Thursday, April 30, 2009

Totalitarian Thought Police Enforce Jewish-Satanic Agenda of Race-Mixing, Homosexuality, Atheism, etc for the Destruction of the English People

article: "Thought police muscle up in Britain"


Michael Kuznetsov said...

Hi Lone Wolf,

It sounds really terrible and unbelievable for us Russians:

"The Royal Navy, for instance, has installed a satanist chapel in a warship to accommodate the proclivities of a satanist crew member. "What would Nelson have said?" is a British newspaper cliche about navy scandals, but in this case seems a legitimate question. Satanist paraphernalia is also supplied to prison inmates who need it."

What an abyss!

But why on earth have you placed the sickle and hammer emblem in the center of your imaginary flag?
Do you really think we Russians in the Soviet Union had ever had anything like the abomination you describe in your article about Britain?
Never had we anything of the kind!

I invite you kindly to visit my website to learn some more truthful information about Russia, past and present:


Michael Kuznetsov

Whitelaw Towers said...

Re Michael Kuznetsov

I think he will find that in our Nations (the UK Australia and the US) the Marxist Left have a totally different understanding of what that symbol means. It is the Jewish Marxist supporters of our Nations that push the agendas mentioned in the above article.

Many of us now see Russia as the only country that does have freedom of speech and freedom of association. The only problem with that is that the Jewish Marxist see this also.

We once fought Russia because it was a Marxist Rogue State. The next time we will be forced to fight her because she will be painted as the Nazi State.

Once Russia is made out to be an Evil Nazi Empire, all of us WN/NS survivors who haven't been arrested for thought crime will be arrested as Traitors.

Thats how I see it anyway.

Joy said...

Michael I don't think that it is meant as a insult to the Russian People, the "sickle" is a symbol of the communist jews, much like superimposing the mogen david star over the US flag.
As for the satanist BS(bullshit), that seems par for the course these days.
Good is evil, and evil is good.

As for the true Russian People, I consider them brethren, and as your folks suffered before us, so go we. We have all suffered under the jewish yoke, brother against brother. We must come together as one.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Michael Kuznetsov -

If you (and Lone Wolf)
might permit me to write a few lines I'd be most grateful.

I visited your blog but noticed right off you have no allowances for reader comments. That is your decision.

But I can say there are many of us who have long wanted to speak with the typical
"man in the street" in Russia - although I'm not sure if you understand the phrases we use at times. The average guy.

I have run across one or 2 Russian blogs and left a comment, but got no response.

As you desire to have us understand you - we desire you to understand us.

I have no doubt many of your people are Christian and of upstanding moral and Godly character. But don't make the mistake that all of us Americans (Europeans or whomever) are to be numbered among the brain dead, politically correct morons you may see on television.

We are very diligent about seeking our God and working towards His kingdom here on earth. It may not be a popular message with the masses but there's nothing new under the sun - we will not be dissuaded. We are indeed quite serious and mindful of the lateness of the hour.

I'm interested in several things if I might ask ... you mention on your blog that although you don't count the Russian as a European, you still see yourself as extending from the same stock.

From just how far back I wonder ? Speaking in Biblical and geneological
terms ? What say ye of our white roots ?

Yes, your women are very beautiful and your men look of fine stock.

And yes, I would not attempt to say atrocities were not committed against your people. All truth will come out one day, for none are without sin.

But is there any unification in your efforts or is it all comparisons of - all the world is evil and only Mother Russia is good ?

We of the western nations have long been under tyrannical rule ... maybe not obvious to all but increasingly more are awakening.

We have little say in the policies and courses our governments take. Any voice we are allowed is only for show - it has no effect on their goals ... which are most often contrary to the will of the many.

Could not the same be said of Russia ? Is she without sin ? Are the reins of power really in your hands ?
Is all truly well in your kingdom ?

Might I ask of the influence of the mafiya there and those tied in with them ? Does it serve the interests of the people ? Who really profits ?

Since you are a Christian and a fellow child of God, what is your take on the jewish question - Biblically and their role in our societies ? Have they a hand in the altering of the course of Russia also ? Today and yesteryear.

Was Solzhenitzen being truthful ? Were many others of like vein only liars ?

Was the Bolshevik uprising and murders of the Czar's a myth ?

Is there any prophetic mention of the U.S., Russia or even China in the Word ... do you suppose ?

Yes sir ... we do want to learn of your people. For we seek out His sheep - as we were so commanded.

Praying we all draw closer to Him.

Lone Wolf said...

Michael Kuznetsov,

Thanks for your comment, and the link to your website. Joy and Whitelaw have answered the question as to the use of the hammer and sickle. And Jeff has asked many of the questions I was interested in hearing your view.

