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Sol Lurie's unbelievable Holotale - Went back to Germany in 1952, miraculously stumbled upon chain and good luck charm he lost during WWII

Sol Lurie

Sol says he spend five years in six different concentration camps in Europe. The Germans tried their best to exterminate him, but he just had too many miracles come his way.

He claims that a German killed his cousin's baby by tossing it in the air and catching it on a bayonet (reincarnation of World War One "bayoneting babies" propaganda?), and that he hid from the Germans in a pile of human excrement from an outhouse.

He and other jews were taken to Auschwitz- Birkenau "where they should have been sprayed with gas but only water came out." Lurie says it was "a miracle."

Now get this. Sol eventually came to America and joined the U.S. Army. During the Korean war (in 1952), he was stationed in Germany. "One night as he laid down his sleeping bag in a field, he felt a tree branch poking through; the branch held the chain and good luck charm he had lost during the transport between concentration camps"! Another miracle!

Article #1: "Holocaust survivor speaks of concentration camps"

Earlier version of Sol's tale...

Article #2: "Holocaust memories live on 60 years later"

This earlier (contradictory) version of Sol's tale claims he only spent four years in concentration camps, and that all 10,000 jews were shot at one time in the Ghetto in October of 1941 after digging ditches (not half of the group one day and the other half the next day as in the earlier version).

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WWI Anti-German Propaganda - false atrocity stories of "bayoneting babies", "making soap from corpses of their dead soldiers", etc

In war "it is necessary to invent lies about the enemy":

"During the First World War most countries publicized stories of enemy soldiers committing atrocities. It was believed that it would help persuade young men to join the armed forces. As one British general pointed out after the war: "to make armies go on killing one another it is necessary to invent lies about the enemy". These atrocity stories were then fed to newspapers who were quite willing to publish them. British newspapers accused German soldiers of a series of crimes including: gouging out the eyes of civilians, cutting off the hands of teenage boys, raping and sexually mutilating women, giving children hand grenades to play with, bayoneting babies and the crucifixion of captured soldiers." [1]

With Executive Order 2594, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson established the "Committee on Public Information" to propagandize Americans into supporting U.S. entry into the war.

"Germans were referred to collectively as the “Hun” and the “Prussian Python.” Political cartoons and posters conveyed the image of a raging beast ready to devour innocent women and children. Earlier British propaganda was released accusing German soldiers of bayoneting Belgian babies as they marched through that neutral country."[2]


A second propaganda technique used by the CPI was demonization of the enemy. "So great are the psychological resistances to war in modern nations," wrote Lasswell "that every war must appear to be a war of defense against a menacing, murderous aggressor. There must be no ambiguity about who the public is to hate." American propaganda was not the only source of anti-German feeling, but most historians agree that the CPI pamphlets went too far in portraying Germans as depraved, brutal aggressors. For example, in one CPI publication, Professor Vernon Kellogg asked "will it be any wonder if, after the war, the people of the world, when they recognize any human being as a German, will shrink aside so that they may not touch him as he passes, or stoop for stones to drive him from their path?"

A particularly effective strategy for demonizing Germans was the use of atrocity stories. "A handy rule for arousing hate," said Lasswell "is, if at first they do not enrage, use an atrocity. It has been employed with unvarying success in every conflict known to man." Unlike the pacifist, who argues that all wars are brutal, the atrocity story implies that war is only brutal when practiced by the enemy. Certain members of the CPI were relatively cautious about repeating unsubstantiated allegations, but the committee's publications often relied on dubious material. After the war, Edward Bernays, who directed CPI propaganda efforts in Latin America, openly admitted that his colleagues used alleged atrocities to provoke a public outcry against Germany. Some of the atrocity stories which were circulated during the war, such as the one about a tub full of eyeballs or the story of the seven-year old boy who confronted German soldiers with a wooden gun, were actually recycled from previous conflicts. In his seminal work on wartime propaganda, Lasswell speculated that atrocity stories will always be popular because the audience is able to feel self-righteous indignation toward the enemy, and, at some level, identify with the perpetrators of the crimes."[

British Army propagandists fabricate story that Germans used the corpses of their dead soldiers to make soap:

"One of the most notorious pieces of anti-German propaganda was the gruesome account of the “corpse exploitation establishment” operated behind the front lines by a German company. The “evil Germans” supposedly used the corpses of their own fallen soldiers for the manufacture of soap. Professor van Pelt notes that the author of this piece of lying propaganda was the Chief of Intelligence of the British Army, Brigadier General J.V. Charteris. Apparently, one of his aims was to turn the Chinese, who revere the dead, against the Germans."

A detailed account of the “corpse exploitation establishment” appeared in the respected British newspaper, The Times, on April 17, 1917. According to the story, trains full of corpses arrived at a large factory. The bodies were attached to hooks connected to an endless chain. The article states:
“The bodies are transported on this endless chain into a long, narrow compartment, where they pass through a bath which disinfects them. They then go through a drying chamber, and finally are automatically carried into a digester or great cauldron, in which they are dropped by an apparatus which detaches them from the chain. In the digester they remain from six to eight hours, and are treated by steam, which breaks them up while they are slowly stirred by the machinery.”

The article continues:
“From this treatment result several products. The fats are broken up into stearin, a form of tallow, and oils, which require to be redistilled before they can be used. The process of distillation is carried out by boiling the oil with carbonate of soda, and some of the by-products resulting from this are used by German soap makers. The oil distillery and refinery lie in the south-eastern corner of the works. The refined oil is sent out in small casks like those used for petroleum, and is of yellowish brown color.”

(The reader should note the meticulous detail!)

“It was a lie,” Dr. van Pelt emphasizes, “but it was plausible, and it was not possible to completely refute it during the [First World War].”[

World War I: Anti-German Propaganda

WWI Anti-German Atrocity Propaganda Used As Model for WWII Anti-German Atrocity Propaganda

In fact, some of the Allied atrocity propaganda from the First World War found its mirror image in anti-German atrocity propaganda promoted by Zionist groups and other Allied sources in the Second World War.

In the August 21, 1944 issue of
, there was the “first eyewitness description” of the “Nazi extermination camp” at Maidanek concentration camp in Poland...

The article reads:

“In the center of the camp stands a huge stone building with a factory chimney—the world’s biggest crematorium. The Germans attempted to burn it but most of it still stands—a grim monument to the Third Reich.”

“Groups of 100 people would be brought here to be burned almost alive. They already had been stripped and then chlorinated in special gas chambers adjoining. The gas chambers contained some 250 persons at one time. They were closely packed…so that after they suffocated they remained standing…The human cargoes were dumped into a roaring furnace heated to 1,500 [degrees] Centigrade…[emphasis added].”

Further on “eyewitness” Karmen claims: “It is difficult to believe it myself but my eyes cannot deceive me. I see the human bones, lime barrels, chlorine pipes and furnace machinery…[emphasis added]."

The Holocaust lobby now claims that Maidanek inmates were murdered with Zyklon B/hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide, so the allegation that chlorine gas was the killing agent is false.

But even more importantly, consider Time's and Karmen’s description of how the corpses of the “murdered ones” were put to use: “The victims’ charred bones and ashes were moved into an adjoining department where an incredible process went on. These human bones were mechanically pulverized, placed inside large tin cans and shipped back to Germany for fertilizing the fields.”

This is false propaganda, as there is not one iota of credible evidence to support it. To be sure, the Holocaust lobby no longer claims that there was a “fertilizer factory/corpse exploitation establishment” at Maidanek, where human remains were processed, canned, and then sent back to Germany to be used as fertilizer. Yet, the reader should note how the story is strikingly similar to the aforementioned “corpse exploitation establishment” story of the First World War that van Pelt admits to be a lie. In the WWI version the corpses were utilized to make soap; the WWII version claims the bodies were used for fertilizer.

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WWII Vets in despair - "This isn't the Britain we fought for" - Judaized multi-racial, 'politically correct' Britain "is not our country anymore"

British WWII veterans are profoundly disillusioned with and despise the country they once fought for. In sorrow and anger they acknowledge that "our country has been given away to foreigners", and say that "those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the war would now be turning in their graves."

Daily Mail article

No doubt the overwhelming majority of American vets share the same sentiment.

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Katalin Weinberger's HolyCo$t tale- Saved life of her sister by "burying her in ground for 30 days with a pipe sticking up through soil to breathe"

Katalin Weinberger

The story is that Katalin's sister was deathly ill with typhus, so she buried her in the ground on a remote part of the camp grounds with a small pipe sticking up to the surface for her to breathe. The sister stayed like this for 30 days, with Katalin sneaking food and water to her, and a jewish camp doctor snuck medicine.

I don't know what to tell you if you believe this steaming pile of horse shit.

Article: "Holocaust survivor gunned down in tailor shop"

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Murray Goldfinger's tale - Miraculously survived when "bullet bounced off his skull" and "American planes spotted his impending execution"

Article #1: "Holocaust survivor to share memories in Kristallnacht talk"

Extended version of Murray Goldfinger's comical tale:

Murray Goldfinger shows where he says he was shot while working in a coal mine in a concentration camp.

One time, Murray claims he was so hungry he at some dog biscuits. A Nazi found out, but didn't shoot him because of his good work. He was personally greeted by Mengele when he arrived at Auschwitz. A non-jewish doctor saved him from the bullet wound to his shoulder because he "didn't look jewish." For his operation, he was put to sleep, "unlike other Jews, who were not given any type of anesthesia." Mengele even came to check on his condition several times. Goldfinder was Death Marched to Buchenwald, but survived when the Americans came just before he was to be executed.

Article #2: "Monroe man recounts his recurring 'luck' in surviving the Holocaust"

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Dr Fredrick Töben released from prison, "unrepentant", "vows to continue his work demolishing the Holocaust lie"

"The days are numbered for the greatest lie in the history of mankind."

