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Hal Turnerstein nothing new - Long and Illustrious History of Judas Goat Kosher Nazi Clowns in the White Nationalist Movement


1960's Nazi Poster Boy George Lincoln Rockwell

He ran the American Nazi Party in the 1960s. He drove around an VW bus with six Jewish kids. He was national news for 7 years.

Rockwell's father "knew and entertained many Jewish performers. For example Jack Benny, George Burns, and Groucho Marx attended Lincoln Rockwell's christening" 1

1970's Nazi Fuehrer "Frank Collin", nee Joseph Cohen

Jewish publicity hoax to kickstart Holohoax Propaganda Machine

The year was 1977, and most people never heard of the Holocaust. All we knew was that we fought a war against evil Nazis, but the Holocaust never made it to the Silver Screen till the late 1970's.

The early blockbusters, such as 'Judgment at Nuremberg', forgot to mention the gas chambers.

Frank Collin Lights The Holocaust Fuse

In April of 1977, Collins demanded to march through downtown Skokie, the largest enclave of Holocaust survivors in America.

14 Months Of National News

From April 1977 through June of 1978. ABC, CBS, and NBC, bombarded us nightly. Jews were weeping, Nazis were goose-stepping , and endless legal battles fought by Jewish ACLU lawyers defending the Nazis, and the right of Freedom of speech.

The Fuehrer Vanishes And Is Discovered to be Jewish

His real name is Joseph Cohen, born on Nov 3,1944 in Chicago, conceived in Feb of 1943 in Dachau concentration camp (According to his father).

Daniel Burros- Jewish Grand Dragon of the KKK

A look at Daniel Burros

Burros was a real hot-headed proponent of the long-defunct Third Reich. After a stint in the Army, he became involved with the American Nazi Party. He rose to second-in-command of the American Nazi Party and was a Grand Dragon with the Ku Klux Klan.

Burros wanted to assassinate prominent Jews, whom he calls “society’s disease.” Luckily, the newspapers spread his diabolical plot before the assassinations.

Whoops !!

It turns out Daniel Burros was a nice Jewish boy from Queens who somehow went from being his Rabbi's star pupil to being a top "Nazi". In 1965, following Burros' arrest at a KKK event in New York City, it was disclosed that he was Jewish. He was shot and the fellow Jews claimed Burros took his own life.” 2

Jordan Gollub - homosexual Jewish Grand Wizard of Mississippi KKK

The History Of This Wizard

Jordan Gollub was the imperial wizard of the Royal Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. There was a lull in Klan anti-Semitic activists, but that ended when Gollub stepped onto the scene as "head" of the "Ku Klux Klan." He immediately received great fanfare by the news media as a "spokesman" for "rightists”.

The Jews at the ADL and SPLC called him a ‘Venomous monster’. The southern press praised his dastardly deeds and gave him enormous publicity. He led numerous marches throughout Mississippi – often intimidating Negroes with lynching.

The Grand Wizard has a secret

It turns out he was Jewish and a homosexual. He quickly dropped out of sight, but not before leaving the impression that his element will attempt to pressure public opinion from dark and devious haunts.

Meet The Parents

Jordan Gollub, the Hebrew Klansman, was born of Jewish parents in Philadelphia, managed despite that fact to become Grand Dragon of the Virginia chapter of the Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. In 1985 he was dismissed by Virgil Griffin, the self-proclaimed national leader of the anti-black, anti-Semitic hate group. Gollub contends that it was not his Jewish origins that led to his ouster, but an intra-Klan factional dispute. Undeterred, Gollub moved on to Mississippi and snaked his way back into becoming that state's Klan leader.

Wolfgang Hawke aka Nathan Greenbaum

In 1998 It Was Wolfgang Hawke

Wolfgang (nee Nathan Greenbaum) was the first internet Fuhrer.

Wolfgang Hawke Happens To Be Jewish; Now sells penis enlargement pills on the internet and is a Spam Lord

In 1999, the year Hawke became semi-famous as the "Commander" of a neo-Nazi outfit he'd founded in high school. Hawke, who announced that summer on Fox News, "I plan to make the Final Solution a reality."

After some pre-teen Gaultier said das Fuhrer was uncircumcised, Nathan started Amazing Internet Products, which sold 'Penis Pills' (Pinacle), and just in July of 2003 he sold $600,000. Nathan Britt Greenbaum sent millions of e-mails offering penis enlargement pills, weight loss supplements, handheld devices called "personal lie detectors" and other bogus products.

Commander Bill Weiss

Who Is Bill White

For those of you that still don’t know, Bill White is the self appointed leader of the American National Socialist Workers Party, an ADL/SPLC front used by the Zionists to incite violence against minorities. I’ve written about this fake Nazi before, in an article entitled Alleged White Supremacist Bill White‘s Kosher Attack on Ron Paul,” in which I detail Bill White’s past, he grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and attended predominantly Jewish schools. I cite facts that the MSM, who loves to quote him, which ought to be a dead giveaway, aren’t going to mention, like his close ties with known FBI agent provocateurs like David Gletty, who while working directly with the FBI formed a “neo-Nazi march through the streets of Parramore that stirred up anxiety in Orlando's black community and fears of racial unrest that triggered a major police mobilization.”


