Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bizarre Apollo 11 Press Conference

These men supposedly just took part in the most astounding achievement in the history of mankind, and yet they act as if they are prisoners of war being filmed by their captors to send a message back home, or as if they are war criminals before an international tribunal -- tense, nervous, and fearful facial expressions and body language, twitching and glancing around, fumbling of speech, looking downward rather than forward at the audience, etc. No doubt, prior to giving this press conference, they were briefed by their superiors, reminding them of the consequences should they spill the beans.


Anonymous said...

Lets see if the indians can put a man on the moon...

He'll probably open a convenience store when he gets there!

Anonymous said...

You're a racist idiot. I hope the moon falls on your ugly mother.

Anonymous said...

They indeed act like guilty defendants at a criminal trial. If one looks at photos taken of anyone who just achieved a daring feat, they all have a jubilant, proud or serene look about them. The opposite of these guys.

Whether it's climbing the highest mountain, discovering the cure for a disease, or being awarded a military decoration for valor, the image of that person is always one of confidence and pride.

I feel that the Apollo astronauts were willing culprits in the biggest hoax in the world up to that time. They look ashamed and guiltily nervous because they were just that.

Once they agreed to participate in this hoax, they were bound for life. And a nice life it has been for them. All they had to do was give up their honor, integrity and manhood.

I wish that at least one of them would give a press conference before he dies exposing this hoax, but none of them will. They already lost their honor, so why bring retribution down on their families by TPTB?