Dr Töben was released from prison at 8.00am, Thursday 12th November, after serving a three month sentence for Holocaust denial (re-branded as contempt of court). He is unbroken and unrepentant, and appears very refreshed and relaxed after his little holiday. He was welcomed home by his friends and supporters who held a celebratory dinner for him, on Thursday evening. During his speech on the night, he vowed to continue his work in demolishing the Holocaust lies

Adelaide Institute

Töben launches new website to battle Holocaust™ Mythology:

Wilhelm Brasse's comical tale - "photographed the horrors of Auschwitz, film survived burning in oven because it was flameproof"

Wilhelm Brasse

"It was one of the miracles of Auschwitz"


He claims that Mengele and the doctors would "pull womens' uteruses out through their vaginas."

Note near the end of the article where the current Holo story is that the Nazis only had 6 camps for "exterminating Jews": Auschwitz-Birkenau, Chelmno, Treblinka, Sobibor, Majdanek and Belzec

Article: "Photographer tricked Nazis to save Auschwitz images"

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Judith Perlaki's tale - Auschwitz gas chambers "as long as 50 football fields", Germans "tied women’s legs together to stop them from having babies"

Judith Perlaki

Judith Perlaki was from a jewish family in Hungary.

In 1943, the Nazis came and took them on a journey to hell.

Judy says they were packed on a cattle car on a "death train" with no food or water, and taken to Auschwitz. The trip took 3 days...with no stops.

The atrocities Judith witnessed are beyond belief.

She was served soup with rats and live mice in it.

She says the gas chambers were as long as 50 football fields and would murder 1,500 to 2,000 jews at one time. And the ovens could burn 8,000 jews a day.

Perlaki also says the Germans would tie the women’s legs together to attempt to stop them from having babies, and hold inmates under the water to see how long they could last until they would freeze to death.

Perlaki and her son Lawrence have been visiting schools for 15 years sharing their fairytale, visiting around 12 to 15 schools per year.

I think Judith may have underestimated the killing capacity, however.

Just do the math and think about it....50 football fields = 50 x 300ft = 15,000 ft = 2.84 miles.

The Auschwitz gas chamber building was almost 3 miles long!! With a gas chamber of that size, the Germans could probably gas 200,000 people at one time. They must have been planning on gassing the entire population of planet earth!

Article: "Holocaust survivor talks to Wood-Ridge HS students"

Note: use to find article if original link no longer works

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- More of Judith Perlaki's tale-Ate soup w/ live mice in it, washed w/ soap made from dead jews, stayed in Auschwitz for several months after liberation

On the Extreme Improbability and Inefficiency of Using Diesel Gas for "Exterminations" at Treblinka

What a Treblinka gas chamber would have looked like, had one actually existed [1]

From the research I've done, diesel engines generally do not produce a lethal amount of carbon monoxide gas. The exhaust from gasoline engines, on the other hand, is quite lethal and contains much more carbon monoxide. Furthermore, the Germans used gasoline, not diesel, engines in all of their tanks and vehicles during the war. So assuming for the sake of argument that the Germans were actually conducting homicidal gassings, they surely would have used exhaust from gasoline engines. But hey, that's the way everything is with the holohoax story. The Germans, paragons of efficiency and engineering, always seem to have chosen the most inefficient (and downright impossible) methods for their "masterplan of genocide."

Yad Vashem claims that gas from a diesel engine (the "Diesel of Death") was piped into the ceiling of "death chambers", and dispensed through pipes that "looked like showerheads".

IHR on the improbability of using Diesel engine gas for "exterminations":

Diesel Gassing

In recent years, the most widely-circulated story has been that Jews were gassed at Treblinka with carbon monoxide from the exhaust of a diesel engine. (note 22)

However, as American engineer Friedrich Berg has established, this story is improbable for technical reasons. (note 23) In spite of the obnoxious odor of diesel exhaust, diesel engines produce much smaller quantities of toxic carbon monoxide than ordinary gasoline motors. (note 24) It would thus be difficult efficiently to gas large numbers of people using diesel exhaust. A normal gasoline engine would be much more logical. (note 25)

It is important to keep in mind that the "evidence" now usually cited for diesel gassing at Treblinka is no more credible than the evidence that was once presented for steaming and suffocating. Apparently the steaming and suffocating stories have been dropped for the sake of credible consistency.

Solid evidence for gassings at Treblinka has proven to be very elusive. For example, it turned out that none of the witnesses in the 1951 West German "Treblinka" court case ever actually saw anyone being gassed. "The type of gas used to kill the people there [Treblinka] cannot be determined with certainty because none of the witnesses was able to witness this procedure," the judges declared in their verdict. (note 26)

At least some former Treblinka prisoners testified in postwar West German trials that they not only never saw a gas chamber, but did not even hear about gassings from others. (note 27)

Holocaust historians today are not able to agree about the number of homicidal "gas chambers" at Treblinka. Raul Hilberg maintains that there were three at first, but because they were allegedly not adequate for the job, more were built later on. There were eventually six or perhaps ten chambers, he reports. (note 28) Others have reported the existence of 13 gas chambers at Treblinka. (note 29)

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Europe Descends into Judeo-Soviet Hell - EU Dissidents Face Charges Of Sedition, Possible Execution

Haven't seen one from Michael James in quite a while. Of special interest in this article is the mention of a very rare book Mike allegedly obtained from a jewish friend of his titled "Sachsenhausen-Workauta", one of the world's most heavily banned books, which contained "conclusive, eye-witness accounts as to how the Soviet 'Jews' constructed the gas chambers in 1948 as a post-rationalisation of the holocaust myth."

I would only disagree with James' analysis in that he says the Palestinian Arabs are the true descendants of the Israelites. Otherwise, this is an excellent article.

Zionist-Soviet EU Dissidents Face Charges Of Sedition, Possible Execution

Mike James in Germany – November 16, 2009

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness; it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity; it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness; it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair; we had everything before us, we had nothing before us; we were all going directly to Heaven, we were all going the other way." – Charles Dickens (Hard Times For These Times)

When the cowardly Vaclav Klaus, who finally succumbed to the sort of pressure one usually associates with 'sweeteners', such as extraordinarily large payments made into secret Swiss bank accounts, went down on his knees in Rome and accepted the illegal and undemocratic Lisbon Treaty without allowing his people the right to a referendum, a whole new Soviet Communist Super-State came into being.

The independent nation states of Europe no longer exist. Our respective parliaments and High Courts represent nothing more than the rubber-stamping underlings of the unelected, parasitic elites who now govern us by decree from Brussels. For, last week, the European Union assumed sovereign nation and corporate legal status.

The British people, who were cheated and lied to by the traitors Blair and Brown, both of whom will one day be executed for High Treason and their greed and self-aggrandisement, still have almost no idea as to the oppression and misery that awaits them.

The Lisbon Treaty is self-amending, which means that changes can be made at short notice without any parliamentary scrutiny or accountability by an exclusively self-appointed elite of Communists in Brussels. Blair gave you a dictatorship with an arrogant, swanky, public schoolboy smile. You now have one with the cynical leer of the privately educated European ultra-elites, almost all of whom despise the British people for their sense of independence, inexhaustible resilience and belief in freedom. Their disrespect is especially reserved for the people of England: for most of the Scots, Welsh and Irish have finally gone down on bended knee, crippled into submission by the financial crisis deliberately engineered by the International Zionist Money Power. The Scottish National Party's campaign slogan, "Independence Within the European Union" is laughable. It is tantamount to saying: "Freedom Within a High-Security Bolshevik Prison".

Forget the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, due process of law and the right to trial by jury. Everything that we once cherished (small recompense for the hideous class system we were forced to endure) will soon be a thing of the past. You, my fellow British compatriots, now reside within the confines of a vast open prison and will soon live under the auspices of an inquisitorial, Napoleonic code of 'justice'.

Talk to the survivors of the Soviet-Jew run Cheka, which exterminated around 30 million patriotic anti-Communist Christian Russians in the most vicious holocaust ever known to mankind, and you will no doubt try to re-assure yourself: "This will never happen to us."

You will be sadly mistaken.

The smiles recently exchanged by the Hungarian-Ashkenazi President of France, Sarkozy, and Angela Merkel, a former prominent functionary as a propagandist for the East German Communist Party (SED), say it all. The Bolsheviks and their Zionist allies have won. They have, they think, almost rebuilt the pyramidal Tower of Babylon that will enslave mankind under a New World Zionist Order, which will meet with the full approval of America's treasonous Marxist ruling classes.

Sarkozy's designs to incorporate into this diabolical socialist Super-State the illegal, fascist state of Israel, a nation comprised not of Judahites, Judeans or descendants of the Children of Israel, but by the mercenary, usurious prodigy of a loathsome and much-despised tribe of financial parasites whose roots can be traced to the borders of Kazakhstan, is right on track. He has committed himself to including these evil anti-Hebrew degenerates (who have, by dint of their non-Semitic, gypsy-like rootless treachery and destructively thieving Magpie mentality, slaughtered and disinherited by the millions the true inheritors of Jesus' Promised Land) into the Satanically-inspired, fundamentally flawed and inevitably doomed Soviet European Union.

That millions of gullible American Christians have subsidised the mass murder of the Children of Israel, who later converted to Islam following the end of the truly evil, Christ-murdering Judaic dispensation, by pouring untold billions into the coffers of a cunning, supplanting, jaundice-skinned race of hook-nosed semi-Mongols whose vile and bestial practices saw them expelled from over thirty-nine countries in less than 1,400 years is testimony to the sheer stupidity of Western Man's incredulity.

Sarkozy, Merkel and Brown, all three of whom represent the most treasonous, opportunistic and least competent leaders of the western world in at least five generations, have assented to Israel's inclusion within the European Economic Area, the testing arena for full inclusion into the Soviet European Union.

