Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ft. Hood Massacre - Multiple Shooters? Cover-up, Possible False Flag, Hasan a patsy?

Texas Governor Rick Perry: "There were 3 Shooters, 1 killed and 2 in custody"

Initial Reports - Fort Hood Officials Say There Were Multiple Shooters - CNN

One thing is for certain. Just taking the Jew Media's "official" story at face value, without a critical eye, would be insane.

Fort Hood Mystery

By Michael Gaddy

The facts as presented by the Army and the media reference the shooting at Fort Hood just don't compute. While I routinely dismiss any "facts" disseminated by the Army and the state's propaganda wing, sometimes referred to as the mainstream media, (MSM) there are some glaring inconsistencies in what has been reported about this tragedy.

First is the report the perpetrator was dead and then hours later the revelation that he was still alive. Exactly how long does it take to determine if a person is dead or alive? Could it be no one knew whom the shooter or shooters were and a story had to be concocted for public consumption? What happened to the two other "suspects" that were detained? What did they do to qualify as suspects and more importantly, what information surfaced that led to their release? One of the suspects reportedly stated he "was with the shooter."

Second is the number of victims from a single shooter. Let us not forget this shooting did not occur at the mall, it occurred on a military installation where the victims had been trained in military tactics and some were combat veterans. We are to believe they did nothing to stop a single shooter and he was allowed to reload several times and continue shooting and the only thing that stopped him was the arrival of a police officer after the gunman had gunned down over 40 people?

And how so very convenient for the state, a perpetrator who was both anti-war and a Muslim; just doesn't get any better than that. Could this be an example of following the philosophy of Rahm Emanuel on dealing with a crisis?

Third was the shutting down of communications in and around Ft. Hood for hours. While the Army and the media will explain this in various scenarios, it also provided the Army with a chance to create whatever story it was they wanted to provide the public on the terrible tragedy. Of course we all know the Army would never distort or lie about the facts involving the deaths of innocents. Well, there is that My Lai thing. People on the ground have told me cell phone towers were jammed to prevent unauthorized dissemination of information after the shooting. Again, the Army would not want any information contrary to the company line emerging from this disaster.

All too convenient for the Army was the rapid release of negative information related to the alleged shooter. It was said he received a negative evaluation report and that he had caused "red flags" to be raised some months ago concerning emails. Do we know anything this detailed about the "suspects" who were released? The caveat was added that it was unclear as to whether the suspect was the author of those emails. So, months ago, alarms were raised about emails the suspect might have sent, yet, in all those months the Army has been unable to determine who wrote them. Yeah, right. If red flags were in fact raised months ago, why did the Army do nothing? Going back to the 9/11 paradigm, we see the same evidence exhibited: the state had prior warnings but did not act on them. This proves unequivocally the government is either incompetent or complicit in both events. Yet, the state would have us all unarmed and depending on them for protection.

President Obama pledged, "to get answers to every single question about this event" but he also promised an end to signing statements, a transparent government, no more torture of detainees, and many more lies.

There has been speculation on the Internet that the shooting could have been a revolt against the Army from soldiers faced with stop-loss and multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. While there is no evidence to support this theory, there is also no evidence to support the official Army version of events. Suicides among military personnel and veterans are at alarming levels, yet the Department of Defense does more to hide these facts than it does to deal with them.

The last thing the state can let happen is an awakening by its enforcement arm (military and LE) that they are nothing but tools of oppression and in fact, slaves to the monster they serve. While the military is trained and encouraged to kill and bomb in the name of the state, they are forbidden the means of protection for themselves and their loved ones once they are outside the killing zones designated by the state.

All is not normal inside the military community. This is not just seen in our military, instruments of oppression in other countries are revolting as well.

While it is doubtful we will ever learn the truth of exactly what happened at Fort Hood, we know with a degree of certainty the truth will never be revealed by the Army or the media. Could this have been a false flag event to divert the attention of the American public from the debates and planned demonstrations against the health care fiasco? Could it have simply been another MK Ultra event to further demonize the anti-war element in this country and to lay another crime at the current villain du jour: Muslims? Could there be a connection between this alleged shooter and his fellow Virginia Tech shooter Seung Hui Cho, other than an oblique reference to Cho having a Muslim influence?

One must always ask this question when faced with a story that is issued and controlled by the State: Cui Bono? Wonderful is it not the state is empowered with the unique ability to investigate its own lies and the power of the media and academia to demonize any who would question its veracity, and the support of Boobus, whose livelihood depends on the state's power to redistribute the wealth of the nation from producers to parasites.

November 9, 2009

Michael Gaddy an Army veteran of Vietnam, Grenada, and Beirut, lives in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest.

Copyright © 2009 by LewRockwell.com. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.


In summary:

There were at least three shooters. None are dead. The fictitiously reincarnated dead Muslim man is to encourage knee-jerk rage (remember how you felt those first days after 9/11) and to scuttle conspiracy scrutiny of the psy-op that it was. There is no respirator patient. Hasan was killed in the flurry of bullets but never fired a single gun himself.

Think about it. A dead patsy cannot talk (look at Oswald). All Hasan needed to do was be near the appointed place at the time of the planned killing, to be killed, and then be blamed for the killings (all 13 of victims, plus 31 more injured).

Even our heroine cop is being told what she did – not what she remembers actually doing.

