Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flashback: Israeli Spies Claiming to be "Art Students" in America Around 9/11 Gathering Intelligence to Carry out Terrorist Attacks

The following article reports that jewish spies "claiming to be Israeli art students" were found by authorities to be monitoring and illegally gaining entry to Federal buildings.  They even showed up at the homes of Federal employees.  And this is a huge red flag...these Israelis were found to "HAVE TIES TO AN ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST GROUP." What, like al-CIA-duh....errrrr "Al Qaeda"? This ties in with the fact that Israeli/Mossad agents were impersonating muslims in order to frame muslims for terrorist attacks.


KHOU 11 News: "Federal Buildings Could Be In Jeopardy - In Houston and Nationally" (web archive)

Other articles of interest:

- More on the Israeli "Art Student" Spies; They Lived in Same Cities and in Close Proximity to the Supposed "Muslim Hijackers"

- Zacarias Moussaoui Framed by Impersonator Who Couldn't Speak French

- Mohammed Atta framed by a jew impersonating Atta at a Venice, FL flight school

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