Would you invite convicted child rapists and mass murderers to live in your own home? Would you embrace with open arms into your community a mafia provably renowned for harvesting the organs of non-Ashkenazis for vast profits on the international black market? Would you, for one moment, deign to shake the hand of a man or woman who belongs to a race soaked from head to toe in the blood and sinews of little children dismembered by cluster bombs and high-velocity rifles without washing your hands in shame and emptying the contents of your guts into the nearest available public toilet?

Many years ago, in the Café Klatsch, I used to play chess with a very fine French-Jewish friend of mine called Bernhard. I loved the guy, because, unlike most non-Semitic (Ashkenazi) 'Jews', he never cheated or moved the pieces whenever nature called and I had to take my leave. He was honest. He was funny. He was thoroughly human.

"Mike," he told me, shortly before he died of cancer, "believe nothing you hear. My grandfather, who fought for the Bundeswehr (the German army) during the last war, always told me to keep silent about the so-called 'holocaust', for although it never happened, it was something that gave us a sense of identity. But I am French-German, and I shall die, not as a so-called 'Jew', but as a European."

I trusted Bernhard. He knew and confessed the truth. He made me think.

"I describe myself as a secular Jew," he told me. "How many Christians, such as yourselves, would be regarded as a 'protected' ethnic entity should they describe themselves as 'atheist Christians'?"

I laughed. Think about it.

"If they say it's about religion," he continued, "I'll tell you this: there are none more irreligious than we so-called Jews. And if they call you 'anti-Semitic' you have to ask yourself who the Semites are, because none of my people ever came from the Middle East."

Bernhard handed me a document, of which only a handful of people in the world have read: Sachsenhausen-Workauta, one of the planet's most heavily banned books, of which only a handful of copies remain in circulation.

"Mike," Bernhard implored me, "this represents conclusive, eye-witness accounts as to how the Soviet 'Jews' constructed the gas chambers in 1948 as a post-rationalisation of the holocaust myth. Please translate it and tell the world the truth."

"Bernhard," I told him, "all of my articles in the German Google cache are expunged via a Hamburg court ruling under the unconstitutional Section 130."

"In the future," he replied, "Section 130 will be replaced by the enforcement of EU sedition laws; for once the EU takes on the shape and character of a sovereign state, they can arrest and even execute you at a whim for sedition."

Bernhard's words were prophetic indeed. Almost everything I have written since the passing of the Lisbon Treaty has been demarked, made inaccessible or completely removed from German websites and the German Google cache under the auspices of the new Soviet EU's sedition laws. It's all registered and recorded by Harvard's 'Chilling Effects' web-monitoring service.

Shortly after his death, I complied with Bernhard's request, and I intend to make this unique, earth-shattering book available online, free of charge, to all who care for truth and liberty. It is already kept under lock and key by individuals well beyond the jurisdiction of the Zionist-Bolshevik Soviet EU authorities. They have nothing to gain, and everything to lose by imprisoning me. In fact, the latter option would only boost interest in this most incendiary piece of literature, which the illegal Zionist occupied Federal Republic of Germany (an unconstitutional and defunct entity since reunification) has feared ever since its publication. The online release will follow automatically.

The new post-Lisbon Soviet European Union is a deliberate construct of International Zionism. The modern jaundice-skinned Israelis, whom we already know are in no way related to the ancient People of the Land, the Palestinians (the true descendants of the Children of Israel), intend to rule Europe from Jerusalem. They, like Menachem Begin, a terrorist who participated in the 1946 murder of 91 British soldiers and civilians, insist that the body of an Ashkenazi (non-Semitic) 'Jew' is in every respect physiologically superior to that of all other races of the human species and claim special 'Master Race' status for themselves. In their Talmudic writings, they make it implicitly clear that all Europeans, including the British people, will soon be forced to go down on their knees and kiss the feet of the Ashkenazi Master Race.

Any opposition to the Lisbon Treaty that has now created a monolithic Communist hegemony, which, as I have previously outlined in earlier articles, allows for the mass detention and execution of freethinking dissenters, will be met with the most viciously punitive measures that will make Stalin look like a charitable Cub Scout helping old ladies cross the street on a cold and misty day.

Who will fight for the liberation of our people from the clutches of the Zionist-controlled elites in Brussels?

The Germans, once a proud and defiant race of warriors, who have been inculcated by decades of lies and propaganda at the behest of satanically evil personages, such as the Marxist-Feminist, Anti-Christ Frau Knobloch (whose corrupt, unprosecuted son is involved in a multi-million dollar bank swindle) and her fellow conspirators amongst the Communist Central Council of Anti-German Jews in Germany, have all but demoralised this once outstandingly brave Volk with their demonic propaganda and holocaust lies. Sadly, the German people, with a few notable exceptions, have proven themselves incapable of any meaningful resistance. It breaks my heart, for this unending tirade of hate and vitriol against all Germans, even those yet to be born, manifests itself as a form of guilt-induced self-immolation and demographic genocide. Only true heroes who are prepared to tell the truth, the latest of which is the exceedingly brave young man Dirk Zimmermann, illegally sentenced to a spell of imprisonment for having provided the authorities with conclusive, scientific proof that no mass extermination at Auschwitz was geologically, logistically or physically possible.

Not even the allied occupying forces, the Red Cross or representatives sent by the Swiss government could find a single shred of evidence to prove that Auschwitz was anything more than a relatively comfortable labour camp.

But Ashkenazi (non-Semitic) 'Jews' and their supportive, obsequious, German judicial stooges are neither interested in science, real history or the truth. They care only about their pension schemes and the fat rewards bestowed upon them by a race of nobodies from nowhere at all who have somehow, by sleight of hand, beguiled the entire world into thinking that they are somehow better than we.

In England, charmers that we are, we have a special term for them: "Lying cunts".

The Lisbon Treaty now gives these evil Ashkenazi non-Semites powers beyond any remit they had ever before imagined. Overnight, those who always preyed upon the gullibility of the Goyim who accepted their cleverly photo-shopped presentations of massacred Jews (who, as real computer-technology science has now proven were the six million post-war Germans exterminated by means of typhus, Soviet murders and mass starvation, dumped in former concentration camps) now have the power to hold Europe by its collective testicles and squeeze as hard as they squeezed the balls of those whom they tortured into signing fictional confessions during the Nuremberg 'trials'.

But not for long. For the Truth is out. And spreading fast. These pretenders, who have the brass-faced cheek to describe themselves as ethical human beings, have been caught out. The world and his long-suffering wife now knows that the entire horrific blood libel levelled against the German people was a finely-honed ruse to accommodate a Kabbalistic 'prophecy' necessary to the founding of a Freemasonic state: a sort of sex, drugs and tax haven for Baphomet and his pals.

Their audacity is so shocking and so violently perverse in its anti-human dimensions that only a major War Crimes Tribunal can deal with the issue as to how best to punish those who have wickedly deceived us and destroyed our culture and any hope we had that one day our children would inherit a world better than the one we once knew. Jesus Christ himself warned us about a race of people who would emerge and call themselves 'Jews' (Idumeans), although they are not, and were even despised by the Children of Israel some 2000 years ago, for then they were Edomites.

He was right. The Edomites, who were at least Semitic, have been replaced by the Ashkenazim, a gaggle of former goat pokers, bandits and itinerant rapists. They have not only instigated countless numbers of International Socialist violent revolutions and world wars, they have also, by means of their evil system of usury, robbed, time and time again, ordinary working and middle-class people of their hard-earned savings, assets and income. They run the Federal Reserve, own all the major banks, have every major film and publishing company in their grip. Warn your fellow citizens about their wicked machinations and you will lose your source of income, as I did. But, hey, I'm still standing, and they're about to go down.

They now think they control Europe. I have news for them.

There is one race of people who always call a spade a spade. They are generally tolerant to the Culture Destroyers, even though the Ashkenazim are legally forbidden to live in their land. They, thanks to generations of treacherous 'change agent' prime ministers, are often derided as the most dumbed-down, loutish, ignorant, surveilled, discombobulated, drunken, fist-fighting and foolish of all the peoples of Europe. But I'm proud of them. They have the innate ability to rise above themselves when the occasion beckons.

When they fight, they fight to win; and they never, ever quit fighting.

They are my people. They were born in freedom and they shall never die as slaves.

While Nicolas Sarkozy, Vaclav Klaus, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Benjamin Netanyahu and Manuel Barroso gently stroke each other's genitals in an act of self-congratulation, they should be reminded that millions of English people, who will NEVER SURRENDER to the dictates of foreigners, possess a very special talent for viciously, swiftly and very deftly removing all that is reproductively important to traitors.

My people have had enough. Their anger is about to reach fever pitch. Nobody, at risk of his own life, ever tells a true-born Englishman what to do, say or think.


Without the City of London, a sovereign Freemasonic vassal state that serves the interests of International Usury and The International Tribe, which the English people will re-take by force, the European Union will collapse in the blink of an eye.

David Cameron, probably the next British Prime Minister, should be warned: Unless you show us that you have balls enough now, you'll have less than half a bollock to show your surgeon after you betray us.


Mike James, an English patriot, is a former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates an independent leaderless resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and is actively working towards a free and independent England.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

True Extent Of Stalin's Ukrainian Genocide Revealed in English Journalist's Diaries

The Times here admits at least 4 million died in the Jewish Bolsheviks' forced famine in the Ukraine, the Holodomor. Other estimates of the casualties go as high as 8 to 10 million. [1]

So let's split the difference and say 7 million died in this deliberate genocide. Why does it receive 1/1000th the attention of the mythical "holocaust™ of 6 million jews" in the jewish-controlled media?

I guess the rabbis and elders aren't joking when they say that the life of a jew is worth 1000 non-jews.

Article: "True extent of Ukraine famine revealed in British journalist’s diaries"

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flashback - Obama: "The first thing I will do as President is get our troops home. Take that to the bank."

