Friday, June 12, 2009

Texe Marrs Goes on Record Denouncing the Holocaust™ Hoax

-->Audio here (from 2009 archives, show #16 entitled "Holocaust Dogma Unmasked")

I've followed Texe's work for years, and have yet to see him rebuke the Holohoax lie. Recently on his "Power of Prophecy" radio program, Texe did just that.

For those that don't know Texe, he is one of the most courageous and honest prominent Christian pastors around (although not Christian Identity), who has been speaking out against the Jewish/Zionist control of the "new world order" conspiracy for years. He has appeared on the Alex Jones radio show semi-regularly over the past several years, with Alex even saying that Texe was a personal friend of his.

Of course, when Texe was on Jones' program, he would "tone down" his rhetoric and not mention anything touching on the the "Jewish question", no doubt on the orders from Jones and his Jewish masters. But just recently Texe prominently featured articles on his website denouncing Jason Bermas as a Zionist shill. Now with Texe going public exposing the Holohoax, it seems he has decided to hold nothing back. It will be interesting to see if Alex Jones ever invites Texe back on his show.


Wheeler MacPherson said...

Good stuff, brother. And how refreshing to see you back posting again. When you're away, you're sorely missed, and this is the truth.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Wow. that's about all I can say. Good to see you back.

anarchore said...

People, Alex Jones is a good guy who brought a lot of people to the truth, by exposing that a lot of underground sinister stuff goes on behind the scenes, and breaks down a lot of barriers that way. Just because he doesn't go about it the way you like it doesn't make him a shill or whatever.

If you don't do your own research, it doesn't matter what Alex says... now a lot of would-be mini-fuhrers are mad at Alex Jones because he is so popular. Sure he's not perfect, but I suspect the shills are the ones who spend their time cutting him down, while postulating scenarios of J-wish power, that while true at heart, are made ridiculous by a dogmatic, cartoonish and anti-intellectual approach.