Monday, July 20, 2009

Poll - 25% of Britons believe Apollo 11 "moon landing" a hoax

Article: Telegraph: "Apollo 11 hoax: one in four people do not believe in moon landing"


Anonymous said...

After watching tonights ITN news report which featured a picture of Neil Armstrong apparently walking on the moon with his face visible due to his anti-UV visor being up, I can come to 3 conclusions:

1) The photo was taken on the dark side of the moon - which they claim it wasn't!

2)Not closing the visor would indicate Armstrong has seriously damaged eyesight or has been blinded - which he hasn't!

3) The whole thing is absolute bullshit!

Lone Wolf said...

I'm with you Britain Awake. It's a fraud. There are so many glaring problems such as the example you site. One of the most obvious is the lack of any depression or hole whatsoever under the lunar module when supposedly rockets were used in the descent to the surface, and given the supposedly soft ground (eg, the footprints of the astroNOTs).