"I promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank. " - Barack Obama Campaign Promise - October 27, 2007

Monday, November 16, 2009

"A Year in Treblinka" by Yankel Wiernik - Babies torn in half, woman leaps 10 ft barbed-wire fence, guards nail inmates' ears to walls, etc

Yankel Wiernik while building a model of Treblinka for the Ghetto Fighters' House Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum, Israel.

Another must read, and one for the Holohoax Tales Hall of Fame.

Yankel Wiernik was a polish jew and alleged former inmate at Treblinka. Wiernik wrote a book called "A Year in Treblinka", which is described as "the first eyewitness report" of life in the camp, and is one of the key "eyewitness testimonies" used as "evidence" of the alleged atrocities committed in the camp.

From reading this tale, it is obvious that Vasily Grossman relied heavily on Wiernik's "eyewintess" account for his own article on Treblinka, "The Hell of Treblinka" . Perhaps Vasily and Wiernik even got together and cooked up these tales in Warsaw after the war.

Wiernik says he was a carpenter and helped build the gas chambers and other buildings at the camp, that he lead Jews to the execution chambers, and that he dragged corpses from the gas chambers to the mass graves.

Like Vasily's story, Wiernik's fable is sophomoric and deamonizes the Germans as subhuman "barabarians", "beasts", "fiends", and even "hyenas."

Wiernik claims that a motor taken from a dismantled Soviet tank was used for gassings, 1200 people fit into a 7 meter X 7 meter gas chamber, and the corpses of men would not burn but the corpses of women burned easily and were "used for kindling."

Wiernik says that he saw a naked Jewish girl leap over a three-meter (10 ft.) high barbed wire fence, wrench the rifle out of the hands of a pursuing guard, and shoot two guards before she was overpowered.

He claims one German guard named Sepp would "frequently snatch children from their mother's arms and tear the child in half", and that the infamous Ukranian guard "Ivan the terrible" would nail the ears of inmates to the walls.

Wiernik describes a giant machine that could excavate 3,000 corpses at one time, and huge open-air pyres used to burn 10,000 to 12,000 corpses at one time.

Excerpts from the book:

On why he tells wrote this cause people to hate the Germans for "centuries and generations to come":

The world must be told of the infamy of those barbarians, so that centuries and generations to come can execrate them. And, it is I who shall cause it to happen. No imagination, no matter how daring, could possibly conceive of anything like that which I have seen and lived through.

-Chapter 1
Yes, of one, especially a jew, could fabricate a story such as this, or even exaggerate what really occured.

A Ukranian guard named Ivan would nail the inmates' ears to walls...

The machinery of the gas chambers was operated by two Ukrainians. One of them, Ivan, was tall, and though his eyes seemed kind and gentle, he was a sadist. He enjoyed torturing his victims. He would often pounce upon us while we were working; he would nail our ears to the walls or make us lie down on the floor and whip us brutally. While he did this, his face showed sadistic satisfaction and he laughed and joked. He finished off the victims according to his mood at the moment. The other Ukrainian was called Nicholas. He had a pale face and the same mentality as Ivan.

-Chapter 5
John Demjanuk, a Ukranian born US citizen, was extradited to Israel and tried as this "Ivan" (the terrible). He was identified by five 'eyewitnesses' and sentenced to death. As it turned out, forged documents were used to extradite Demjanuk, and, he actually never set foot in Treblinka. His conviction was overturned, and he was eventually freed. The 'eyewitnesses' at the trail were also pathological liars.

On the "gas chambers":

A motor taken from a dismantled Soviet tank stood in the power plant. This motor was used to pump the gas, which was let into the chambers by connecting the motor with the inflow pipes.
-Chapter 5

The new construction job between Camp No. 1 and Camp No. 2, on which I had been working, was completed in a very short time. It turned out that we were building ten additional gas chambers, more spacious than the old ones, 7 by 7 meters or about 50 square meters. As many as 1,000 to 1,200 persons could be crowded into one gas chamber.
-Chapter 7

German guard who would tear babies in half:

One of the Germans, a man named Sepp, was a vile and savage beast, who took special delight in torturing children. When he pushed women around and they begged him to stop because they had children with them, he would frequently snatch a child from the woman's arms and either tear the child in half or grab it by the legs, smash its head against a wall and throw the body away. Such incidents were by no means isolated. Tragic scenes of this kind occurred all the time.
-Chapter 7

Wiernik says the new gas chambers, which he helped build, had a defective motor used to supply the gas, so it took "hours" for the victims to die. Sounds like German engineering and efficiency to me.

As I have already indicated, there was not much space in the gas chambers. People were smothered simply by overcrowding. The motor which generated the gas in the new chambers was defective, and so the helpless victims had to suffer for hours on end before they died. Satan himself could not have devised a more fiendish torture. When the chambers were opened again, many of the victims were only half dead and had to be finished off with rifle butts, bullets or powerful kicks.
-Chapter 7

Wiernik says "often the jews were left in the gas chambers overnight without the gassed turned on":

Often people were kept in the gas chambers overnight with the motor not turned on at all. Overcrowding and lack of air killed many of them in a very painful way. However, many survived the ordeal of such nights; particularly the children showed a remarkable degree of resistance. They were still alive when they were dragged out of the chambers in the morning, but revolvers used by the Germans made short work of them....

-Chapter 7

The woman who jumped over a 10 foot fence:

On one occasion a girl fell out of line. Nude as she was, she leaped over a barbed wire fence three meters high, and tried to escape in our direction. The Ukrainians noticed this and started to pursue her. One of them almost reached her but he was too close to her to shoot, and she wrenched the rifle from his hands. It wasn't easy to open fire since there were guards all around and there was the danger that one of the guards might be hit. But as the girl held the gun, it went off and killed one of the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians were furious. In her fury, the girl struggled with his comrades. She managed to fire another shot, which hit another Ukrainian, whose arm subsequently had to be amputated. At last they seized her. She paid dearly for her courage. She was beaten, bruised, spat upon, kicked and finally killed. She was our nameless heroine.
-Chapter 8

On Himmler's order to dig up and cremate the corpses...women corposes burned easily and were "used for kindling", male corpses would not burn, even after soaked in gasoline....whenever an airplane was sighted overhead, all work was stopped, the corpses were covered with foliage as camouflage against aerial observation.

But there were new events to upset our emotional balance. This was the period when the Germans talked a lot about Katyn1) , which they used for anti-Soviet propaganda purposes. One day, by accident, we got hold of a newspaper from which we learned about that mass killing. It was probably these reports that made Himmler decide to visit Treblinka personally and to give orders that henceforth all the corpses of inmates should be cremated. There were plenty of corpses to cremate-there was no one who could have been blamed for the Treblinka killings except the Germans who, for the time being, were the masters of the land which they had wrested from us [Poles] by brute force. They did not want any evidence of the mass murders left.

At any rate, the cremations were promptly begun. The corpses of men, women, children and old people were exhumed from the mass graves. Whenever such a grave was opened, a terrible stench rose from them, because the bodies were already in an advanced stage of decomposition.


Work was begun to cremate the dead. It turned out that bodies of women burned more easily than those of men. Accordingly, the bodies of women were used for kindling the fires. Since cremation was hard work, rivalry set in between the labor details as to which of them would be able to cremate the largest number of bodies. Bulletin boards were rigged up and daily scores were recorded. Nevertheless, the results were very poor. The corpses were soaked in gasoline. This entailed considerable expense and the results were inadequate; the male corpses simply would not burn . Whenever an airplane was sighted overhead, all work was stopped, the corpses were covered with foliage as camouflage against aerial observation.
It was a terrifying sight, the most gruesome ever beheld by human eyes. When corpses of pregnant women were cremated, their bellies would burst open. The fetus would be exposed and could be seen burning inside the mother's womb.

-Chapter 9

Burning the corpses in pits was not going fast enough, so they used a huge excavation machine that could dig up 3,000 bodies at once, and the giant outdoor hibachis:

Then, one day, an Oberscharfuhrer wearing an SS badge arrived at the camp and introduced a veritable inferno. He was about 45 years old, of medium height, with a perpetual smile on his face. His favorite word was "tadellos [perfect]" and that is how he got the by-name Tadellos. His face looked kind and did not show the depraved soul behind it. He got pure pleasure watching the corpses burn; the sight of the flames licking at the bodies was precious to him, and he would literally caress the scene with his eyes.

This is the way in which he got the inferno started. He put a machine for exhuming the corpses into operation, an excavator which could dig up 3,000 corpses at one time. A fire grate made of railroad tracks was placed on concrete foundations 100 to 150 meters in length. The workers piled the corpses on the grate and set them on fire.

I am no longer a young man and have seen a great deal in my lifetime, but not even Lucifer could possibly have created a hell worse than this. Can you picture a grate of this length piled high with 3,000 corpses of people who had been alive only a short time before? As you look at their faces it seems as if at any moment these bodies might awaken from their deep sleep. But at a given signal a giant torch is lit and it burns with a huge flame. If you stood close enough, you could well imagine hearing moans from the lips of the sleeping bodies, children sitting up and crying for their mothers. You are overwhelmed by horror and pain, but you stand there just the same without saying anything. The gangsters are standing near the ashes, shaking with satanic laughter. Their faces radiate a truly satanic satisfaction. They toasted the scene with brandy and with the choicest liqueurs, ate, caroused and had a great time warming themselves by the fire.

Thus the Jews were of some use to them even after they had died. Though the winter weather was bitter cold, the pyres gave off heat like an oven. This heat came from the burning bodies of Jews. The hangmen stood warming themselves by the fire, drinking, eating and singing. Gradually, the fire began to die down, leaving only ashes which went to fertilize the silent soil. Human blood and human ashes - what food for the soil! There will be a rich harvest. If only the soil could talk! It knows a lot but it keeps quiet.