Our point of difference -- which is huge -- is our respective views of the Communist/Bolshevik rule of Russia, as to whether it was good or bad for the Russian people. In the West, a growing minority understand that the Bolsheviks were largely Jews (not ethnic Russians), who were doing the will of the International Jewish Money Power and Banking Cabal, and were actually working to weaken and destroy Russia and the Russian people.

As we understand, the rule of the likes of Stalin and Lenin involved the mass murder of millions of Russians and their kindred, including for instance the documented genocide of some 6 to 9 million Ukranians via mass starvation.

Please consider the following article where the Jews admit to the mass murder of at least 20 million under Soviet rule:

"Stalin's Jews",7340,L-3342999,00.html

Michael Kuznetsov said...

Thank you, Brethren, for your attention to my comment and my website.
I will try to answer your very important questions as soon as I can.
So help us God!

Michael Kuznetsov said...

Hi Folks,

Thank you all for your attention. You have asked a lot of important questions.

Why we do not consider ourselves to be Europeans any longer? Because since the Iron Curtain fallen we have discovered how different mentally we are, the Europeans (including White Americans) and we Russians.

First of all, in Russia it is we – and only we – Russians who decide our own destiny.

While, for instance, the real masters of Germany have long become other nations, including the Turks, who have been building their mosques all over the former sacred Teutonic lands.

The real masters of Berlin have become also the dirty fags (homosexuals) who have been held their disgusting "parades" right in the center of the capital city of Berlin.

A nation which has sunk in such abomination has no right to teach anyone any longer.

I repeat: in Russia it is we – and only we – Russians who are the masters of our own country.

In the summer of 2006 a group of heinous fags (by the way some of them arrived even from Berlin) made an abortive attempt to organize such a "parade" in the center of Moscow.

You know what? Their detestable homosexual "parade" managed to last for only 72 seconds!

Take notice: it lasted 72 seconds – not minutes! – and then the common Russian people in the street – the common passersby – instantly knocked all of the dirty fags down on the pavement and began the heavily kicking of the repulsive homosexuals, until the police arrived and arrested the dirty fags for the attempt to outrage the public morality in the sacred streets of our Moscow, the capital of Holy Russia.

The name Holy Russia does not mean that my country has been inhabited by sinless angels. Not at all!
The Sinless One is only the Lord our God Jesus Christ.
The name Holy Russia means that we Russians strive for the holiness, despite all the hardships and tribulations.
But of course, we are no angels.

The second reason why we do not consider ourselves to be Europeans any longer, is the discovery how regrettably prone to the Jewish propaganda are the Whites outside Russia.

The White people in the West have been receiving all the information about Russia at 99.99 percent from the Jewish mouth. And they seem to buy everything what the Aliens want to imbue into their mind regarding Russia.

All those "The Katyn Forest massacre" hoax, "2 million raped German women" hoax, "the Ukrainian man-made famine" hoax, "the millions of innocent Stalin’s victims" hoax, etc., etc., to name but a few of a great number of dirty and heinous Russophobic hoaxes, all of them were invented by the Aliens.

I have a vast experience of discussions with various groups of White Nationalists all over the world, including the Storm Front, and others.
By the way, Rep. David Duke presented me in August 2004 with his book Jewish Supremacism.

By exclaiming "Heil Hitler" the White Nationalists invoke nothing else but Russians’ hatred.
I can easily visualize how greatly pleased are the Aliens when they see the rift between us Whites, that is between the Europeans/White Americans and the Russians.
"Our Mission is accomplished extremely successively!" the Aliens shout cheerfully each to another, I guess.

And what is more: why should the White Nationalists praise the greatest loser of the 20th century - Adolf Hitler? It is we Russians who are victors, not Germans. It would be more logical to follow the example of the victors, to follow suit of the LAST pure White nation that remains on the Earth.

By the late 1930s, under the Stalin’s guidance, we Russians got rid of the Aliens’ temporal domination (since 1917). Then, again under the Stalin’s guidance, we saved ourselves from the extermination by the German invaders (in 1941-1945). Now, under the Putin’s guidance, we are getting rid of the Aliens’ temporal domination (since 2001) again, as always we do during our millennial history.

Sever Plocker’s article "Stalin’s Jews" is a very tricky one. Don’t you see that his main aim is to lump Lenin, Stalin, Yagoda, NKVD, KGB, and so on?

Which means that the author is trying to put the Constructivists and the Destructivists together!
But in the real life they were deadly opponents to each other.

The USSR of 1927 vintage was not all and the same as the USSR of 1937, and surely it goes without saying, it was far from being the same in 1947. And so on.

The very word "Communist" or "Bolshevik" means nothing until we give a more precise definiton of the term: either he is a Constructivist or a Destructivist, and of what exactly epoch vintage.

Folks, have you read attentively my website, especially the recent update at the bottom of this page: regarding the Revival of the Russian Orthodox Church under Stalin’s rule?



Anonymous said...

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