Scenario: Hasan goes out to the transit hall to welcome home some of the new PTSD patients as he does on a regular basis as part of his job. Pretty well everyone, including him, is in army fatigues. Suddenly three men in army fatigues begin together to ‘shoot the fish in a barrel’. One of the very first ‘fish’ to be KILLED is Hasan – the designated patsy. After shooting the literal crap out of the entire hall for a period of less than 3 minutes the three gunmen slip out the side and are whisked away in SWAT ambulance with siren and blue lights full on.
Hasan is dead. One civil cop is dead. The other cop is still alive and she gets a ‘lets roll’ totally spun heroine story in the hospital from the secret service – who swear her to secrecy on her own life (and that of her children’s) as a matter of “national security”.

Et voila!

And I'll wager you the government agents, the gunmen who had the umsavoury job of killing the weaponless US soldiers, were MOSSAD.

"The Fort Hood office of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command is seeking any military or civilian personnel who may have left the scene ... with gunshot damage such as damaged privately owned vehicles, personnel clothing, etc.," investigators said in a written statement. "CID is also seeking any military or civilian personnel who may have inadvertently left the scene of this incident with material that could be used as firearms residue related evidence such as shell casings inside the boot, etc."

'We're afraid some of the witnesses who saw the two riflemen shooting unarmed soldiers may report what they saw. We're even afraid someone may have pocketed some rifle shell casings which are longer than handgun shell casings.
The reason we cannot have any stories of rifles and certainly not any rifle shell casings is because our present (completely untrue) cover story is that there were no government agents with rifles gunning down soldiers. We've got our patsy and we've got our heroine and none of them had rifles - so that any talk of rifles will not be tolerated and any rifle shell casings must be given back to us because we are denying they exist.'

Fort Hood Shooting 'Oddities'


Greg Bacon said...

After 8+ years of 9/11 brainwashing, the Feds must think we're pretty damn stupid...

We're supposed to believe that ONE guy strolled around, popping off over 100 rounds and combat hardened soldiers did nothing but bleat like sheep?

Only if there were multiple shooters and they were confused about where the shooters were hiding and shooting from.

Early on in a FUX news segment, they trotted out some retired Army hack who said his Ft. Hood sources told him that they heard automatic weapons fire and if anyone knows what an auto sounds like, it would be soldiers...

That bit of info has been tossed in favor of a more convenient lie.

Who was or were the shooters we were told for over fours was dead?

What was their name(s) and what changed the scenario?

And what in the hell happened to the base MP's?

Why did it take a civilian cop from Killeen to ride to the rescue and take down someone?

Good distraction for the Federal Reserve, who had been making threats about taking down the economy if they were to be audited and Israel, who always seems to have some major distraction pop up whenever the latest massacre they've pulled off starts getting some news.

Lone Wolf said...

"Why did it take a civilian cop from Killeen to ride to the rescue and take down someone?"

Remember Jessica Lynch? Scripted faux "hero."

I don't know anything about military base protocol. But wouldn't you think someone in the vicinity would be armed?

Apparantly there may have been soldiers firing back at the shooter(s)...only bits and pieces are being reported by the Jew Media.

Greg Bacon said...

Jessica Lynch, yes.

And remember the murder and ongoing coverup of Pat Tillman?

Greg Bacon said...

Army: 7 dead in dual attacks at Fort Hood, Texas

WASHINGTON — The Army says seven people were killed and 20 wounded in a pair of shootings at the Fort Hood Army base in Texas. An Army spokesman at the Pentagon says the shootings began about 1:30 p.m. Thursday at a personnel and medical processing center at Fort Hood.

The spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Banks, says two shooters were apparently involved. There is no word yet on who they were, nor on identities of the dead.
Banks says the second incident took place at a theater on the sprawling base.

He says it is too soon to tell whether there is any link to battle stress or repeated deployments. The Army is suffering a record high suicide rate and other signs of stress from fighting two wars.


I've been on mass casualty incidents as a firefighter/medic and yes, they are hectic and confusing, but not THAT confusing.

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

It's got all the hallmarks of a classic MOSSAD operation.

Greg, unfortunately for over a decade the American public have been subject to a form of very effective psychological torture called predictive programming* via every form of Talmudic Zionist owned mass media and communication to believe that Moslems are nothing but fanatical terrorists.

*Researcher Michael Hoffman defines "predictive programming" as follows: "Predictive programming works by means of the propagation of the illusion of an infallibly accurate vision of how the world is going to look in the future". Its a very subtle way of psychologically conditioning the masses for future events.

That's way the genocidal maniacs are flapping that so many people are bypassing their bullshit information firewall and are starting to read, see and hear the truth.

Lone Wolf said...

"Dual attacks"...interesting.

So, when they apparantly shut down Ft. Hood communications for a couple hours, they must have really done a PR job on the witnesses to get them to keep quiet. That sound about right Greg?

Greg Bacon said...

Yes, threatened and intimidated the Ft. Hood witnesses the same way they did the USS Liberty survivors.

They've got perfect candidates, the soldiers have already been stripped psychologically and told that YOU MUST OBEY EVERY ORDER, so what else can they do?

Anonymous said...

As a soldier from ft Campbell who has done arp multiple times, I can tell you the mind set. Boredum. Waiting in a long line to finalize sgli paperwork you've done dozens of times. I could see a lone gunmandoing theshooting. Boone would have been prepared. No one would be armed. I don't think its beyond the realm of possibility. Itmay have been multiple shooters. All I knowis if it would have happened at my arp the results would propbably be the same. As far as any of you know enough tried to rushthe shooter. Most that tried more likely died

all I know is there is no battle drill that teaches you to rush a lunatic gunman unarmed in a crowded and hectic srp site. Combat vet or not.

11bravo from the 101st Abn div