Day in and day out the workers handled the corpses and collapsed from physical exhaustion and mental anguish. And while they suffered, the hearts of the fiends were filled with pride and pleasure in the hell they had created. It gave light and warmth, and at the same time it obliterated every trace of the victims, while our own hearts bled. The Oberscharfuhrer who had created this inferno sat by the fire, laughing, caressing it with his eyes and saying, "tadellos [perfect]!" To him, these flames represented the fulfillment of his perverted dreams and wishes.

The cremation of the corpses proved an unqualified success. Because they were in a hurry, the Germans built additional fire grates and augmented the crews serving them, so that from 10,000 to 12,000 corpses were cremated at one time. The result was one huge inferno, which from the distance looked like a volcano breaking through the earth's crust to belch forth fire and lava. The pyres sizzled and crackled. The smoke and heat made it impossible to remain close by. It lasted a long time because there were more than half a million dead to dispose of.

-Chapter 9

Sometimes they just bypassed the gas chambers, and killed the jews right beside the giant hibachi pyres. Children were wrenched from mothers and thrown into the flames alive...

In April, 1943, transports began to come in from Warsaw. We were told that 600 men in Warsaw were working in Camp No. 1; this report turned out to be based on fact. At the time a typhus epidemic was raging in Camp No. 1. Those who got sick were killed. Three women and one man from the Warsaw transport came to us. The man was the husband of one of the three women. The Warsaw people were treated with exceptional brutality, the women even more harshly than the men. Women with children were separated from the others, led up to the fires and, after the murderers had had their fill of watching the terror-stricken women and children, they killed them right by the pyre and threw them into the flames. This happened quite frequently. The women fainted from fear and the brutes dragged them to the fire half dead. Panic-stricken, the children clung to their mothers. The women begged for mercy, with eyes closed so as to shut out the grisly scene, but their tormentors only leered at them and kept their victims in agonizing suspense for minutes on end. While one batch of women and children were being killed, others were left standing around, waiting their turn. Time and time again children were snatched from their mothers' arms and tossed into the flames alive, while their tormentors laughed, urging the mothers to be brave and jump into the fire after their children and mocking the women for being cowards.

-Chapter 10

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dina Babbitt's sad tale - "survived Auschwitz only because Mengele commissioned her to produce paintings of Gypsies"

Because Gypsies' "skin tones could not be captured accurately in photographs." Yeah, right.

So besides being the busiest physician in history, Mengele was commissioning jews to produce artwork?

Now old jewess Babbitt needs money from us to help her get the paintings back since the Auschwitz Museum is claiming the paintings as their property. She has been battling for 10 years to get the paintings back. Elie Wiesel is going to help her though.

Article: "A portrait of survival: Students take up artist’s fight to bring home Holocaust paintings"

Note: use to find article if original link no longer works

More Tales of the Holohoax

Friday, November 13, 2009

More on the horrors of the Holohoax from Eva Olsson's tale - "Lived on black, watery soup that had tuffs of human hair in it, bones and mice"

Also, Eva was so hot at Bergen-Belsen, she says she dampened a cloth with her own urine in order to cool off. "Others, she recalled, drank their urine." Think she got this from watching Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild?

Eva survived Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, and Buchenwald.

Article: "Auschwitz survivor recounts horror"

Note: use to find article if original link no longer works

Livia Bitton-Jackson's Holotale - Arrived at Auschwitz at 13, not "sent to the gas" because Mengele liked her blonde hair

Livia and her family were taken to the gates of hell, Auschwitz. When Eva arrived at the gates of hell she was greeted by the angel of death himself, Dr. Mengele.

The story goes that the Germans immediately gassed everyone under 16 years old at Auschwitz, but Mengele spared her because she "looked Aryan", and told her to pretend she was 16.

Livia, her mother, and her brother Bubi all survived the "death factory" of Auschwitz. [1] It was a miracle!


Livia has a Holocaust Memoir of her own, titled "I Have Lived A Thousand Years: Growing Up In The Holocaust"

Quote from book:

At the moment of her liberation, Elli is approached by a local German woman:

'We didn't know anything. We had no idea. You must believe me. Did you have to work hard also?'
'Yes' I whisper.
'At your age, it must've been difficult.'
At my age. What does she mean? 'We didn't get enough to eat. Because of starvation. Not because of my age.'
'I meant, it must have been harder for the older people.'
For older people? 'How old do you think I am?'
She looks at me uncertainly. 'Sixty? Sixty-two?'
'Sixty? I am fourteen. Fourteen years old.'
She gives a little shriek and makes the sign of the cross. In horror and disbelief she walks away, and joins the crowd of German civilians near the station house.
So this is liberation . It's come. I am fourteen years old, and I have lived a thousand years. [2]

An Interview with Michael Hoffman on the Fort Hood Shootings

Nov. 10, 2009

Interviewer: Why have you termed it "Fort Hoodwink"?

Hoffman:: The masons have many occult sayings that have become part of our common parlance, such as: on the level; square deal, hoodwink, etc. In masonry a hoodwink is a synonym for the secrecy with which masonic rites are kept from the prying, unhallowed eyes of the "profane."

Interviewer: What would you say is the most striking aspect of the Fort Hood shootings?

Hoffman: There are so many anomalies, things that just don't add up, but rather than going into hypotheses that would be difficult for most people to follow, I'll focus on something glaring, which is -- the rush to judgment of Hasan -- the total mockery of the ancient right of innocent until proven guilty.

Interviewer: You mean in naming Major Hasan as the shooter and the only shooter?

Hoffman: Yes, that's part of it. Even if he was the gunman, however, even if he was indeed another lone nut, the precedent that's been set here by the government's mouthpiece corporate media is dreadful. They report as fact whatever the government chooses to tell them. Notice too that the Glenn Beck anti-government rebels believe the government in this Texas case, just like Beck believes the government narrative in the 9/11 attacks. It's remarkable, this bipolar suspension of the suspicion of government when it comes to official accounts of shootings, wars and terrorist attacks.

Interviewer: Anything else?

Hoffman: In addition to proclaiming Major Hasan guilty until proven innocent, the effect of Fort Hoodwink on the public, as filtered through the media, is to induce in the American people one of the lowest, dumbest, golem-like mentalities of obtuseness.

Interviewer: That's insulting to your fellow Americans.

Hoffman: They insult themselves by their behavior. A friend in California who is one of the few honest attorneys e-mailed me and pointed out that if there were two or more shooters, as eyewitnesses initially reported, then it could be that one or more of them is one of the "victims" mourned by Obama today.

Interviewer: You're blaming the victims?

Hoffman: How do we know they're all victims? Tell me how we know that every one of the dead in Fort Hood is a victim of Hasan, a mere 100 or so hours after the shooting? Give me a break. Let's dispense with the boy scout gullibility. Assassination tactics sometimes entail a backup shooter to eliminate the main shooter after the job is done. This was the m.o. when the head of the Columbo crime family was shot in New York in 1971. The assassin himself was immediately shot by a second assassin put in place for that very task.

Interviewer: Major Hasan may have killed the shooter or shooters responsible for the killings at Fort Hood?

Hoffman: I don't know if he did or didn't, but it's certainly a possibility given early reports of "eyewitness testimony" of more than one shooter. Consider a plausible scenario: Hasan is told he's going to stop a mass murder and he's sent in for that very reason and then after he kills the actual shooter or shooters he's left holding the bag.

Interviewer: You think the President may have honored one of the killers at today's (Nov. 10) memorial service for the victims? You're saying that one of those mourned as a victim was actually a perpetrator?

Hoffman: Stranger things have been known to happen. What I do know for certain, as a reporter who investigated crime cases for the Associated Press in New York, is what every cop and detective worth his salt knows, that a crime like this cannot be neatly wrapped up and tied in a ribbon a few days after it was committed. Today's presidential memorial service in Fort Hood, centering on Obama's speech, was a way of preempting questions that should be asked but are not being asked. Instead, only approved questions are getting asked.

Interviewer: Such as?

Hoffman: Such as, to what extent was this a Muslim extremist conspiracy. Those are the only kind of questions that are being allowed or encouraged.

Interviewer: If it's so obvious that there's more to it, why don't more people see what you see?

Hoffman: Mass hypnotism. As Charles Fort once said, the proper hypnotic belief has been induced and people believe properly. That's been the story of humanity from time immemorial, but Americans are too puffed up on their own pride to believe that they are susceptible to hypnotic cues. They discount their hypnotic susceptibility, which makes them ideal hypnotic subjects.

Interviewer: What's the main objective of the operation in Fort Hood, if it was actually a government set-up?

Hoffman: First and foremost is the precedent of a mouthpiece media acting as a shill for the government. It happened in the aftermath of Sept. 11 and it's happening in the aftermath of the 5th of November. People are getting conditioned to axiomatic belief in what the government decrees where violent crimes or wars are involved. They won't believe Obama on health care, abortion or gun control, but they'll believe him when it comes to Fort Hood. Even the enemies of the Obama administration are seen to believe the administration in this case. That's a very powerful precedent and it's intended to apply under a Republican or a Democratic administration. Believe and obey what they say when the guns begin to fire, and Americans by and large do, without doubting or revolting.

We are losing our humanity. We're so dumbed down, even as our digital gadgets and personal computers evolve to ever higher planes of magical realism. The alchemical component in this process, the real alchemy, is not base metals into gold, it is the gold of humanity coagulated into the basest shadow of what it means to be human; voila -- human alchemy. Mozart portrayed something along these lines in his "Magic Flute" opera, shortly before his untimely sudden death and the disappearance of his corpse.

Interviewer: Any other dimension to this that benefits the powers that be?

