Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rivka Yosselevska's absurd Holy Hoax fable - Escaped biting jew corpses, witnessed geysers of blood

Rivka Yosselevska testifying at the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem

This is one of the all time great Holocaust stories.

The tale goes like this: Rivka and her family were rounded up by the Germans, shot, and thrown into a pit. Despite being shot in the head, Rivka miraculously was still alive, but bodies were falling on top of her suffocating her in the pit. She started crawling her way out, but dying victims started, and I quote: "biting at my legs, pulling me down"! But she got away from the evil undead!

The Nazis were so inept, they also failed to kill several others whom were shot and thrown in the pit. Rivka even helped try to pull out one woman, but the dead jews were "biting" at the leg of the woman. Many children and women crawled out of the pit, but only to be tracked down shortly thereafter by the Nazis and finished off. But not Rivka. Mysteriously, the Nazis just let her live for whatever reason. Rivka just layed there by the pit for 3 days, and saw blood spurting out of the ground.

Not only did Rivka survive the Holocaust, she survived a zombie jew outbreak!

Every word of this is true. Believe or be an evil anti-semite.

Article: "Testimony of Rivka Yosselevska"

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Greg Bacon said...

Just in time for Halloween. Maybe I'll dress up as a dead Zombie wearing a Star of David mask.

Geysers of blood?

Dead people biting and clawing?

I don't know what's worse, these congential liars spinning tall tales or the feeble-minded and gullible buying their books and going to their talks.

This sounds like a good plot for a horror movie.

You could have the Nazi guards dress up like "Michael Myers," of hockey mask fame and some dress up like "Pinhead."

Better get Spielberg on the phone and talk terms.

Lone Wolf said...

"I don't know what's worse, these congential liars spinning tall tales or the feeble-minded and gullible buying their books and going to their talks."

Definitely these malicious jewish liars who concoct these tales out of satanic hatred for the Germanic/white race.

We must remember that at one time, all of us believed the Holocaust nonsense. We didn't, and couldn't know any better, because we had it shoved down our throats from when we were young and weren't presented the dissenting view.

What we must do is bring the other side of the argument to people, and most of them will wake up and see the truth.

Anonymous said...

II know Jews are just naturally fugly, but even that jewess whore doesn't look like she was shot in the head.

The jews and their ridiculous stories. And to think there are still some white people out there who believe them. They are a discredit to our race.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lone Wolf! Reading these tragic holocon narratives you bring to our erring world's attention makes me appreciate that however bad things get for the rest of us - it's nothing compared to the Jews.

Anonymous said...

i fucking hate holocaust deniers. you assholes need to accept what has happened and learn from the damn past. you assholes sound so fucking ignorant.