Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jews in state of counterfeit "Israel" organizing to prevent interracial dating among Jewish girls & Arab men in order to protect Jewishness of nation

In the Jewish state it's kosher for inter-racial marriages to be banned and for de facto racial segregation to be institutionalized.

But just imagine the outcry of "racism", "Nazism", etc from the Jewish-controlled Media and ruling Jewish Establishment in the West if Whites/Europeans in Western nations were to rightfully organize in government, churches, and other organizations to prevent race-mixing among whites, and to institutionalize racial segregation in order to preserve their race and nation.


"Israeli drive to prevent Jewish girls dating Arabs"


Greg Bacon said...

Maybe the Jewesses are dating the Arab dudes because they're packing some serious heat between their legs.

While 'Moshe' and 'Shlomo' can only fondle and stroke their M-16, wishing it was bigger and could fire more than one round.

Lone Wolf said...

Well I highly doubt the Israeli jew media is pushing propaganda on Israeli television and media about how Arabs are "packing" (as the Western Jews'Media does with the myth of negro "endowment").