Sunday, September 6, 2009

Destruction of White Nations via Mass Non-White Immigration and Jewish Infiltration & Subversion Will Continue Until Holohoax Lie is Shredded

"Many countries of the Anglo-Saxon world, notably the United States and Britain, are today facing the gravest danger in their history, the danger poised by the alien races in their midst. Unless something is done in America to halt the immigration and assimilation of Africans and Asians into their country, we are faced in the near future, quite apart from the bloodshed of racial conflict, with the biological alteration and destruction of the American people as they have existed here since we have been a nation.

In short, we are threatened with the irrecoverable loss of our European culture and racial heritage. But what happens if a man dares to speak of the race problem, of its biological and political implications? He is branded as that most heinous of creatures, a “racialist.” And what is racialism, of course, but the very hallmark of the Nazi. They (So everyone is told, anyway) murdered Six Mission Jews because of racialism, so it must be a very evil thing indeed. When Enoch Powell drew attention to the dangers posed by colored immigration into Britain in one of his early speeches, a certain prominent Socialist raised the specter of Dachau and Auschwitz to silence his presumption.

Thus any rational discussion of the problems of Race and the effort to preserve racial integrity is effectively discouraged. No one could have anything but admiration for the way in which the jews have sought to preserve their identity through so many centuries, and continue to do so today. In this effort they have frankly been assisted by the story of the Six Million, which, almost like a religious myth, has stressed the need for greater Jewish racial solidarity. Unfortunately, it has worked in quite the opposite way for all other peoples, rendering them impotent in the struggle for self-preservation."

One of the prime objectives of the Holocaust™ Hoax is to attempt to destroy White Racialism & Nationalism by association with the "monstrous evil" of the Nazis, and therefore neuter opposition to mass non-white immigration into white nations.

Germany, under the ostensible goals of the National Socialists, embodied the worst nightmare of Jewry: the Germanic/Anglo-Saxon people uniting against the subversive influence of alien Jews, and recognizing that the survival of the Germanic/Anglo-Saxon people absolutely requires racial separation and racially homogeneous white nations.

From the perspective of Jewry, what better way to attempt to destroy these "dangerous" ideals (and advance the destruction of the white race), than to closely associate these ideas with the "most extreme evil in the history of the world"? Hence the Holohoax...and the demonization and smear by association of those who dare to bring up the two critical issues of subversive Jewish power and the problem of mass non-white immigration.

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