Friday, June 26, 2009

Jason Bermas and Alex Jones respond to the 'Jewish Question' following Bermas' incident calling for Jew Critics to Die

Jones and Bermas' attempt at "damage control" only further exposes them as complete Jewish/Zionist-controlled false opposition. The caller from California calls back to Bermas' radio show, and Bermas actually defends his statement that Jew critics should die (no joke), saying it's "not true" that Jews control Hollywood and the mainstream media, and that anyone who says so is just a "jew hater." Alex Jones then jumps in to defend Bermas, with his usual rant about how the "jew haters" are "mentally ill scum"...etc, etc.

Then Jones and Bermas go on to pontificate about how they really do "support free speech" (sure...while they call for the death of critics of the Jewish power structure, and slander and smear them as "jew haters", "anti-semites", "losers", "mentally ill", "scum", etc, etc). Meanwhile, 'champions of freedom of speech' Jones and Bermas refuse to let the caller from California exercise his freedom of speech and make his point, repeatedly cutting him off and shouting over him.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Alex Jones is finally being exposed as the Edomite-loving scum that he is. I have heard so many people defend him as being some sort of savior for this nation; even among CI people.

I knew that he was a fraud almost from the start. His lack of candor when dealing with Edomite involvement in the various scandals rocking our nation was the first sign.

But then, Jones was able to stage various protests, including 911, with a blow horn nonetheless and never face arrest! Any true Israelite who had done that would have been arrested and hauled off to the gulag on trumped up charges - disturbing the peace for one. But nothing ever happened to good 'ole Alex.

Alex is nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. Hopefully his credibility rating has tanked through the floor.

Good riddance to that Edomite jooooo! The truth movement does not need LIARS.


Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is one of many people who knows the truth about Jewish power but is only ready to go so far in talking about it. He says many negative things about Israel and he also has said some dumb things which he doesn't believe. Alex Jones always uses history to make his points when he speaks. I don't think he believes in German gas chambers for Jews at all. He would have used it in his films if he believed in gas chambers.

Anonymous said...

Jones is against Jewish power. He's smart enough to know how to beat them. By fighting what they do and not who they are he has been able to stop the Jews from calling him a Jew hater. Not everyone has it within them selves to say everything they know about these evil people.