Monday, November 23, 2009

Dr Fredrick Töben released from prison, "unrepentant", "vows to continue his work demolishing the Holocaust lie"

"The days are numbered for the greatest lie in the history of mankind."

Dr Töben was released from prison at 8.00am, Thursday 12th November, after serving a three month sentence for Holocaust denial (re-branded as contempt of court). He is unbroken and unrepentant, and appears very refreshed and relaxed after his little holiday. He was welcomed home by his friends and supporters who held a celebratory dinner for him, on Thursday evening. During his speech on the night, he vowed to continue his work in demolishing the Holocaust lies

Adelaide Institute

Töben launches new website to battle Holocaust™ Mythology:


Teresa said...

As repulsive as it is that Dr. Toben is a denier of the Holocaust, I still believe he has a right to free speech. But, what was the reason for his incarceration? Hopefully, his heart will be changed and he will repent for his advocacy of a lie-denying the Holocaust.

Lone Wolf said...


Like yourself, I once (as a "mainstream" conservative Christian) would have never thought to question the "official" story about the so-called "Holocaust", and would have spoken strongly against those who questioned it.

As to my own background, I'm more steadfastly conservative and Christian than ever before. What's changed is that I've discovered the truth (and correspondingly lies) in important areas touching on this and related issues.

The fact of the matter is that there are SERIOUS problems with the "official" account on the alleged "Holocaust" with the "official" stories on other major subjects, such as 9/11, the JFK assassination, the Iraq War, etc.

The reason people are put in prison for questioning the official story is because the official account is so strewn with lies, inconsistencies, and impossibilities. If you begin to investigate and think about the issue, the official story comes apart at the seams.

There are so many problmes with the official story, it's hard to know where to begin in terms of explaining it to someone like yourself who is new to questioning the history in this area, but these are some of the major points:

-So-called "holocaust deniers" are not denying that jews were in camps or died during WWII. What we are saying is -- among other things -- that there was not a "plan of genocide", the stories of "gas chambers" and other methods of torture have been fabricated, and that the numbers alleged killed have been grossly exaggerated.

-There was no official German plan to "exterminate all the Jews. The camps were not "extermination" camps, but rather slave labor and internment camps, similar to those used to intern Japanese-Americans on U.S. soil.

-Most of the people who died in the German camps died of disease (ie, typhus epidemics) after the condition in the camps deteriorated near the end of the war due to heavy Allied bombing of Germany which devastated the country and cut supply lines to the camps.

-Many of the more ludicrous claims in the "Holocaust" legend have been quietly abandoned by promoters of the official story, including claims of "making soap and lamp shades out of Jews", making "shrunken heads" of jews, and the use of "electrocution chambers" and "steam chambers" to exterminate jews. The stories of "homicidal gas chambers" are also false, with the only gas chambers at the camps being delousing chambers to prevent typhus and other diseases.

-The "6 million" number of Jews supposedly killed is a monstrously untenable exaggeration.

-The official story says that "5 million non-jews" were also exterminated in the camps by the Nazis. Why does the media focus only on the "6 million jews"? This clearly demonstrates that the history is being "spun" by the Jewish-controlled Media and Hollywood for propaganda purposes.

-Upon close examination, the stories of prominent and lesser known "holocaust survivors" are completely absurd and fabricated.

Teresa, I highly urge you to further investigate this issue. I have a lot of good info here on this blog. Perhaps start here.

Shieldline said...

HBO made a tv drama in 2001 about a meeting of SS men, representatives of the Nazi party,
General Government in Poland and others in the German Government in Wannsee outside Berlin in January 1942. It was called Conspiracy. Heydrich and Eichmann were among the SS. This was suppossed to be where the final solution was hammered out. They had Eichmann talking about the gas and how they could wipe out millions of jews in six months. An introductory note at the start of the film said it was based on the minutes of the meeting which had survived. I was wondering why they would allow minutes for such a meeting. I had taken the holocost for granted as well but I never heard anything about Eisenhower's carry on in 1945 until this year. There's nothing about that on the history channel. If they could cover up something like that they they could lie about anything. Don't know if you saw Band of Brothers. They have a holocost episode and a jew US soldier seeking out a former German camp guard and gunning him down in his home while his two goy companions don't try to stop him because they understand.
Its called rubbing it in I think.

Lone Wolf said...

Don't know if you saw Band of Brothers.

Only bits and pieces, and not really on purpose. Can't stomach watching the jews gloat over their pet wars used to genocide our people. As someone said on LibertyForum a few years back, Band of Brothers makes me want to puke in a yarmukle.

They have a holocost episode and a jew US soldier seeking out a former German camp guard and gunning him down in his home while his two goy companions don't try to stop him because they understand.
Its called rubbing it in I think.

I was wathcing the history channel's special "World War 2 in HD" last week, and in the section on the campaign in North Africa, they interviewed an American officer who testified about a jewish soldier in his division who took watch/control over a group of captured German soldiers (can't remember how many German soldiers, maybe it was 5-10). The officer wanted the German prisoners treated well and according to the Geneva convention, but when he came back later, the jewish soldier had murdered all the Germans, because "his jewish relatives were killed in Germany."

The American officer said he wanted to pull his pistol out and kill the jewish soldier, but didn't because "he needed all the men he could, and couldn't afford to lose any more."

So we know this kind of stuff really did happen.

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Congratulations Dr. Toben on your release from imprisonment for committing the heinous crime of denying a supposed historical event in WWII!!!

Long may your fight continue.