Hoffman: There is the stirring of the embers of hatred for Muslims and Islam, the "clash of civilizations;" the idea that we can terror-bomb Afghan wedding parties and dismiss it as "collateral damage" and still consider ourselves heroes and sleep well at night -- although many front-line American troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are not sleeping well at night, because they still have a conscience, unlike the top brass. But no Afghan is supposed to send any avenging troops against us, here in America, to defend the lives of Afghan people from our bombs. We claim that right while we deny it to them. That's Talmudic.

The test of the justice of any law is its universality. When you have one law for the agents of the American empire and another for the people of the Third World, you have a rabbinic standard. Yesterday the head of a Talmud school (yeshiva) in the occupied Palestinian territories, Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, published a book, The King's Torah, calling for the murder of the children and infants of gentiles who thwart "Israel."

Almost no one among the super-patriots who have methodically studied the "evils" of the religion of Islam from alpha to omega, knows anything about this rabbi's ruling, or many similar rulings from what are called, in Judaism, the "posikim." It's rabbinic theology like this that got 1400 Palestinians slaughtered last December and January. But to the superior Talmudic mind, what is done to the inferior non-Talmudic being doesn't register. Victims of Zionism and Talmudism have no right to fight back. "Christian" America has adopted this Talmudic standard. Palestinian resistance is completely illegitimate in the eyes of contemporary Western governments and media.

This applies to resistance by all Muslims anywhere, unless it involves Muslims battling against Christians like the Serbs, who the Cryptocracy also fear, as apart of a resurgent Russia and Russian Orthodox Church, which is a hereditary enemy of Judaics like the recently deceased physicist Vitaly Ginzburg, one of the architects of the Soviet atomic bomb. In the case of Serbia, the Cryptocracy played the Muslims against the Serbs and NATO terror-bombed Serbia for weeks, "in defense of Muslim civilians." Yeah, right.

I would add that in this age of instant communication and a dearth of deep reflection or contemplation, we have been given the illusion that a man can be justly tried and convicted in the media of all places, of a heinous crime, in the space of five days. We're speeding everything up to the detriment of thought and reflection -- or for that matter, serious thought at all. Fort Hood is an example of this. We've become nerve-endings tethered to Twitter, the Internet and simplistic "solutions" to what are, at the very least, mysterious and complex criminal cases with plaintiffs and defendants that deserve a fair test of evidence and a suspension of belief in the guilt of the accused. All that is lost here. Suddenly in Hasan's case, the Constitution doesn't apply. He's guilty of everything General Cone and Fox News say he did. Period. Unless they change the script and then we'll believe the new script and mentally discard the old one. This is the essence of programming.

Interviewer: What criminal cases have you investigated as a reporter?

Hoffman: The big ones have been the Double Initial murders in Rochester, New York, which is still an open case; the Son of Sam murders in New York City; and the Unabomber. Those are three that I worked on personally; others I have sleuthed long distance, but with those three I was actively involved with the investigation. All three cases are discussed in my book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.

Interviewer: Are you optimistic about the future in terms of solving the conspiracies we have today?

Hoffman: Not all of them are necessarily conspiracies. But Fort Hood obviously stinks, at least that's what my instincts tell me. The way they resurrected Hasan from the dead -- he either survived when he wasn't supposed to, or they changed the script and decided he was worth more to them alive than dead, in terms of a courtroom circus and show-trial; especially if he's medicated, as I believe Ted Kaczynski was at his sentencing.

The shootings in Texas happened on what is known legally as a military reservation; that means witnesses and bystanders are constrained under loyalty and secrecy oaths by reason of their military service and by reason of where the shootings took place.

Interviewer: Any disadvantages for the System in the Fort Hood killings?

Hoffman: Muslims the world over are enraged at how Americans and Israelis treat the most defenseless civilians in their families and neighborhoods as so much crap to be flushed. When we kill their grandmothers, brothers, mothers and babies we refuse to take responsibility for our crimes. We call them collateral damage. We say the child-victims we kill were killed while being callously used as "human shields" -- which is a neocon canard refuted in Gaza by the Goldstone Report. What we've done in Iraq and Afghanistan, and what our Israeli "ally" has perpetrated in Lebanon and occupied Palestine, is the slaughter of dehumanized Arabs, some of whom are Christians, and of course many of whom are Muslim; all are less than zero in the eyes of the Cryptocracy and for that matter, large segments of the American population.

Americans are okay with this because our victims are not wealthy whites or Freemasons; they're not "Jews," so who cares? But the fact is, the Muslims care, and the awful blowback from the "clash of civilizations" which the Cryptocracy so assiduously wants to escalate into generational, perpetual war for perpetual "peace and democracy," is that it is a war we can't possibly win.

Zionists, Orthodox rabbis and occultists are ultimately self-destructive; they serve a god with no loyalty to them. They are coffin riders hurtling this planet into a conflagration, the only actual beneficiary of which is the devil. The disadvantage for the System in this case is that Major Hasan the cartoon-monster --as opposed to Major Hasan the actual man -- is now a figure of heroic avenging resistance to millions of Muslims worldwide who have been on the receiving end of the Cryptocracy's "power over the air,'" which they ritually cultivated with their parrot familiars long before they gained actual air force power over the civilizations of the Near East.

Interviewer: What are "parrot familiars"?

Hoffman: We'll save that for some other time.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


you had all of them on your side, didn't you?
you believed in all your lies, didn't you?
the ruiner's got a lot to prove he's got nothing to lose and now he made you believe
the ruiner's your only friend well he's the living end to the cattle he deceives
the raping of the innocent you know the ruiner ruins everything he sees

how did you get so big?
how did you get so strong?
how did it get so hard?
how did it get so long?

you had to give them all a sign, didn't you?
you had to covet what was mine, didn't you?
the ruiner's a collector he's an infector serving his shit to his flies
maybe there will come a day when those that you keep blind will suddenly realize

what you gave to me my perfect ring of scars
you know I can see what you really are
you didn't hurt me nothing can hurt me
you didn't hurt me nothing can stop me now

Disclaimer: There seems to be an anti-NWO theme in some of Reznor's music, particularly the newer material. Sometimes when he rails against "god", it is code for Satan. However, this is certainly not an endorsement of his music in general, as much of it (especially the early stuff) is occultic in nature. Perhaps Reznor dabbled in the dark side and later decided to rebel against it.

Jewish Soviet Psych Warfare Propagandist Vasily Grossman: "The Hell of Treblinka" - 3 milion exterminated, Jews roasted on giant outdoor hibachis

A Must read. This belongs in the Holohoax Tales Hall of Fame, featured exhibit. This article was actually presented as evidence at Nuremberg too.

Vasily Grossman with the Red Army in Schwerin, Germany (1945) [1]

Jewish author Vasily Grossman wrote fiction novels in Soviet Russia prior to the war, keening the imaginative faculties of his mind. During WWII he was a "reporter" for the Soviet Army. His article "The Hell of Treblinka" (1944) was disseminated at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal as evidence for the prosecution. Grossman was considered a "war hero" by the Soviets for his writings. [1]

Among other things, Vasily claims "3 million" people were exterminated in the "death factory" of Treblinka over the course of 13 months, "engine gas" and "steam chambers" were used as a means of extermination, that giant machines were used to excavate large pits at Treblinka for the disposal of the bodies, and that Himmler visited Treblinka in 1943 and ordered that the bodies in the pits be dug up and burned to destroy the evidence of extermination.

So "several million" corpses were dug up from the giant pits and burned on specially designed giant outdoor ovens. There were 3 ovens, each over 250 yards long that could burn around 4000 bodies at a time. Vasily claims "eyewitnesses" reported that the flames leaping off the giant hibachis reached 25-30 feet into the air, and that the flames could be seen "30 to 40 miles" from the camp. Then the ashes were disposed by spreading in fields and roads.

Also included in Vasily's fable are the stories of sending jew hair to Germany to make ropes for submarines and to stuff mattresses, dead bodies "writhing" in the fires, the bellies of dead pregnant women bursting in the fires, and of "monstrous" Germans "leisurely entertaining" themselves by burning children.

What could have possibly inspired a tale of this sort? Perhaps Vasily toured the very real destruction and mass murder his jewish brothers and partners in crime, the Bolsheviks, had unleashed on the Russians, Ukranians, and others.

The article also describes an uprising by the prisoners in which a rag tag group of half-starved inmates with axes, knives, and batons defeated several hundred SS guards and the camp was burned down. Then the Germans - with the Red Army advancing towards Germany - supposedly devoted manpower to totally destroy the camp, blowing up the buildings, etc in order to cover up the evidence. Convenient cover story for the Soviets...don't bother looking for the evidence to substantiate the claims of Vasily or the other "eyewitnesses."

The article reads like war propaganda from tabloid writers. The Germans are sophomorically demonized as "monsters" and "sub-humans", while Comrade Stalin and the "Holy Soviet Army" is fighting for freedom against the "Hellish Germans."

Full article "The Hell of Treblinka" in French:

Notable excerpts from the article (using Google translate):

The Hell of Treblinka

by Vasily Grossman, unabridged French version

The headings are not Vasily Grossman; they have been added for better navigation in the text.


Today the men spoke, stones and earth have borne witness. And we, in the eyes of humanity and to the conscience of the world, go one after the other circles of hell Treblinka, which pales to the hell of Dante. Everything you read, I have reconstructed from the stories of living witnesses, statements of men who worked at Treblinka since its inception until August 2, 1943, the day that death row inmates revolted, burned the camp and fled into the woods. The prisoners confirmed word for word the statements of witnesses and sometimes supplemented. All these men I saw with my own eyes I have talked at length, have before me their written statements. Such testimony, however, different sources, are perfectly aligned, whether Bari, head of the dog camp, or the technique of mass murder, the organization murder in the chain. Therefore we commit in the successive circles of Hell of Treblinka.


