Friday, November 6, 2009

Ruth Foster's sad Holocaust™ fable - Jews snuck into mortuary to bite flesh from dead jews' buttocks & cut out livers


Ruth Foster was amongst the 1,000 Jews from Lingen, Germany transported to the Riga Ghetto in Latvia. "We had to line up in rows of six," says Ruth. "In front of us a young couple walked. The father had a child in his arms. An SS officer came and asked the child, 'Would you like a sweet?' The child said, 'yes.' The SS man said: 'Open your mouth.' He then shot the child through her mouth." After a few years Ruth was sent to Stuffhoff. When the camp was liberated by the Russians Ruth weighed three and a half stone and was dying of typhoid. "It dehumanised us in every way. Some of us still kept our dignity. Others would go into the mortuary and bite the flesh out of buttocks. Some had knives and would cut out the liver. They were like cannibals."

Ruth lost her entire family in the Holocaust.

Of course she is the "only survivor of her entire family", just like all the rest. So if virtually every Holohoax survivor out there lost almost their entire family, let's do the calculations. The Israeli government says there were 1 million Holocaust™ Survivors™ alive in 2004. So lets assume, just for the sake of argument, that means there were around 4 million Survivors™ immediately after the war. Then lets assume that each of these 4 million "survivors" lost, conservatively, around 10 members of their family. That means the real number of jews exterminated in the Holohoax, accounting for some cross-linkage in family relations, was around 30-35 million. But we all know that it was much higher than that because most of the survivors tell us they lost their entire family of 100-200 people.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Sniff.... Her tale is so sad, it does make me cry (for the innocent Germans that continue to suffer from this utter BS!)!!!! How horrible!!! 35 Billion (oops... I meant Million... Or was that Thousand? I cant remember now?) jews dying in the Holoco$t!!!!

These people would not lie, would they? Damn their Kol Nidre....

Oh Oh... I hear the jackboots of the Canuck thought police coming to my door!!!

Lone Wolf said...

I have it from good (jewish) authority that in reality 60 million jews died during the holocaust. But the jews had to use exactly 6,000,000 because of the kabbalahistic significance. And, you know, the jews didn't want to exaggerate their suffering, so they were ok with settling on a number much less than the actual.

Joy said...

hahahaha Lone Wolf! Oi vey de sufferink of de jew!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how quick so many Jews are to defame Jews.

One of the main themes of Holohoaxing is the way in which so many of them portray Jews as depraved: "I led my own naked mother to the gas chamber and told her i was just a shower" "I ate my old classmate Herschel's liver" "15000 of us just walked calmly into the fire" etc

Anonymous said...

See at 10m01s here:

"100,00 killed at Sachsenhausen...Jews, Russians..."?

Completely shameless liars, and then they moan (10m15s) about "young people [being] ignorant of the past."

Even Wikipedia says what a lie this is:

"About 200,000 people passed through Sachsenhausen between 1936 and 1945. Some 30,000 inmates died there from exhaustion, disease, malnutrition or pneumonia from the freezing winter cold. ... December 13, 2001 New York Times, "Of the roughly 30,000 wartime victims at Sachsenhausen, most were Russian prisoners of war"

The main reason there are however many skinheads/Neo-Nazis/whatever n Germany is because so many young Germans are sick to death of hearing about how awful Germany allegedly was 40 years before they were even conceived.

And the constant lies about camps, gas chambers, etc. lead some Germans (and others) to think, "hmmm... well that's another lie...maybe Hitler wasn't so bad after least Germans were free to feel pride back then..."

Lone Wolf said...

It's natural for racialistic and patriotic Germans, who know the Holohoax is a lie, to defend and gravitate towards the Nazi past. But, as I've discovered, there is compelling evidence that the German National Socialist Party was Jewish-controlled false opposition -- with Hitler being part jewish, as were many of the top Nazi leaders. Surely many young Germans know this as well.

Jewry prefers that "anti-semites" be neo-Nazis politically, because they are so easily demonized, as well as the fact that neo-Nazi groups are lead by crypto-jews and controlled-op.

For these reasons, it is imperative that new anti-Jewish, white nationalist parties and organizations break from neo-Nazi connections.

Greg Bacon said...

If you were going to munch on dead flesh, why take a bite out of someone's smelly ass?

Wouldn't an arm or lower leg be just as tasty..... and rotten?

They must of been in excellent health to eat decomposing flesh and still survive.

Maybe that's why there's so many Zombie movies out these days, all those Holloywood producers are still recovering from Holocaust™ horror tales told by 'Aunti Nana' and are trying to rid themselves of those nightmares by exposing us to those scenarios?

Did they make their human flesh meat Kosher by making sure all the blood was drained out before snacking?

vlad said...

"But, as I've discovered, there is compelling evidence that the German National Socialist Party was Jewish-controlled false opposition -- with Hitler being part jewish, as were many of the top Nazi leaders".

Please show me some of the "compelling evidence" because im just about to vomit blood!!

Lone Wolf said...

vlad, here:

MUST SEE: The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler - Documentary video by Jim Condit, Jr.

Anonymous said...

This story made me weep copiously...with laughter...Jewish zombie flesh-eaters. ):