Sunday, November 1, 2009

Amazing article from Norman Finkelstein: "The Holocaust™ Industry has always been bankrupt. Time is long past to put it out of business"

Finkelstein pretty well sums it up here: attention to the jewish "sufferings" in WWII was negligible until the late 1960s onward when the Holocaust Industry ramped up, the number of "Holocaust survivors" is greatly exaggerated with most of the "survivors" being frauds who weren't even in a camp or ghetto, the survivor stories are beyond absurd, and the Holocaust mythology is an ideological weapon and extortion racket.

Article: "The business of death"

Note Finkelstein says that the number of "Holocaust survivors", ie Jews who survived the camps and ghettos, at war's end is generally put at around 100,000. Yet, in 2004 the Israeli government claimed the number of Holocaust Survivors™ still living was 1,092,000.

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