Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jason Bermas exposes himself as Jewish/Zionist false opposition in attack on caller discussing Jewish media power; Says Jew critics should die

This incident occurred over two months ago, but as far as I have seen has not received due exposure.

During the April 13, 2009 broadcast of The Info Warrior Show on the Genesis Communications Network, Jason Bermas goes haywire on a caller who simply mentions the truth about jewish media power -- cutting off the caller, then going into a spastic childish rant, including saying that those who talk about jewish influence should be killed.

No shocker for those familiar with Bermas himself (jewish surname, jewish-looking face) or Alex Jones' kosher infowars false opposition operation.


Jason Bermas, Zionist Champion

We at ZionistChampions want to highlight our newest candidate who has gone to bat for Zionism. This man uses his radio time to blast anyone who speaks the truth about Zionism and the criminal behavior and bigotry of Jewish supremacists. He claims that those who do should be electrocuted or hung.

Our newest Zionist Champion is Jason Bermas. Jason is affiliated with Infowars, and hosts his own radio show, The Info Warrior Show. Interestingly, the popular and courageous The Jeff Rense Show was removed from Genesis Radio Network and replaced with Bermas' show. Was Rense removed and replaced with Bermas because he didn't support Zionism?

Bermas at Work, Blasting Patriot Caller

During the April 13, 2009 broadcast of The Info Warrior Show, Bermas received a call from a gentleman in California. Here is the transcript from that conversation:

Caller, Desert Larry in California: "My younger brother called in earlier about Joseph Mengela and Paperclip but the Jewish people, they seem to run 90% of all the media, and all of the Hollywood movies..." (Bermas hung up on Larry before he finished)

Transcript from "The Info Warrior" Show, Monday 4/13/09, Hour 3, Minute 54:

Bermas: "All right. Thanks for the call, everybody hates the Jews."

"..All right, I have 5 minutes to take on the nazis, or the people that just don't like Jews for some reason. Look man. It's not a Jewish conspiracy okay? Get over it. I'm sorry. Hook-nosed people don't run the world in some kind of cave while they suck the blood out of babies in some weird ritual you believe in, all right. I'm sorry it doesn't work like that."

"..Oh Jews run the media, they're like rats and cockroaches. Give me a break dude, please go hang yourself. There's somebody I wouldn't mind with a little population control. If you hate the Jews, don't call into my show."

"...give me a break, 'the Jews run the media!' Why don't you discredit the movement a little further, sir." "...come on; 'the Jews,' come on, it's just so beyond ridiculous." "...and then you have these guys that find a Jew under every bed...it's just unbelievable, unbelievable..."

"What are people's obsessions with hating Jews? What about the Jewish question Jason?" "The question is, if you're asking that question, why are you still breathing? I mean why haven't you really just taken a toaster oven and thrown it in the bathtub with yourself and had a party? Because that's what you need to do."

"Nothing I hate more than the anti-Semites and the nazis. Not a thing. Can't stand it. Had to put me in a bad mood, guys..."

Texe Marrs' commentary on this incident:

Part 2

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Anonymous said...

I have yet to meet a Jew who hasn't lost it and gone off on some tirade; demanding the deaths of non-Jews when confronted with the fact about Jews.

I tell people this all the time, It's in the genes. It's in their DNA. They can't help but be evil.

Only Christian Identity Kinsmen seem to understand this.


Anonymous said...

Well, regardless of what that idiot Jason Bermas believes. Here's an interesting article from a Jewish journalist at the La Times in which describes just how Jewish Hollywood and the Studios really are. Im not sure were Jason gets his information from but clearly he is dead wrong. jews DO infact own and operate the media. So says... 'jews' themselves. Have a look. Infact this jewish journalist goes as far as to call those who think jews do not own and control the media... 'stupid'.


Anonymous said...

Lame. I went to high school with Jason Bermas and I can assure you he is not even remotely Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Bermas is a TOOL.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Bermas are you a Jew? ( of course he will be only part Jewish which means that he's not Jewish when in fact he was probably circumcised by a Rabbi that sucked the blood from his foreskin wound [think I'm kidding or just posting anti "Semitic" comments YouTube it and you'll find a nice authentic video of a circumcision ceremony and the blood sucking Rabbi, don't take my word for it do your own research ]Yes the ultra wealthy Jews run everything and anything from the Media, Movies ( Holly Wood ), Government, Military ( obviously ), and most of all Freemasonry ( which is their #1 weapon that's seldom mentioned directly on the Alex Jones show if ever ).

Anonymous said...

Bermas - whether he is Jewish or not - is running cover for Zionst extremists.

The manner in which he goes well over the top in denying proven fact; the ridiculous comparison of black with Zionist Jews as if recognizing the threat that this small but extremely powerful group has on world affairs is akin to anti-black racism. Zionism is a facist ideology - a simple look at it's definition will suffice.

Loose Change is a Zionist operation. Period.