Thursday, September 17, 2009

Disgusting article in Jews' Newsweek rag: Black Pride OK, White Pride "horrific" and "abhorrent"; White children must be indoctrinated to feel guilty

Saw this about a week ago, but just now actually read the article. Long article, but very interesting in the admissions and illustrations of the tactics of the enemy.

If you can stomach reading it, it's a sickening pseudo-scholarly discourse from the jewish/left-wing/communist perspective on how we have to socially engineer children to not behave naturally, see racial realities or form their beliefs from actual life experience, but rather how they must have it drilled into their impressionable heads via lies and intimidation into believing the "one human race", "equality", "there are no differences" jewish view on race (ie, the jewish program for the destruction of the white race through race-mixing).

The article admits that racial segregation and racial solidarity is a natural phenomenon. Whites (and other races) naturally, from an early age, overwhelmingly choose to befriend, interact with, and be loyal to others of their own race. So in order to counter this and force whites to mingle with the other races, Jewry has chosen the weapon of a skewed/distorted/falsified version of history (or false moral view of that history) that acts to cast white history (eg, "colonialism") and white racial segregation as one of the "great evils of history", and induce false guilt in the white population.

As we all know, the jewish propaganda taught to us from an early age in school (and then reinforced later in life by mountains of propaganda in the jewish-controlled universities, media, Hollywood, etc) is such: "Evil whitey" has "mistreated" the poor persecuted minorities throughout history, and continues to "discriminate" against them to this very day in our "wonderful multicultural diversified" societies. And, of course, whites should feel deeply guilty and ashamed for this. Because of this inherent "racism" by whites against browns and blacks, it's "ok", for instance, to allow a blatant double standard where it's acceptable for browns and blacks to have ethnic pride, but "horrible" for whites. Whites are guilt-tripped into hating themselves and seeing themselves as the world's "persecutors", allowing blacks and browns to take "revenge" upon them (eg, affirmative action) and providing the justification for allowing non-whites to take over white nations and breed "evil whitey" out of existence.

This false "white guilt" history is the foundation not only for blatant double standards on race, but the very policies that are designed to destroy our nations and people -- eg, mass non-white immigration into white homelands, etc. Clearly, this skewed view of history must be changed if we are to annihilate the white guilt and the rest of the anti-white agenda that jewry has orchestrated from it.


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Anonymous said...

The perpetual onslaught of this kind of bullshit is mind-numbing; and that I guess is exactly what these bastards are trying to accomplish.