Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Irene Zisblatt on how she repeatedly ingested, defecated, and retrieved four diamonds for almost a year and a half at Auschwitz-Birkenau

One time she says she had to swallow them right after retrieving them from her excrement without washing them off.

"The Fifth Diamond" by Irene Zisblatt - Yet another absurd new Holocaust Survivor™ memoir

From Irene Zisblatt's speaking tour - More Vicious Holohoax Lies from "The Fifth Diamond"

Irene Zisblatt Caught In lie about her Holy Hoax Tale; Says jews would commit suicide by throwing themselves on electric fence, SS tried to stop them

Irene Zisblatt tells how she avoided being skinned and lampshaded for Ilse Koch and escaped the gas chamber by having her tattoo removed


Anonymous said...

The Holocaust is not something to laugh about.

My foreskin was turned into a gigantic lampshade!

Lone Wolf said...

I laugh harder at these Holohoax tales than any jewish Hollywood comedy. This is their best work to date.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Whats next? Escaping from Auschwitz and living with wolves?

Ooooops... That one has already been done....

How about living in the woods and wrapping your body up in tree bark for two years?

Damn, that one has been done also....

Lone Wolf said...


Just wait...I have a feeling there will be more great tales to come.

Anonymous said...

Did I say my foreskin was used for a lampshade?

What I meant to say was that my foreskin was used for 6,000,000 Luftwaffe parachutes, and 6,000,000 Wehrmacht blankets.

And my toenail clippings were stolen by Mengele to make a kitchen table for Hitler.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a was her imagination. And in her imagination, in her mind, she believed it. Even now, she believes it, that for a year and-a-half she ate shit-coated diamonds without sustaining any damage to her throat, stomach lining, intestines or anal passage, and that hundreds of Jews were murdered in retaliation against the suicidal Jews who fried themselves via the electrified fence that surrounded their labor camp. ... In her imagination, it was true.

ericthered said...

I laugh so hard at these my sides hurt!

Now I know what they mean when they say, "It hurts too much to talk about it."