Monday, July 13, 2009

Pack of 50 black teens attack white Ohio family shouting "this is a black world"; Father hospitalized with concussion; Police say not a 'hate crime'

Rest assured if the situation were reversed and in the last week a pack of 50 white teens had savagely attacked a black family in the United States saying "this is a white world", it would be a national news story in the Jews' Media rivalling Michael Jackson's death. But since it's blacks beating up whites, ho hum.

Instead, the jews are making a national story by bitching and whining about how some private swim club in Pennsylvania allegedly won't allow blacks and hispanics to their pool. Right to freedom of association be damned, whites must submit to jewish-lead miscegenation!

Martin Marshall (right) recounts the attack by a group of teens on himself and his family while they were watching a Fourth of July fireworks display in Firestone Park. His daughter, Rachel Hopson, 15, (left) and wife, Yvonne Marshall

story: "Akron police investigate teen mob attack on family"

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