The women's hair

In the women's barracks, there was a "salon" where they are going to the mower, the old one removed their wigs. Strange psychological moment: the testimony of hairdressers, by being stripped of their hair, women were convinced they were going to the bath. Sometimes one of them stroking its head said: "Here a little shorter, please ... Equalizing ...Almost all came out reassured with a piece of soap and a towel, but young people regretted their beautiful tresses. Why do we cut their hair for women? Was it to deceive?... No, it was for use as raw material ...I asked many people what the Germans did all the hair of those who would die. They said that huge pile of curls and braids black or golden blonde, were disinfected, pressed in bags and shipped to Germany. Eyewitnesses confirmed that the bags were in fact German addresses. But there, that was one of those hair? Nobody could answer me. A Kon, in his written statement, said they were in the Department of the Navy, they used to stuff mattresses, plaiting ropes for submarines, etc..


The gas chamber

Before them stood a handsome stone building with wooden ornaments and was thinking of an ancient temple. Concreted Five steps led to the low doors, but very large, massive and beautiful work. Flowers grew outside the entrance that large decorated vases. 'But all around was chaos: they were everywhere from the mountains of freshly turned earth; his claws of steel, a great excavator projected grating in tons of yellow sand and dust was made as a curtain dimming the sun. The roar of the gigantic machine that all day digging huge graves mingled the furious barking of dozens of dogs-wolves.


Attempt to assess the number of victims

Each room of the new building was eight meters long and seven wide, that is to say fifty-six meters square area. Their total area was then five hundred yards square, counting seventy-five square meters of the three rooms at the beginning, Treblinka had an industrial area of death of six hundred thirty-five meters square. We piled in one room of four hundred to five hundred people. Therefore, when the ten rooms were operating at full, they annihilated at a time about four thousand five hundred people. On average, Chambers of Hell of Treblinka were filled two or three times a day (but sometimes up to five times). That is to say, it perished, that nothing in the new rooms, assuming what not were filled twice daily that is to say reducing the numbers, about ten thousand people per day three hundred thousand per month. For thirteen months, Treblinka worked all day. Even if we assume ninety days off for repairs or because there were no trains, there are still ten months. At the rate of three hundred thousand victims per month on average, we get for ten months, the appalling figure of three million, he confirms. our conjectures early: three million, we said, basing our calculations on the number - in fact deliberately reduced convoys arrived. I summarize:

Firstly, witnesses say, Treblinka worked every day in spite of their habits, the Germans were resting or Sunday or even on holidays such as Christmas, Easter or New Year.

Secondly, the number of cargo room - which had Treblinka most notorious of all the factories of death - was higher than we gave. It happened because we entassât in each seven hundred to eight hundred and even people. Usually they threw children and low over the heads of adults literally pressed against each other.

Third: I added that this happened twice a day when everything suggests that the average time was three. So even in greatly reducing all figures - whether convoys arriving at Treblinka or the number of killed per room - we get the fabulous figure, the monstrous figure of three million exterminated in thirteen month!

The death in gas chambers

The death occurred after ten to twenty minutes. The first time, when new rooms were "put into operation" and that the executioners, having not yet developed their system, were engaged in experiments to assay the Victims subjected to horrific suffering did not die until two or three hours. At first the crowds and suction equipment malfunctioning, death occurs after eight to ten hours of torment. Different methods were tested. The first was the repression of gas engine exhaust of a heavy tank towards the needs of the Treblinka station. The gas containing 2 to 3% carbon monoxide, which has the property to set the blood hemoglobin to give a durable combination.


There was a third method, less used, but used it anyway. It was to remove the air chambers through the steam. The principle does not change: it was to deprive the body of oxygen.


After twenty minutes

After twenty to twenty-five minutes, the acolytes of Schmidt threw a glance through the peephole. The time had come to open the doors that opened onto the quays. Detainees, in combination, closely followed by the SS, proceeded to "clean". As the floor was bowing to the dock, many corpses rolled from there themselves. Those who worked in "clean" room told me that the faces of the dead were frankly yellow and 70% had blood on the mouth and nose. For physiologists to explain it. The SS, while chatting, examined the bodies. If someone was still alive, moaning or moving, we finished a shot. Then teams armed with dental forceps tore the dead their teeth with gold or platinum. These were sorted and shipped to Germany in crates. If it had been better or more convenient to pull teeth to live the SS would not hesitate to do so, but it was easier and simpler to operate on cadavers.


The great excavators worked ceaselessly, day and night digging pits new long several hundred meters, which we did not see the bottom. The pits were open, waiting, but not for long.



The minister of death

In the late winter of 1943, Himmler arrived by plane at Treblinka, along with a large following officials of the Gestapo. The group landed near the camp where he went on two cars through the main entrance. Most new arrivals were in uniform, but some may be experts, were civilians in coat and hat. Himmler inspected the camp, and one of those who have seen tells us that the minister's death came a huge pit and gazed in silence, while those who accompanied him were held back at some distance from this monumental tomb already half full of corpses: Treblinka was the company's largest Konzern Himmler. The Reichsführer SS said the plane that day, but after giving the command of the camp an order which perplexed and Hauptsturmführer Baron von Pfein, Korol and his deputy, and Captain Franz had to proceed without delay to the excavation of corpses, burning them all to the last, and spread the ashes in the fields and roads. There were already several million in land, the task was therefore more difficult. In addition, we would never bury the dead they had to burn.

But why travel Himmler's orders and these categories? It's simple: the Red Army had conquered Stalingrad. It was a terrible blow for the Germans, and for the first time Berlin began to consider the liabilities incurred, punishment, expiation. This explains the arrival at Treblinka Himmler himself and he gave the order to remove at the earliest traces of the crimes perpetrated at sixty kilometers from Warsaw. Yes, this was the result of the Russian victory in the Battle of the Volga.

The decision to build crematoria

Himmler said: "Incinerate all dead. ""

But the bodies burned badly (those women, it is true, were consumed more than others), and it took a lot of fuel and plenty of oil. The company was expensive. In sum, there was an impasse. But a specialist arrived from Germany, a burly SS that bordered the fifties. The Hitler regime has produced specialists! And of all kinds for the murder of small children, strangulation, for the construction of gas chambers and destruction, scientifically organized, large cities within a day. There was one also for the exhumation and burning fast millions of corpses.

He came to Treblinka and directed the construction of furnaces. Furnaces of a particular type, as neither the crematorium in Lublin, or any other, had been able to burn at a time so short that amount of body. An excavator dug a long pit of two hundred fifty three hundred yards, wide from twenty to twenty-five meters, five meters deep. Three rows of small equidistant columns of reinforced concrete, high hundred to one hundred twenty centimeters, were built at the bottom and served to support steel beams that are arranged along the length of the pit. On these girders, and transversely, was installed rails, Cinq-seven centimeters from each other. We thus had the gates of a giant cyclopean oven. A new narrow gauge line of graves led to the first oven, which he would soon added a second and a third of the same dimensions. Each could receive both of three thousand five hundred to four thousand corpses.

Thick columns of smoke

They sent a second "Bagger" - giant excavator - then another. We worked night and day. Those who were engaged for the incineration of corpses say that the ovens were thinking of amazing volcanoes, the heat they gave off a terrible burnt faces; they vomited flame reached eight to ten meters; columns of black smoke dense and oily, rose into the sky and displayed in a heavy curtain move. Thirty or forty miles around, the villagers saw the flames rising in the night above the fir forest surrounding the camp. The smell of burned flesh was everywhere. When the wind blew towards the Polish camp, located three kilometers away, the air was stifling. The incineration of corpses occupied eight hundred prisoners, many more than that of workers employed in the blast furnace or hearth of any large metallurgical plant. For eight months, this monstrous company worked night and day, but without arriving to remove all the bodies buried there. It is true that new quotas on death row still arriving. Hence, for furnaces, extra work.

The horror

They came from Bulgaria, and that SS sentry waited impatiently. For deceived by the Germans and the fascist Bulgarian government then, these people ignorant of the fate that awaited them, brought with them many objects of value, excellent food, white bread. They came from Grodno and Bialystok, Warsaw Ghetto, which had raised, he had also other points of Poland were soldiers, workers and peasants Polish insurgents. A contingent of gypsies came from Bessarabia: about two hundred and eight hundred men, women and children. They had made the journey on foot, followed by their trailers, they had been deceived, too, and that they were escorted by two guards who were unaware that these people were going to die. It is reported that the Bohemians clapped their hands in admiration at the beautiful building of gas chambers, without guessing until the last moment the fate that awaited them, and that greatly amused the Germans. The SS cruelly raged against the rebels of the Warsaw ghetto. They put aside women and children, they led not to the gas chambers, but where the burned corpses. They forced the mad mothers with horror to drive their children from the ovens where thousands of bodies writhing in the flames and smoke, where the corpses, such as living agitated and contracted, where the bellies of dead pregnant burst under the effect of heat where children killed before birth, burning in the gaping womb of their mothers. This vision that would withstand the punishment due to man's most hardened would have a hundred times more terrible about these women who tried to cover their hands in front of their terrified children, "Mommy, what's that we'll we do? Are we going to burn us? "They shouted, pressing against them ... Dante in his Inferno, had seen anything so awful. After leisurely entertained by the spectacle, the Germans burned children.

Why write this?

One feels in reading all this a sense of unbearable horror. But the reader can believe me, writing is no less painful. You may say perhaps: "But yes what you require? Why portray these monstrous pictures? ""

Because even when it is terrible, the writer must tell the truth, and the reader must know it. Turn away, ignore, ignore, is an insult to the memory of those who perished. Who knows the truth, the whole truth will never be known with any enemy, what with our big monster, our Holy Red Army had started a fight to death.

Hymn of Treblinka

The "hospital", too, was refurbished. The first time they brought the sick in space delimited by the branches. After being greeted by a fake "doctor", they were killed and their bodies placed on stretchers were taken to the grave. Then they dug a large circular pit. All around, the seats were arranged very low, but so close to the board that there was one sitting on top of the pit where the bodies burning. It led to the "hospital" sick and decrepit old men, the "nurses" made them sit on seats when they saw the bodies writhing in the fire, then these sadistic fired at close range in the necks and gray arched backs, and poor body swooped down in flames.

