Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jew Proxies Obama and ATF Attempting to Violate 10th Amendment State Sovereignty on Recent State Firearm Laws

Article: Examiner: "Obama going after state gun laws"


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

All well and good brother, but do we really envision our state officials standing up to the federal behemoth when push comes to shove ?

Well meaning and good intentions on their part aside - just how far will they really take it ?

Perhaps there will be isolated incidents where the fed will be forced to exhibit their iron fist against the die hards among us (previously planned to serve as examples ?)... but I really believe most will fold. If that wasn't their intentions from the first.

I didn't say I wanted them to ...

I didn't say that there weren't good folk involved who would indeed go the distance, if only individually ...

I sometimes wonder if
"outlets" (movements)aren't created as pressure relief valves - they may seem to serve a purpose, they may seem to forestall the inevitable ... but what really changes overall ? Are they mere diversions ?

But when the constitution is the final arguement, and the basis for our indignation - we still have not comprehended the whole.

More depravations to follow ...

Anonymous said...

Whether the nation is dead or not, whether the Feds will use us as 'examples' or not, whatever befalls this land, WHITE CHRISTIAN MEN WILL NOT BE SLAVES.

'The blood of the martyrs, is the seed of the Church.'

That statement from Pagan Rome's days still stands, as far as I am concerned.

-Fr. John