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Very good post ... we should have more of this nature shouting from our blogs. I have my doubts as to several other present day spokesmen of the white race, but have lost some relevant files concerning it.

Stormfront being top of the list.

If they don't project talk of a Christian nature - who we are and what is really happening about us, I'll always have some doubt as to their authenticity.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Add another to the list.

Whitelaw Towers said...

I for one have had enough of seeing good people sucked in by False Flag operators in the NS and WN world.

I know plenty of people who identify with either one. Including me. The difference is that they do not carry on like Hollywood Nazis.

These people are the ones who are constantly attacked by Kosher Nazis or Kosher White Nationals. They are not media friendly.

These people are singled out because they do not fit the stereo typical Hollywood Nazi image. They are a danger and must never be allowed to take our people forward.

But I have noticed something strange. Seems that all the above groups have seen enough evidence over the years. Blogs such as this and many others are encouraging true followers of Christian Identity White Nationalism or even National Socialism to police their own. Its about time.

Who are these people that do so much damage? They could be the loud mouth Skin Head walking down the street provoking trouble. They could be the Main Stream White Nationalist Political group who attacks any patriot with tags such as Nazi because they criticize Zionism. They are the trolls on WN message boards that fuel rumors and contribute nothing to the cause.

Many people don't even know that they are doing the bidding of the Zionist infiltrators. They have been taken advantage of by the enemy. The things that make them good Nationalists/Patriots such as pride honour and respect are used to destroy them and the movement around the world.

No matter if your in the UK,US Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe the methods are always the same. One quick look at any of these once proud nations shows a common problem. Zionist infiltrators. They all follow the same pattern.

Geoffrey Franklin: Finn said...

I wonder if David Duke should be put on this list. Eustace Mullins said he works for the zionist.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Lone Wolf,...Excellent site, I have linked you and will be a regular patron.

Also, very pertinent comments from all concerned.

There needs to be a consolidation of our disparate resistance movement - we need to establish once and for always our standard operating procedures and cultural mores, our spiritual identity as the tribe of Adam whose face could be blushed due to its pale complexion and then to determine and engage henceforth our total goal: Longevity and peaceful coexistence through the presentation of a bold and confident, cohesive solidarity to those who might consider threatening our freedom of self-determination and hereditary proprietaries as a tribe of Free-born white men. Without fear or favour and devoid of prejudices against the other tribes. Unless they're yiddish khazars (grin).



Lone Wolf said...

^thanks veritas6464

I have added a link to your site as well.

Anonymous said...

Just found your site. Thanks for your work.

1. It is not clear to me from your posts whether you *know* that the zionists are doing this on premeditated purpose, as evidenced in their "Protocols":
• infiltrating *any* organisation that can support a race/nation, causing division, and destroying it from within
• where (eg) the KKK is not involved in (eg) murder and violence, actually impersonating the KKK, and inciting or committing murder and violence.

2. Check this out.
This guy has an awfully long nose. There is only one version of this story, and it is on every news wire, trumpeting "white supremacist". I had to hunt through old news stories to find any further details.

According to the zionist media, he "joined" the KKK while in prison, to "protect himself" from the blacks who wanted to take his virginity. Now that particular twisting of details of a tale, using tiny bits of what might be truth, and making massive lies (the opposite) out of it, can only be accomplished by someone eating excreta, such as a hollywood writer.

What I am saying is, he is a kosher nazi, but not the usual false flag matzo. He just did what he did, partly because they hate humans and especially blacks (they ran the entire slavery racket), partly to keep the racial hatred fires burning; while in prison, he cooked up the KKK story. Could not get off the hook/noose/injection. Now in the eyes of the zionists, he is a martyr, so their media use him as a forced sacrifice and squeeze whatever they can out of the story. All together now, scream "white supremacist".

RIP My Byrd.

Here's another:
Now who in their right mind is going to believe that these two Arabian speaking "americans" happened to be "hiking" in Iraq (hey every jewish kid hikes in Iraq in their gap year), and "strayed into Iran" "accidentally" ? Great kazhar noses and flat-backed heads there. The zionist news is kind enough to give us details confirming they have only very recent movements and romantic affairs. Lousy cover, mossad. Nice diplomacy, Iran.

Lone Wolf said...

^Thanks for the informative post.

Yes, I know all about the Protocols, and that it is the jewish modus operandi to infiltrate and control all organizations, including controlled "opposition."

Interesting links. Mr. Lawrence Russell Brewer sure looks like a typical khazar jew to me.

NunYa BiznASS said...

And it still continues! see Sebastian Ronin from Canada as one example of Jews running the white nationalist movement

Anonymous said...
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