Friday, October 16, 2009

Zacarias Moussaoui Framed by Impersonator Who Couldn't Speak French

The following article reports how a person claiming to be "Zacarias Moussaoui" behaved very suspiciously while enrolled at a flight school in Minnesota.  For instance, when the flight instructor tried to speak to him in French (Moussaoui's native language) this person claiming to be "Moussaoui" reacted as if he didn't understand, claimed he was not fluent in French, and said "I'm from the Middle East."  And while seeking advanced training on a flying simulator, this "Moussaou" was inept at basic flying procedures.


Star Tribune: "Eagan flight trainer wouldn't let unease about Moussaoui rest" (web archive)

The real Moussaoui was born in France in 1968, and speaks fluent French (being his primary language). Yet, this Moussaoui impersonator didn't' understand French, and even claimed he wasn't fluent in French. The impersonator then claimed he was "from the Middle east" and "didn't live in France long." The real Moussaoui was born in France and lived in France his entire childhood.

Also note this impersonator was "inept" at even basic flying procedures, just like the other supposed "hijacker pilots" -- eg, Hani Hanjour. Yet the impersonator was seeking expensive training on an advanced commercial jet simulator. Why? To give the pretense of ability to fly a commercial jet. If this was the real Moussaoui, and he was some actual muslim fanatic intent on hijacking a commercial airliner, don't you think he would have been serious about learning how to fly?

Read more on the background on the real Moussaoui here

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