Saturday, October 17, 2009

Antarctic snow melt lowest in 3 decades, early arrival of winter, earliest snows on record, record-low temps - Whatever happened to global warming?

New research shows that global temperatures go through a natural cycle of warming and cooling closely linked to world ocean temperatures, and particularly that of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific has now switched to a period of cooler temps, which may lead to three decades of global cooling.

But it was never about "stopping global warming" anyway, of course. The real agenda is the Talmudic-Satanic one of depopulation, one child policies, carbon taxes, etc.

Article #1:
Investor's Business Daily: "Three Decades Of Global Cooling"

Article #2:
Daily Mail: "How freezing temperatures are starting to shatter climate change theory"


Anonymous said...

I notice lately that the term being used more often now is 'Climate Change.'

Sad to say but here in a couple of months they'll be screaming "Global Cooling!" and no one will notice.

Lone Wolf said...

"Sad to say but here in a couple of months they'll be screaming "Global Cooling!" and no one will notice"

I posted an article here about a year ago where the propagandists were saying that this period of global cooling "demonstrates global warming." I kid not. Look at the article.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon,10/18/09,7:09am: “Climate change” has been used for over twenty years to reflect the fact that the changes are not simply warming but will also affect hydrology. The International Panel on Climate Change was formed 1988. Ironically it was the great Republican propagandist Frank Luntz who recommended that all global warming contrarians use the term “climate change” rather than “global warming” because it was less threatening. Read the original (leaked memo) here (see page 142):

arch stanton

Lone Wolf said...

arch stanton,

Thanks for the info on Luntz. Wasn't aware of this, but not surprised.