Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flashback - Tasteless cartoon "How to Cook a Gentile" reinforcing Jewish "blood libel" & contempt for White race published in Jewish "Heeb" magazine

Link to cartoon in Heeb Magazine


While I acknowledge Heeb magazine is a satirical equivalent of National Lampoon magazine, I take profound offense to your cartoon as a white American.

There's nothing funny about the cartoon, because it reinforces the Jewish stereotype of "blood libel". Your tasteless cartoon prove the point of Jewish superiority and hateful attitude towards the white race referred to as "Goy" in a derogatory manner.

It's hypocritical of ADL, JDL and other Zionist organizations to remain silent and not condemn the cartoon in question, even under the context of satire. If it were the opposite in vice versa with the whites terminating Jews, these organizations would be up in arms and protest to demand the removal of the magazine from the magazine stands at the bookstores nationwide.

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