denial and pass laws to curb "hate speech"; "racist, anti-Semitic expressions are unacceptable"

Elie Wiesel: "It must be made clear to the whole of society that racist, anti-Semitic expressions are unacceptable"

Article: Elie Wiesel urges Hungary to legally ban Holocaust denial

UPDATE - February 24, 2010:
Hungarian Government Criminalizes Holyhoax Denial

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Anonymous said...

The wrath of God on such a little weasel, shall be apalling in its' ferocity, methinks.

Liar, Racist, Christophobe, Deicide, falsifier, agitator, public menace, ugly....

The list goes on and on. I'd say "May God have mercy on his soul,' but that would contradict the great saint, Chrysostom, who put it plainly:

"The Jew will live under the yoke of slavery without end. God hates the Jews." - Saint John Chrysostom: Six Homilies Against the Jews

-Fr. John

Northerntruthseeker said...

Elie Weasel is a LIAR, period!

I remember an article just a short while ago that showed how this weasel was NOT even who he claimed to be. Supposedly, another internment camp inmate survived the war, and was still alive in 1986. That inmate found out about this Elie Wiesel guy, and automatically said he remembered him from the camp. A reporter set up a meeting between that internment camp survivor and this Elie clown. When they met, the true survivor looked at this "Elie" guy, and automatically said that HE was not at the camp that Elie had claimed! In fact, that survivor said that this Elie fraud knew nothing about personal facts from the camp. They cordially shook hands, and left.

THAT alone proved once and for all that this Elie Wiesel (Weasel) guy is nothing more than another in the long line of charlatans, liars, and fakes.

But is it not in their own Kol Nidre to lie their asses off without any repercussions? Their god is Lucifer, and Lucifer has taught his evil followers that lying is expected of them! They are of the devil, and lying comes naturally to each and every one of them!

Until we are allowed to properly research that time frame without penalty of imprisonment, this fake Elie should just keep his mouth shut! He is a fraud, and a fake!

Anonymous said...

New headline:

"Elder of Zion attacks Hungarian freedom"

Anonymous said...

Weasel says that he "isn't bitter" about being ripped-off to the tune of millions by another lying, deceiving, conniving member of the tribe. Yeah right. These are not the words of a man who isn't bitter:

"I would like him to be in a solitary cell with a screen, and on that screen, for at least five years of his life, every day and every night there should be pictures of his victims, one after the other after the other, always saying, 'Look, look what you have done to this poor lady, look what you have done to this child, look what you have done.'

"But nothing else -- he should not be able to avoid those faces, for years to come. This is only a minimum punishment."

Can't this disgusting, despicable, decrepit piece of shit tell the truth about anything?

Anonymous said...

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

This putrid lyind toad has the gall and temerity to lecture people about "hate speech" etc. when his whole agenda is racist, sectarian, supremacist and above all is geared towards the culling and enslavement of the world's non-Jewish people.

Anonymous said...

President Ex-PM Shimon Perski:

"We're buying up Hungary!"

BTW, German AIDS ad mit dem Führer als Sex-Symbol:

Anonymous said...

"Elie Wiesel: It must be made clear that racist, anti-Semitic expressions are unacceptable"

BullSHIT Weasel.

Most of the Weasel's putrified Wurds enter our world via the mechanism of peristalsis. A pompous, pious and peurile Prig of a burst colostomy bag it is, splattering the world with its kosher malcontents. Show me a person who's not had a gutfull of listening to the idiocy of this facile old fool and I'll show you a Noachide.