'Hopefully, his heart will be changed and he will repent for his advocacy of a lie-denying the Holocaust.'

Teresa which Holocaust are you talking about?

The lying fleabags tryed pulling that stunt at the end of WWI when they stated Six million men, women and children were dying from starvation and disease - however they didn't get Palestine and so they planned and orchestrated WWII and pulled the same stunt!!!

Teresa said...

I was referring to the Holocaust during WWII where Hitler killed an hundreds of thousands of people.

Lone Wolf said...


Crush brings up a very interesting issue.

An October 31, 1919 article in The American Hebrew journal entitled "The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!" warned of the impending mass murder and starvation of "six million" Jews in Eastern Europe, specifically using the term "holocaust" to describe the alleged situation. See more here.

Think about it. Specifically used the term "holocaust" and the exact number "6 million." Wikipedia confirms the article is legitimate. Check the link for yourself.

And it doesn't end there.

The New York Times published an article in 1921 claiming "Russia's 6,000,000 jews were "facing extermination by massacre" link. See link where the article is confirmed at the website of the New York Times, and uses the number "6,000,000" in article title.

And in 1938, the New York Times published an article claiming "6 million jews were victims of anti-semitic persecution." story. Article uses the number "6,000,000" in title.

The 6,000,000 number, and the idea of a jewish "holocaust", are not the actual number of deaths, or descriptive of an actual deliberate genocide...rather, it was a pre-determined propaganda "event" and number.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure that you'll find these three links to be of interest:

6,000,000 ~ The Magic Number:

The Sacred Nature of Six Million in the Judaic Religion:

The Kabbalahistic-Occult Origins of the 'Sacred' Six Million Number:

"Dr. Töben has no need to repent, for he has done no wrong. He was jailed for exposing lies rather than for telling any.

Teresa said...

@ Lone Wolf,
You bring up good points. I will check out the articles. But, IMHO regardless of whether the number is 6 million or 1 million deaths, it is a tragedy so many deaths happened at the hands of one man.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, but I don't know how to bring this ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING PIG's comments to light, except by posting it here.

I have written to a number of WN and CI folk, who have LONG been in the forefront of saying that it is the JEWS who have been behind, and are STILL masterminding the Bolshevization of the USA.

Kemp, (it is clear from this one post) is trying to legoitimize himself as a 'WN spokesperson,' while wanting to suck at the teat of the ZioNAZIS- and therefore, is trying to 'have his cake, and eat it, too!' by demonizing those who KNOW that White Power, White Pride, WHITE CHRISTIAN AWARENESS MUST START WITH THE EXCLUSION OF THE DEICIDES at all levels.

This man is a whore, frankly. God DAMN men like this. And let's work to completely OBLITERATE HIS LEGITIMACY- for he has NONE! Who has been in the forefront of the fight for Christendom's rights longer, than the KKK and the CI? I have HAD IT with the ADL propaganda machine- and Kemp is just the latest whore for them, walking the streets.

-Fr. John

For Christ and HIS Kingdom.

Dear Lord, deliver us from the Pagan, the Turk, and the Jew- and from those who think like them. Amen.

Greg Bacon said...

But, what was the reason for his incarceration?

Toben has the balls to point out the numerous inconsistencies and outright lies surrounding the Holocaust™.

And for that travesty of not worshipping at the Holocaust™ altar, he was sent to prison.

If what we're told about the Holocaust™ is the truth, then why jail people for asking questions?

Questions like why did the original numbers at Auschwitz read that 4 million Jews were killed, which dropped to 2.5 million in the 1990's, to a little over one million years later, and that included homos, gypsies, dissidents and others?

So if the numbers at Auschwitz dropped by 3 million, why do we keep hearing the Cabala number of six million?

The stories about human skin being used to make lampshades... LIES.

The stories about human fat being boiled out of Jews to make soap.... LIES.

Why so many lies?

Lies only protect other lies. The truth doesn't need lies.

Lone Wolf said...

Fr. John,

Thanks for the info on Kemp. Haven't heard of this guy.

His site definitely has ADL written all over it....excessive name-calling, ad hominem attacks, etc

Lone Wolf said...

@ Lone Wolf,
You bring up good points. I will check out the articles. But, IMHO regardless of whether the number is 6 million or 1 million deaths, it is a tragedy so many deaths happened at the hands of one man.

WWII was one huge worldwide tragedy. Over 60 million people died worldwide as a result of the war, including at least 7 million Germans, 24 million Russians, and 10-20 million Chinese 1.

The suffering was certainly not limited to Jews, and jews were actually a very small percentage of the deaths. Worldwide almanac figures show that the worldwide jewish population actually increased from just prior to just after the war. At most, only tens of thousands of jews died...nowhere near even one million.

Remember that as many or more non-jews were in the German camps as well.

And the most important point is that the camps were NOT "extermination camps", but slave labor. The deaths were primarily from disease (typhus). That is the reason for the pictures of emaciated and sick camp inmates upon liberation.

And by the way, the Soviet Communists and Stalin killed 20+ million Russians & Ukranians in the gulags, forced famines, etc...and the Chinese communists killed 60+ of their people.

Why does the Jewish-controlled media and Hollywood give scant attention to these real genocides?

Crush The Talmudic Zionist Serpent said...

Teresa, if you want to know about a real Holocaust then do some research on the mass murder of over 100 million people by Jewish Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union between 1917 and 1991.

Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago
Read Execution by Hunger: The Hidden Holocaust by Miron Dolot

The supposed Holocaust of Jews in WWII has more holes in it than Swiss cheese!!!