We knew all the weight of German humor, which we never had a very high opinion. But how could we have imagined what was in Treblinka humor, entertainment, jokes SS?
They organized football matches between those sentenced to death, they forced them to play hide and seek, they organized choirs and dances which these unfortunates were to take part. Near German barracks, there was a menagerie of beasts relatively harmless, wolves and foxes, were locked in cages, while the wild beasts the most hideous and dangerous that the world has ever brought to and fro in freedom, and listening to music sitting on benches birch. A hymn called Treblinka had been made for death row:
Für uns heute nur giebt Treblinka
Das ist unser Schicksal
(Nothing that Treblinka
It is our destiny. )

They forced the men to bloody repeat chorus a few minutes before their death, silly songs, sentimental
... Ich brach das Blümelein
schenkt und es dem schönsten
Geliebten Madlein ...
(I picked the little flower
And I offered my beautiful ... )

One day the commander had withdrawn a batch of new arrivals a few children whose parents were killed, he ordered them to dress in nice clothes, feed them sweets, and he played with them. But this fad passed him after a few days, after which he was killed.

One of the main entertainment of the SS, was to suffer the worst violence to women young and pretty as we begin to share each new arrival and that their torturers themselves pushing the next morning, the gas chamber. So fun to Treblinka those support the Hitler regime, the pride of Nazi Germany.


The deportees who worked at the incineration

Summer 1943 was exceptionally warm. Not a drop of rain, not a cloud, not a breath of wind for weeks. The incineration of corpses continued; six months already since the furnaces were operating day and night, but only just over half the dead were burned.
Inmates who worked in the incineration of corpses could not long resist the horrible moral and physical torments they endured, were recorded from fifteen to twenty suicides per day, and many were killed in deliberate breaching disciplinary rules.
"Receiving a ball was a luxury," said Kossow a guy who escaped from the camp. And they told me that being sentenced to life in Treblinka was a thousand times more horrible than to die.


It carried the ashes out of the enclosure. Villagers Wolke, mobilized by the Germans loaded them into cars and spreaders on the road, along the side of death, led to the disciplinary camp of Polish, and extended the children held regularly on this road using shovels. They were sometimes of gold coins, gold teeth melted. 'Children of the dark road, "they said in speaking of them. Indeed, it was black and ash like a ribbon of mourning. The wheel of cars there was a sound 'very special, and when I followed, I thought I ever heard a rustle plaintive and deaf as a timid moan.
This black ribbon, through woods and fields, was the death camp in the Polish camp, was a symbol of the terrible fate that united the people under the ax of Hitler's Germany.

The peasants carried the ash from spring 1943 to summer 1944. Every day, twenty cars were going to work and each carried six or eight times a load of one hundred twenty-five to one hundred and thirty pounds.


The end of Treblinka

Treblinka had ceased to exist. The Germans incinérèrent the corpses still remained, demolished buildings of brick, removed the barbed wire, burned what remained of the wooden huts. They blew up or carried facilities, did disappear ovens, retired excavators, filled the innumerable ditches. Nothing remained of the station building. Finally they dismantled the track, removed the tie. They sowed the lupine on the location of the camp, and some Streben it built a small house. Today it is more: it was also burned.

What was the purpose of the Germans? Hide the footsteps of millions of murders in the hell of Treblinka? But they thought it was really possible? They hoped to close the mouth for thousands of witnesses who saw the doomed trains, from all parts of Europe, moving towards the factory of death? Obscure the macabre heavy flame, smoke during eight months climbed into the sky and saw that night and day the residents of dozens of towns and villages? Remove thirteen months of horrible cries pushed by women and children, and that farmers have Wolke still hear? To silence the peasants for a year were transported human ashes from the camp on nearby roads? Forcing to silence those who have seen and which provide precise and consistent evidence on each SS, each sentry, who can not rebuild step, hour by hour, the newspaper of Treblinka? To them no one will cry over "Mützen ab! "Nobody crammed into gas chambers. Himmler has more power over his followers who, head down and pulling their fingers trembling on the edge of their jackets, trace a voice dull and monotonous history of their crimes they believe caused by the folly or delirium. A Soviet officer who carries the green ribbon of the Medal of Stalingrad records the confession of the assassins. The tight-lipped guard who stands at the door, too, the Medal of Stalingrad, his thin face, tanned by the winds, is serious and severe. This is the very face of the people's justice. The symbol is not striking? It is a victorious army at Stalingrad who came to Treblinka, near Warsaw. If Heinrich Himmler was moved in February 1943, he came by plane to Treblinka, he gave orders to build kilns to burn the corpses, to remove the traces, it was not without reason. But it was fruitless. Defenders of Stalingrad arrived at Treblinka: the road from the Volga to the Vistula was short. Today, the soil of Treblinka refuses to be complicit in the crimes perpetrated by these monsters: he vomits bones, objects that belonged to the dead and that Hitler had wanted to hide.

Treblinka, September 1944

We arrived at the Treblinka camp in early September, thirteen months after the uprising. The death factory operated thirteen months and thirteen months the Germans have been working to erase the traces.

Everything is quiet. Just when one hears the rustle of pine summit, along the railway. These pines, sand, the old stock, millions of eyes have looked at cars that were advancing slowly toward the dock. Means crunching softly ash, slag powder on the dark road, lined with carefully, like German, stones painted white. We enter the camp, we tread the soil of Treblinka. The lupine pods crack as they are touched with a slight tingling and millions of seeds are spread on the ground. The noise they are falling and the pods are opening that are based in a sad, sweet melody, as if we came from the depths of the earth - far, wide and melancholy - the death knell of small bells. The land undulates beneath the feet, soft and greasy as if it had been sprinkled with flaxseed oil - earth bottomless Treblinka, surging like a sea That wilderness surrounded with barbed wire has engulfed more human lives than all oceans and seas all over the globe since the human race exists.

Land rejects bone fragments, teeth, various articles and papers. She will not be complicit.

Things escape from the ground splits, its wounds still gaping shirts half consumed, panties, shoes, cigar-greenish, wheels of watches, pocket knives, shaving brushes, candles, slippers for children Red pompoms, serviettes of Ukraine, lace, scissors, thimbles, corsets, bandages. Further heaps utensils: drums, aluminum cups, pots, pans, pots, jars, cans, canteens, cups child Ebonite ... Still further, a hand appears to have derived from the land of bloated Soviet passports, half charred, and log books in Bulgarian, photographs of children from Warsaw and Vienna, childish letters, poems written on the yellow sheet of a book of hours, ration cards in Germany ... And everywhere, perfume bottles, green, blue or pink ... A horrible odor of decomposition prevails in these places, which nothing could overcome neither the heat nor sun, nor rain, nor snow, nor wind. And these things have become prey swarms of gnats.

We continue to move forward on this land where not sink when suddenly we stopped. Hair thick, wavy, copper-colored, fine hair girls trampled, then curls, braids heavy black on the white sand, and others more. The contents of a bag, one bag of hair, had spread there ... So it was true! Hope, a wild hope, collapsed: it was not a dream! The pods of lupine continue to make clear, their seeds fall, and one would always hear rising from beneath the earth knell of an infinite number of small bells. It seems that the heart will stop beating, contracted by bitterness, pain, anguish too strong.

Racism, a mortal danger to mankind

Scientists, sociologists, criminologists, psychiatrists, philosophers ask how this could happen. Should we seek the cause in some organic traits, heredity, education, environment, external conditions, a historical inevitability, the criminal intent of directors? Embryos of racism, which seemed so funny, presentations by teachers and charlatans indigent theorists steeple in Germany in the last century, the German philistine contempt for the Russian, Polish, Jewish, the French, the English, Greek, Czech, this overweening belief, all free of German superiority over other peoples, quietly mocked by comedians and publicists, all suddenly, within a few years, has deprived his features "childish" and grown into a mortal danger to humanity, life and freedom, all this has been a source of incredible suffering, has shed rivers of blood and increased the crime, certainly, there is food for thought!

Every citizen of the world meets the future

Wars like this are horrible. But it's too little today about the responsibility of Germany. Let us be clear that all peoples, that each citizen of the world meets the future.

Today everyone is bound to his conscience, before his son and to his mother before his country and to humanity, to answer all his soul and his whole thought to the question: where does Racism? What does it take for the Nazis, Hitler never did reappear, or one side or the other of the ocean?

The imperial idea of "superiority" of national, racial, etc.., Has consistently led the Nazis to create camps of Majdanek, Sobibor, Bełżyce, Oswiencim, Treblinka.

Do not forget that this war the fascists will not lose the bitterness of defeat, but also the sensual memories of mass killings carried out easily.

That is what must be remembered, fiercely, day after day, those who hold dear the honor, freedom and life of all peoples, of all humanity.

Vasily Grossman

(1) It was here the first attempts to calculate the number of victims of Treblinka. Today, an estimated more than 700,000 around the number of Jews exterminated in this camp. General Commission of Inquiry concluded that 731,600 people, Jews, Poles and Gypsies murdered. (The German Crimes in Poland, Warsaw, 1948). The figure of 700,000 is included in an article, The indictment of the trial of Treblinka (Le Monde Juif, Revue du CDJC, July 1966). Raul Hilberg speaks of 750,000 Jews and more than 800,000 casualties in total.

And now for the truth about Treblinka...

Over six days in October of 1999, Australian scientists conducted a detailed forensic examination of the soil at the site, including the use of ground penetrating radar, and found absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any mass graves ever existing there.

Apparantly the Germans dug up the ash and remains of "several million" corpses and transported the remains elsewhere, and then replaced the soils with such efficiency that modern technology could not detect the soil strata had ever been disturbed.