Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yanina Cywinska's holo-fable - Survives Auschwitz gas chamber when dead jews fall on top of her, protecting her from poisonous gas

Yanina was only 10 years old when the nazis took her to the Auschwitz gas chambers. Because the nazis killed all children under 16 at the Death Camp.

The nazis threw Yanina into the gas chamber and fired up the gas. All the adult Jews croaked. They fell on top of Yanina, and protected her with their bodies from the poison gas! It was a miracle!

Then the SonderKommandos dressed 10 year old Yanina in a uniform and told her to blend in with the other adult prisoners. The stupid nazis never caught on, and so they sent 10 year old Yanina to work at Dachau.

Article: Death camp survivor speaks at Augie tonight

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Hear Yanina tell her tale...


Anonymous said...

I worked in theatre in Solano County in the early-mid 90's and met/worked with Yanina several times. (not the nicest of humans, but I digress) I was treated to one of her versions of what happened, and being a WWII buff as well as knowing several Holocaust survivors, I was struck by several things in her story that did not ring true. There were gaps in her time line that did not fit with her age, the tattoo on her arm had numbers only, no letter at the beginning as was the "custom" when tattooing, and many other issues.

The story she told at the time was that she was saved from being killed because she danced ballet and was able to entertain the Kommandant and guards etc. This tale of being taken to the gas chamber and surviving by miraculously finding clean air due to being covered in the corpses of her fellow inmates is new. Have not heard it, but as there have been at least three different tales told, I am not surprised.

While another article has her saying how she hates talking about her experienced but will do so if only to educate made me chuckle, because in actuality, she had no problem at all talking about it to anyone, anytime at the drop of a hat.

However, we noticed that any time her ballet company was short on funds, or if tickets were not selling, all of a sudden the "Miraculous Holocost Survivor" story would come out, and it was an open secret in the Solano Theater Community that she fabricated the entire story simply to use the sympathy to make money and get seats and classes filled.

I am glad to see that someone else has seen through the gaping holes and published this.

Knowing several REAL survivors, or now known as not many are still alive due to age, I am personally offended by anyone who would fabricate such a story for personal gain. Rather than "educating" as she claims to want to do, it is an insult and slap in the face to those people who actually did suffer under the murderous oppression of a genocidal maniac and his henchmen which lead to the murders of over 25 million people, 6 million of which were Jews, another 5 million whose only "crime" was being Catholic, Gay, JW, and other political prisoners.

Keep up the good work, and always, expose frauds and make sure the world knows the truth when liars present their lies for greed and personal gain.

Anonymous said...

Who ever said that the story was fabricated needs to shut the f*** up because you don't know what you are talking about. i have spoke to her personally and her story is in fact TRUE. i bet your just mad because its not YOU that has a story to tell.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To you who worked in theatre in Solanon County, so did I. I think I know who you are! This woman is THE MOST AMAZING PERSON. Do you think you could remember what happened to you over 60 years ago? let alone after being subjected to what they did to her at 10 years of age!!!!!! and not having any parents! You should be ashamed of yourself. maybe you are one of those crazy people that think the halocaust never happened.

Anonymous said...

I HATE HOLOCAUST DENIERS. what happened happened. there is proof everywhere. FACE THE TRUTH HONEY.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe someone would even THINK about claiming Yanina was not telling the truth in her life story. She taught me ballet at a very young age, and I know for a fact she is a genuine, beautiful person that faced the most heart-wrenching challenges a human being can face at such a young age. The person that commented on her not being a "real" Holocaust survivor should be incredibly ashamed and embarassed.

Anonymous said...

For the person that wrote all these comments denying the Yanina's story: you guys are closed minded people and its people like YOU guys that started the holocaust in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I have known Yanina my entire life, and she truly did experience all of that!!!! Why would you doubt that what she said is true? Her story may sound miraculous, but anyone who survived during that time would have a similar story.