Monday, November 30, 2009

Sol Lurie's unbelievable Holotale - Went back to Germany in 1952, miraculously stumbled upon chain and good luck charm he lost during WWII

Sol Lurie

Sol says he spend five years in six different concentration camps in Europe. The Germans tried their best to exterminate him, but he just had too many miracles come his way.

He claims that a German killed his cousin's baby by tossing it in the air and catching it on a bayonet (reincarnation of World War One "bayoneting babies" propaganda?), and that he hid from the Germans in a pile of human excrement from an outhouse.

He and other jews were taken to Auschwitz- Birkenau "where they should have been sprayed with gas but only water came out." Lurie says it was "a miracle."

Now get this. Sol eventually came to America and joined the U.S. Army. During the Korean war (in 1952), he was stationed in Germany. "One night as he laid down his sleeping bag in a field, he felt a tree branch poking through; the branch held the chain and good luck charm he had lost during the transport between concentration camps"! Another miracle!

Article #1: "Holocaust survivor speaks of concentration camps"

Earlier version of Sol's tale...

Article #2: "Holocaust memories live on 60 years later"

This earlier (contradictory) version of Sol's tale claims he only spent four years in concentration camps, and that all 10,000 jews were shot at one time in the Ghetto in October of 1941 after digging ditches (not half of the group one day and the other half the next day as in the earlier version).

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Northerntruthseeker said...

Here I am again crying as billions of dollars are forwarded annually to their evil state of Israel, and these so called "survivors" collect millions in reparations from our gullible governments!

This guy is such a tremendous BS artist.... But aren't all of these criminals con artists??? Their "religion" gives them the right to lie and cheat according to Satan's own rules!

Lone Wolf said...

This guy is such a tremendous BS artist.... But aren't all of these criminals con artists???

And when their bogus fairytales are exposed to the point that even they or the Jewish-controlled corporate media have to admit it is a fraud...they won't be prosecuted for libel/slander against the German people, or prosecuted for fraud, or thrown in jail for telling lies about the "Holocaust" under holohoax denial laws.

No, they'll get off scot free, including all the $$ they made from their "memoir" or book, and Holo circuit speaker fees.

Anonymous said...

This is more proof - as if any were needed - that Jews are the most devious, manipulative, exploitative, lying, mentally-ill, bunch of psychopaths to have ever walked the face of the earth. They are a blight on the planet.

Anonymous said...

After all those miracles, why didn't he get on his knees and pray to Jesus Christ?


Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Lying, deceving and cheating the Goyim at every opportunity is part of The Talmudic religious requirements.

This is further compounded by the fact that mental disease is prevalent within the Jewish community.

These two combined result in the kind of ridiculous farfetched buttdrizzle that Sol and thousands of his ilk come out with daily.

vlad said...

"This is further compounded by the fact that mental disease is prevalent within the Jewish community".

It sure is, and is only surpassed by the illness prevalent in ours!
Throwing away white civilisation to these demonic grubs is beyond belief. Im afraid to admit to myself that Adolf was the last throw of the dice.

Anonymous said...

this is beyond bullshit

Anonymous said...

I heard this man talk today in PA. It was very inspatational and inspairing. Very touching! God Bless this man! Thank you for serving the country I live in! <3

Anonymous said...

How is it that just anybody can publish a blog and get as popular as this? Its not like youve said anything extremely impressive more like youve painted a quite picture about an issue that you know nothing about! I dont want to sound mean, here. But do you really think that you can get away with adding some quite pictures and not really say anything?